16th Jul 2004, 08:06

Same here with my 98 A6. Great car to drive, but I just can't afford the repairs anymore. Funny my water pump, timing belt and CV boot were all replaced at one visit as yours were. Kinda makes you wonder if this is dealer protocol. I've had this car for two years and it has cost me over 6K in repairs within that time. If youre gonna own an Audi make sure you can afford a new one, and that you get rid of it as soon as the warranty has expired. As gump said "that's all I have to say about that"

9th Sep 2004, 16:39

1999 Audi A6 2.8

94,000 miles currently, purchased new in 1999 from suburban Chicago-area dealer. This car has been very reliable (I believe) but, unfortunately, has been in the dealer for service 13 times in the first 50,000 miles (while it was still under warranty). Starting with the first scheduled oil change, the car would come home from the dealer with one or more things broken on it that required another visit to fix. Initially I took the car back to have the overly touchy brakes looked at, and when the car came home from the dealer the cruise control didn't work (cruise control is vacuum controlled by the brake booster). The cruise control electronics are behind the dash. Then that was fixed and the dash didn't light up properly. That was fixed and the side view mirror control was broken off. That was fixed and the door hinge was bent so that the driver's door didn't close properly. That was fixed and the locking mechanism for the doors didn't lock the driver's door anymore. And so on, and so on... Once the warranty was over we started taking the car to a local mechanic with some Audi experience. All has been bliss since then with nothing braking on the car.

Word has it that this dealer, with it's splashy new building, was padding their revenues by billing Audi for lots of extra warranty repairs.

Now with 94,000 miles we could be coming up to our first unscheduled expense--namely a clunking noise from the front end that could indicate a worn CV or half shaft. All maintenance has been performed on time, and the car has been very solid and reliable (at least I believe it would have been had I taken it to another dealer during its early life).

12th Jun 2006, 13:30

The clicking noise is a CV joint! We got ours changed and the clicking/clunking noise stopped!

2nd Mar 2007, 18:45

I purchased my 1999 A6 new. Things went pretty smoothly for the first three years. Once out of warranty, that's all folks. Had the same problem which several of you have already mentioned regarding water pump and cam shaft along with timing belt, axles and boots constantly going bad, several tire replacements and barely have 65,000 miles. Took it in for over $1,000 repair a few years ago. One month later I was back for another $1,000 donation. Have donated over $5,000 to the Audi dealer from 2004 to present, all after the warranty expired. I am currently looking for a new car so I can turn this lemon in once and for all. I could kick myself for not getting the 100,000 mile extended mile warranty. Its the only way to buy one of these cars if you absolutely need the performance and don't have the wisdom to go Japanese.

18th Sep 2007, 18:44

I just bought a 99 a6 2.8 quattro with about 94000 miles, has anyone had any rattling noise from the under carriage? I recently replaced my cv joints to eliminate the clicking noise from the turns, however the rattling noise from the under carriage remains. I don't even have to hit a hard bump the smallest pot hole creates the most annoying rattle... someone help me out please. BTW even a certified mechanic cannot find anything loose when he inspected it.

4th Oct 2007, 09:27

I have a 1998 A6 with 109k miles. The clunking noise many of you are referring to is the front suspension linkages and tie rod ends. I have had them all replaced and 20k mles ago and it is back in the shop for more. Has anyone had cruise control issues? Sporatic behavior.

19th Dec 2007, 10:03

I have a 99 A6 with 239,000 miles. Drive 800 miles a week. Just now am starting to have issues with sporadic cruise control and have sprung an oil leak. I notice the bumping in the front end, but will only fix it when it breaks (high miles versus $$$$$). Along the way I have had my share of repairs, but overall I have been very pleased with the vehicle. I love that I can drive 60mph in 6 inches of snow like I am on a DRY road...awesome. I agree with the guy who cannot fathom a Japanese car... too boring! I like the German quirks.

7th Feb 2008, 11:37

We bought our 1999 A6 Quattro in 2001 - a lease return. Luckily we bought an extended warranty that, over three years, paid for itself many times over. When that expired we were not allowed to renew it.

This car is the most expensive to maintain car we ever owned. Something is always wrong with it, and it's always a thousand-dollar repair.

There is a major design flaw in this car. The front bumper sits too low to the ground. It is too low to clear many curbs, at least in America. Three times someone in our family hooked the bumper on a curb. That is a thousand-dollar repair every time.

Last night the anti-lock brake mechanism did not stop the car in the time it usually does, on a patch of ice with a bumpy surface. I slid into an intersection and got T-boned by another car. The police officer felt the bumpy surface interfered with the anti-lock action. Fortunately nobody was badly hurt.

I hate waste and never thought I'd be happy a car was totaled. I won't miss the Audi at all and I'm happy it didn't get passed off to another buyer.

A Mercedes dealer told me an Audi is just a Volkswagen. I guess he was right.

There are a some pluses: It is an extremely comfortable ride, with the most ergonomic seats. The drive is smooth, quiet. Very comfortable vacation car, even with kids in the back seat. Normally it drives well on ice and snow.

Bottom line: Much too high-maintenance. I'll never buy another Audi.

23rd Feb 2008, 14:23

99 A6 q 2.7l. 120k miles. Going to repair the water pump for the 2nd time. Been through the CV boots, driver side mirror, front bumper replacement, ABS brake sensor replacement... pretty much all of the above. Love the car, hate the maintenance. Costs about 1 - 2k/year. It would be nice for Audi to step up for the cv boots and the water pump issues.

24th Feb 2008, 10:35

I too had a bad CV boot and replaced the axle assembly at around 72K miles.

The water pump and timing belt had been previously replaced at about 50K miles, so I was told when I bought the car used. Seems to be a common theme. (1999 Audi A6 2.8 Quattro Avant)

25th Feb 2008, 07:53

To the person with the undercarriage rattle:

Check the driveshaft bushings - I had the same problem with my '99 A6 Quattro and a rebuilt driveshaft is what it took to cure it.