2nd Jul 2008, 09:41

I'm mystified how people report hooking their bumper onto curbs (3 x no less) think this is the cars fault. Better yet, sliding through an intersection because of ice and probably driving too fast and getting into an accident. Sorry...that's not the cars fault.

My '97 A6 quattro Avant has 112K and tows a 17' boat during the summer months. Awesome car.

Again, bubbling tires are not the cars fault. In regards to the water in the rear, if it has a sunroof, check the drainage tubes. Usually they can get clogged with "stuff" over time and need to be cleaned. I've heard a long piece of electrical wire is the best tool.

Another possibility is the seal on the rear door adjacent to the foot well that fills up. It could be torn.

One thing I've found to be it's weight in gold is have an independent shop on your speed dial to take care of any auto repairs. The dealer (s) aren't usually the better choice.

7th Dec 2008, 13:02

I have a 99 A6. Have had ALL of the previous comments problems. Currently replaced the front suspension to the tune of $1500.

To add to the tally of all previous repairs, I am currently smelling a burning odor coming from the engine, but there is no smoke and no puddles of fluid under my car. I can't figure out what it is. All my fluids are at the required levels. Anybody with any suggestions?

11th Dec 2008, 23:11

99 A6 Avant Quattro with 2.8 -- 110K miles

I agree with most of the posts so far... EXPENSIVE to maintain. We've been through the timing belt, water pump, front bumper, etc. The cargo cover recoil mechanism disintegrated and the hatch interior panel is delaminating.

I've been chasing down a burning oil smell for the last couple of years. Not sure what it is. I did find that the PCV tubing was cracked and had replaced the tube. The oil cap leaked and filled up the depressions around the valve cover. The cap ran about $25. Now I've got leaky valve cover gaskets. It's almost like the car HAS to have an oil leak to be happy. The bad part about the smell is that it fills the cabin AFTER the car sits overnight. There's no burning oil smell when the car is in motion. Several dealers in a couple of states I've been through tell me there's nothing wrong.

The cruise control just went out.

If it weren't for the fact that my wife had literally walked away from being run over by a tanker truck in a '84 4000S we probably wouldn't be driving an Audi. I like the way it drives and it's comfortable, but the nickel/dime factor is too much.

19th Mar 2009, 18:48

We have a 2001 A6, and have had all the same problems listed above, and some more.

We have replaced all the gaskets on the engine, the oil cooler, a headlight, speakers, control arms, coolant reservoir, CV joints, windshield and brakes.

Other than that, the radio will only pick up about 3 stations on a good day. The car has 111,000 on it and has been, by far the biggest maintenance hog I have ever owned. I will never buy another Audi as long as I live. We paid about $21,000 for the car, and $10,000 so far on maintenance.

The latest problem is a check engine light that the dealer claims is both catalytic converters for $2,500.00. I have a hard time believing that both cats went bad, since the gas mileage hasn't changed and the car runs fine, and it will pass emissions.

My Toyota truck had 225,000 on it, and the only thing I ever replaced on it was a timing belt and brakes. It may not be as exciting as the Audi, but there is nothing exciting about driving around in a rental car because your Audi is in the shop yet again!

12th Jun 2009, 11:51

99 A6 Quatro Avant 91k miles.

Wow, and here I was thinking I was the only one...

That stinky smokey smell is most likely the transmission fluid reservoir gasket and leaking transmission fluid and burning on the hot parts under the car. Got that $375 to fix.

Broken Windshield Washer Fluid system. Got that.

Rear windshield wiper kaput.

Replaced tie rods in the 60k miles area.

Air Bag indicator, apparently needs a new one $1800.

Had torrential flooding type rain and the battery shorted from water running inside the hood instead of being channeled to the ground.

Wheel barring wore out... at less 100k!

14th Jun 2009, 09:14

I have a 1999 A6. The car starts good, but no power. When I step on the gas, the car moves very slow and it backfires.

21st Jun 2009, 21:13

I have a '99 Avant A6. A few comments on ownership of any european car - a little research on the 'net goes a long way towards saving money. I also never use a dealer for service and do some myself.

Most issues I have over 5 years ownership and 75k miles are common to any car with 135k. One tie rod, a drive axle, some brake pads, a cruise control module, and a flasher relay.

I did the timing belts, water pump, and all the other bits in there at 100k. Bought the parts at Blaufernugin and had a local mechanic install it for half dealer cost.

One major issue I had was when an O-ring for the oil cooler blew, dropping all the oil on the ground! This is a common VW issue, I am told, but one that will make for a very bad day if you are the type who drives with the "check engine" light on. I caught it in time and had it repaired for $130.

I have towed a 1800 pound trailer with this car cross-country over the continental divide.

I bought the car with 60k at a dealer in 2005 for $11 grand. It now has 135k and I have not spent anything close to what some of the others here have posted. I look forward to my next one.

1st Aug 2009, 23:28

I have a 99 A6 Quattro with 140,000 miles. It drives great. However, after I've been driving for about 30 minutes, I get a loud clicking or popping noise from somewhere in the front end. It sounds like it is on the driver side. The 1st mechanic said that he could find nothing wrong and that I would just have to live with it. I took it to another mechanic and drove him around while the car was making the noise. 2 weeks and $1100 dollars later, the rack and pinion steering was replaced. 2 days after that, the noise was still there. The longer I drive, the worse the noise gets. But, like I said, everything seems fine until I've driven for a while. Anyone have the answer?

As for those of you with catalytic converter problems, don't go with a universal cat. They trip the check engine light every time.

6th Aug 2009, 14:18

1999 A6 Quattro.

I have a little over 220K miles on this car. Bought it Audi-assured when it had 40K miles on it. Most of my driving is highway miles. My suburban Chicago Audi dealer has given me excellent service and I do love the car, even now. The engine and transmission work like it is new.

I have had some of the same problems noted for other 1999's. Front suspension pieces, outer CV joints, sporadic cruise control operation (mostly not now). Hidden oil leak that the dealer tells me will cost $1200 to fix that gives me a burnt smell after the car has been run awhile. Fortunately the smell is not inside the car. Because the oil loss is so minimal, I passed on that.

The dash display has dark lines across it, and they are gradually getting worse. I replaced the radiator a few miles ago.

All in all, I have had good experience with this car, and will buy another.