1997 Audi A6 SE 2.5 TDI from UK and Ireland


Good quality cheap to run car


Dash Lights occasionally have blown - easy fix.

CV joint at 180,000 miles - can't winge about that!

Anti roll bar bushings at 170,000 - again can't winge.

Radiator developed a hole - this was due to a mechanic mixing G10 and G11 coolants and causing the coolant to turn to mud and negating the rust inhibitor.

General Comments:

A very reliable car. I have had problems with it, but only ever because of mechanics making mistakes, particularly with the timing on the car. I sometimes wonder how they get away with it. Parts replaced and not set up correctly causing endless problems. So, I bought manual and fixed problems myself. If you are that way inclined, your better of. 110,000 miles of good cheap (50mpg) motoring. Car is now at 230,000 and will do same again no problem.

115bhp is a bit week, but cruises fine. 130bhp is much better option.

Roomy interior and comfy ride.

Would buy another tomorrow.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2006

1997 Audi A6 V6 2.6 from UK and Ireland


Oh my God, a dream come true. So reliable I would love another one when the car dies, which it won't


Just needed a new exhaust, so it's reliable.

General Comments:

It is a dream come true. It is so comfy, large, and do I have to go on? It is really reliable. I have all the documents and so on.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2006

19th Jul 2006, 10:32

But you've only done 2000 miles in it... Let us know how happy you are with it once you've paid for a service and parts will you?!

1997 Audi A6 1.8 T Plus 1.8 from France


A limousine of extreme quality and finish, large, but still great fun to drive, economic luxury.


Front disks and Pads at 105,000

Catalytic converter at 106,000

Front drivers door light switch replaced

Cooling flask cracked.

General Comments:

The car eats the miles in superb style and comfort, perhaps some may initially find the seat a bit firm but on long journeys they remain supportive. The electric seat adjusters coupled with the steering wheel adjustment should enable all drivers to find comfort. The Climate control is exceptional and effective for both front and rear passengers. The ICE system is better than some have at home with 8 speakers offering superb and variable sound for all types of music.

Steering is precise and light as is the gear shift. The ABS breaking and accurate steering makes the driver confident in all conditions. Visibility is superb. The 1.8 Turbo engine suffers from slight Turbo lag, but once it kicks in, is extremly effective comfortably capable of cruising all day at 90mph with rapid aceleration to 115mph when called to do so.

The on board computer is accurate and with the fully adjustable red lighting to the dash and other switches including the internal door handles is relaxing yet effective.

The boot is huge and with the collapsible rear seats allow for large loads with ease.

Average MPG is around 32 but can increase to 35 over long distances provided you are light on your right foot. The car is now 8 yeas old and looks new both inside and outside and remains a pleasure to own and drive.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

1997 Audi A6 from North America


Way too many problems!!!


After one week of owning my A6, the heated seats started to melt the leather on the drivers side. Audi said it would cost around 2,000 to replace.

Then the coolant light came on and I was told it needed a new water pump. I also decided to change the timing belt since it hadn't been done. This first repair cost 1,300.

Then two weeks later I started to smell a burning scent, like burning rubber, also the brake light came on. I was told there was an oil leak. This repair was 1,300 once again.

Also when I went to pick the car up and pay, I was told they found another 500.00 worth of work. I guess it was a right front guide link.

To make a long story short I HATE the car! Yes, it looks nice, but it's not reliable at all. Why are Audi's great cars if they always have expensive problems? I'll stick to Toyota's from now on. There's no one I need to impress that bad.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2006

26th Dec 2008, 23:30

Before buying a car you should get it checked out and inspected first. I am an Audi technician and love these cars.

23rd Jul 2010, 22:47

Other than the heated seat burning the leather, everything else you said you had to change are categorized as wear and tear item. Considering the car is already 13 years old, the work you had to do is considered very minor. You could do a lot worse with other brands.

17th Aug 2012, 15:43

Thanks for your attention.

I am serious about buying a 1997 Audi A6 Quattro.

It has 26000 miles on it and a one owner, no winters, snow or salt.

Always in a garage, and it appears to be in beautiful condition.

All components including tires are original. It has the Bose system.

What if any are the concerns with the low mileage versus the age? It has sat for most winters in a family garage.

Again thank you for any comments you may have.

The asking price is 10000.00 USD.