1997 Audi A6 quattro 2.8L from North America


This is a great car I would recommend to anyone


Replaced water pump and timing belt at 100,000 miles.

The front drivers side CV joint needs to be replaced at 128,000 miles.

Cover to the sunroof switch falls down almost daily.

General Comments:

This car is a very smooth ride.

It is not very fast off the line, but has all the top end power you will need.

Great highway cruiser.

Repair costs are a little high, but the car is worth the investment.

Over all the car is far superior to my previous Camry.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2005

9th May 2009, 19:31

Update: 5/8/2009 163,000 miles.

Transmission control module replaced at 150K miles.

Front control arm bushings 160K mile's.

This car still runs and drives great, the engine is starting to show its age. The power steering pump whines and the car burns a little oil. For a 12 year old car it has held up great, however there is some surface rust starting, which is not surprising as it is in northern NY. Currently looking for a replacement, and may keep the A6 as a winter car.

1997 Audi A6 SE 2.8 30v from UK and Ireland




The dashboard lights sometimes go off and the bulb for the trip computer has stopped working.

High pressure switch on A/C has intermittent fault. This started at about 180,000 miles I think (it only happens in really hot weather). It just means the air con switches itself off and will not come back on until it feels like it!

General Comments:

What a car. I bought this with a full Audi service history. It had one company owner from new. I have driven this as a taxi for the last 18 months and boy has it had some hammer. Speed bumps, wheel chairs, kids, drunk people falling over it - you name it.

It nearly touched 150 mph once and still kicks down at 100 mph!

If you take your time though it will return 32 mpg on a motor way even with 203,000 miles on the clock.

All I've had to do is service this car and replace the exhaust. That's it!

The V6 sounds great and still starts first time every time.

Its just a pity the new shaped A6 doesn't have the same build quality.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2004

28th Dec 2005, 16:21

Well it depends on the way its been taken care of regarding the new shape, with mine I haven't had problems.

1997 Audi A6 SE 1.8T from UK and Ireland


Overall Excellent Purchase


Front Wishbones - The front lower/rear wishbones had play and caused minor suspension noise when traveling over bumps, rocky surfaces or light braking at moderate speeds

Passenger side front window will not complete its upward journey, requires new window kit.

General Comments:

Other than these minor common faults this car is exception at 100K miles. The brakes remain responsive, suspension and steering spot on, transmission feels robust and remains excellent, the turbo boost is linear, and all other systems work brilliantly aside from window issue noted.

Economy is surprising with a motorway and city run coming in at well over 35mpg.

The interior wear is non-existent and all fit and finish remains top, even after the previous owners children and dogs.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004

1997 Audi A6 Quattro 2.8 from North America


Luxury car with a non-luxury price tag.


Brake pads and rotors needed to be replaced.

Several interior dash lights are out.

Replaced front drivers side CV joint.

Exhaust pipe was punctured and quickly grew into a big problem. Replaced exhaust system immediately.

General Comments:

This vehicle is an extremely quiet ride, and comfort has spared no expense.

No off-the-line power.

Vehicle needs a V8.

All wheel drive works excellent.

Big brakes make for exceptional braking distances.

Uses gasoline a little too liberally.

Over-all great car and an exceptional value for what I paid.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2003

25th Jan 2011, 13:35

You state the car uses too much gas. You say it is a V8, that would use even more gas.

1997 Audi A6 Quattro 2.8 from North America


Doing the best with the material I have


When I bought the car the first thing I noticed was that the radio didn't work. I pushed the faceplate back in (it was bent) and it worked. But the CD changer never worked.

Next I noticed some of the instrument lights were out. I have since replaced almost all of them. The temperature light is now out, but I believe just loose.

The gas pedal fell off, just the plastic part. Still is not fixed. Falls off occasionally.

I installed a new stereo and discovered that the battery placement in the back is in line with a spring from the seat. I have since melted the backseat to the battery twice when occupants were there.

The sunroof interior visor broke, now must be pulled out of roof by hand when sunroof is closed. Leaked once.

I have tried using xenon-look headlights and the car blows them left and right. Longest any have lasted is a month, shortest is about 4 days before blowing. And not the light coil, the base explodes. I now buy bulbs in bulk.

Right taillight fills with water.

Car is terrible on gas for the type of engine. Two valve small sixes should not guzzle gas like this car, Quattro or otherwise.

Power does not match mileage.

Check engine light comes on when cold, but that's because after pulling my bumper off, the lower air dam fell off. So the engine doesn't think it is warm enough.

I can relate to the bucking bull when trying to get out of the doors when they swing back and knock you down.

Cruise control sometimes doesn't catch on the first try.

Sounds like a CV joint is about to start going, noticeable clunk when I turn the wheel to a certain point (not very far off true).

Exhaust is visible at unusually warm temperatures.

Water temp never seems to go up in the winter, no thermostat problems.

Wind noise from my window, don't know about the others.

Rattles come from window areas.

General Comments:

I bought the car because of how smooth it rides. I have since replaced the springs with lowering springs, so ride has been compromised.

Overall, the car is nice, it looks nice and drives nice for the most part. But it doesn't meet my expectations for what it is. A near-luxury car.

My previous cars never gave me as many problems as this one.

I love the AWD, but not how temperamental it is, I believe the next car I buy will be a Subaru.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

20th Oct 2006, 21:30

This car had been obviuosly abused all its life and it is still in running condition. Isn't that a sign of a good quality? Seriously, before you buy a car learn its history! My friend leased a car and he drives it like crazy - his explanation: i'll dump this car in 12 month and get another lease! I sort of agree with him, but YOU might have have gotten one of his abused cars!

Good luck!