1997 Audi A6 1.8T Plus 1.8 turbo petrol from France


Great as long as you have the money


Cat, failed and was replaced.

CV joint, gaiter split, then joint failed.

Rust in small parts of most panels, none accepted under warranty.

Brake disks all replaced.

Loss of water due to plastic flask splitting due to heat.

Severe alloy wheel corrosion.

General Comments:

Overall the car is comfy and reliable.

Turbo lag is a problem that takes some getting used to, and once speed is lost on a hill, it is very difficult to recover. Underpowered I expect for such a large car.

With 131K on the clock, the wear is expected on parts, although some parts are very expensive.

The car is still very comfy and gobbles up the miles. It remains a reliable car and lovely to drive, but the garage bills for repairs found at MOT time and service intervals are considerable.

The tiny rust areas on all panels have been very annoying as the car is maintained to a high standard. Audi's rust guarantee like so many is not worth the paper it is written on, as they can always find an excuse for charging. In the main as the car spent the first part of its life in the UK, road salt is the obvious and usual excuse. Luckily for me the labour costs in France are much cheaper than they are UK, otherwise perhaps the Audi would have gone by now as much as I love driving it.

My next car? Audi A6, so can't be that bad.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009

1997 Audi A6 1.8T PLUS 1.8 turbo from France


Brilliant, beautiful, comfy, and above all safe Limousine


Cat Convertor, Suspension, Steering joints.

General Comments:

A superb luxury vehicle for all types of driving.

Inside the seats are fully adjustable and very supportive. The cloth does stain easily, but wears very well. The ICE system is second to none with superb multi speakers front and rear. Although a long car once inside it is a dream to drive with excellent visability.

The engine is very robust although suffering from slight Turbo lag. It has a superb induction noise if pushed, but will cruise at 90mph for hours and then pull freely up to 130mph and more. The on board computer shows performance and warns of problems as they occur. The cabin space is vast and 5 can sit comfortably for many miles. The air conditioning/individual climate control is superb as is the heating which has separate blowers for rear seat passengers. Internal lighting both front and rear is excellent and the light adjustable red display of the dash board relaxing and not intrusive.

Externally the paint finish is of the standard expected from Audi and keeps suprisingly clean. The overall appearance of the car is one of elegance although perhaps the rear profile may not be to every bodies taste. The boot space is huge with side pockets for a 6 CD auto changer, tools and other bits. The floor has hooks for baggage netting and the spare wheel is easily accessible beneath the boot lining.

Beneath the bonnet is quite tight, but all the regular top up points are easily identifiable and easy to fill.

Overall the car looks and drives superbly. The engine is quiet and responsive and the suspension irons out all the road in-perfections providing the occupants with a limousine type ride. brakes, disks all round with ABS are responsive and trustworthy and although the car has the smoothness of a limosine it does not roll on cornering, but hugs the corners tight and flat.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007

1997 Audi A6 Avant Quattro 2.8 from North America


I like the firm, tight ride and quick braking


Instrument cluster lights & "check engine" light has come on intermittently since I've owned the car. Dash lights have burnt out & guages have worked intermittently: oil pressure, & temperature. Since about 130K miles, we have had some intermittent problems with the cruise & A/C.

My spouse feels that the brakes have been expensive for this vehicle, but that they work beautifully. My first set of brakes was replaced under warranty at 50K miles.

Timing belt was replaced at 100K, and it was expensive (about $1200, not at the dealer).

Both front CV joints are now going (about $550.00 but not at Audi dealer).

General Comments:

Overall I adore the ride, the handling, the comforts, sound system, security, comfort and power everything settings (saves all driver's seat positions).

The car would be quicker with a V8, but it is really only slow with the A/C on full blast.

The Quattro is the only way to get there on time in the snow, it works like a dream.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2007