17th Dec 2009, 21:55

I have a 99 A6 Quattro 2.8. Have had all of the problems identified earlier. Just discovered the washer reservoir has a major leak. Can it be replaced by someone with minor experience?

The car has 105k miles and drives wonderfully. Minor oil leaks, that I ignore and change oil every 3k miles. That does the trick.

19th Jan 2010, 22:40

1999 Audi A6 Quattro footwell will not go out. Why will the back door light not go off?

30th Jan 2010, 16:22

I have had my Audi A6 for about 8-9 years with all the problems mentioned. I was a bit surprised. Small oil leak, CV boots, water pump, now washer fluid reservoir. Get these done before the warranty runs out.

Design flaws and quality of the older models. The car does drive well and I have about 200,000 miles on the engine. I'll give Audi that much, the car lasted me this long. Saved about as much as owning two brand new mid-sized cars in the last ten years. Depends on how you look at it. Great car interior and exterior is very nice. Just save up to spend on buying those parts.

24th Oct 2010, 13:55

I have a 1998 Audi A6. The coolant leaks after the engine is hot and the key is off. The car does not overheat, and does not leak when I am driving. Does anyone know what's wrong?

14th Nov 2010, 09:46

The coolant leak is probably the water pump. Time for the timing belt replacement.

17th Nov 2010, 22:04

My A6 has 170k, which is pretty good, and it still handles fine.

It has suffered many of the above problems, but it's a complicated machine, some things will go wrong. It has a couple of weird problems.

Shorted out a fuse, which took out the interior lights with confusing cause. Turns out sitting in the driver's seat shorted out the little light that lights the back seat passenger toes under the seat. Unplugging the small connector under the seat solved it.

I currently have the ABS light problem. Just got the module rebuilt at Modulemaster.com. I will install this weekend. Saves about $1500 over dealer replacement.

I'm also sorting out what appears to be a smog pump problem. Makes an awful noise when cold started, I think related to pumping air into cats. Goes away when warm. I unplugged what looked like a control wire. Will see how that goes.

Advice welcome.

11th Dec 2010, 18:00

Comments about the clunking noise very relevant to my 1999 Audi Quattro; same story: different mechanics stating they can find nothing wrong. It is very bad at times. Ditto, the ABS warning lights. And did someone write about its petrol... that it drinks like in the desert? Recently I rented a car rather than drive my own... and saved 50% on the cost of fuel, which paid for half the rental cost.

11th Dec 2010, 18:22

Page 2: absolutely, about the odor of burning oil, at times. Wish I had come across this website a few years ago.

13th Jan 2011, 10:10

I have a 1999 A6 2.8 30v with 160xxx miles on it.

I just bought the car and the only problems I have are the burning oil smell in idle, the check engine light is on for something about the exhaust and the ABS and brake light is on. What should I get done and should I be worried?

Also I wanted to do some performance parts (intake, exhaust, ECU). Any advice? (not using it for racing, just for more power and to make run better).

24th Aug 2011, 11:13

Your problem is the exhaust. It's the part that looks like threaded steel. My A6 had the same problem. Took forever to figure out.

13th Dec 2011, 17:52

The burnt smell coming from your engine could be your transmission. I would have the transmission checked for leaks.

13th Jul 2012, 16:45

Clunking could be suspension or mounts, but check for yourself if you can, to avoid being taken advantage of at a repair shop. Light enough noise to be called rattling could be exhaust related; heat shield, catalytic converter etc.

I have seen people panic over what they feared would be the worst, and it turns out to be a hundred dollar exhaust repair.

29th Jul 2012, 23:37

My 1999 Audi A6 Quattro has tarted making a strange noise that is coming from the front of the engine, and never made noises before that. The car smokes to the right side of the engine when driving. Transmission fluid is coming out like a river when driving it, but does not come out when parked... Shifting is just fine, and it shifts great.

Down the road mechanics said that the transmission was shot out... but the mechanics told me the same thing two years ago when the car started jerking. It ran excellent after a tune up and the tranny fluid was changed, and all it needed was transmission fluid and tune up to be changed, and it worked fine. They also said that front axle is broken and needs repairs.

Timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt all changed last year. Diff fluids changed last year. Failed emissions test this year for the first time.

Check engine light is on.

Anyone have any suggestions? I have searched the Internet for advice, and have found nothing relating to these problems.