28th Mar 2001, 06:45

That'd be why I said the 'MAJORITY of cars' as opposed to 'ALL cars' - there ain't many M3's or V5 Imprezas around on the roads, are there?

Like I said, It's NOT a supercar. It's not a souped up tourer, like the Impreza and M3 are. Gimme a S2 Coupe, and then the Impreza and M3 would have something to worry about.

27th Apr 2001, 19:48

My coupe's an '89; but the engine has a gas-flow head, hydraulic elements, k&n air filter, then lowered suspension and 17" alloys, a good exhaust (and a few other good tweaks like drilled & grooved disk brakes) ; it does 250 bhp.

Well, OK, it's heavily modified, but it does 140mph before you know it. The new coupes are only rated at 225 bhp. So I'm pretty happy with this one! It *does* smoke (I don't mean from overheating!)

8th May 2001, 12:53

My coupe is an 86. She has given me a couple of problems that I'm not sure how to solve. Her body needs some attention, and there have been some problems with the alternator, link table, radiator and radiator fan. These costs are expensive to fix but on the whole she has been very special.

The Canadian winter hasn't slowed her down a bit, at -20 C she always starts on the first try. I rode her into a ditch during a snow storm in Northern New York State, any other car would not have budged, I got her out after 7 minutes of trying. Her speed is great as well, I can get her up to 160km/h without much effort.

For the record, my GT has 207 000km on her resume. If anybody knows what kind of surprises I should expect, please e-mail me at synnott@china.com

28th Sep 2001, 11:47

I got both, an Impreza and a Coupe, and at the end of the day, the Coupe wins hands down AND I GET 30MPG (PREZZA does 20 if I poodle and 12-14 if I boot it).

As a car that does 2500 miles a month, the Audi is a proper car, the Impreza is my toy, nuff said.

18th Dec 2003, 18:46

Why compare an a Audi coupe with a BMW M3 or Sub Prezza? That is not a fair comparison. IF it was an Audi S2 and you are comparing it with a 1990 M3 then you have a comparison.

Coming up to date -> fast family (i.e. 4 doors) = Audi S4, NOT BMW M3 (2 doors do NOT = family car)

I have a 1990 Coupe and its very good indeed. Quality, refinement and a bit of originality for bargain price. Much nicer to have than your average Beemer 3 or Merc that EVERYONE seems to be driving.

12th Nov 2005, 17:43

I have got an 1990 coupe, and it is perfect. There are a few problems to begin with, like a seized rear caliper, resulting in new pads, discs and brake caliper, and a few rusts spots on the arches. Apart from that, it's fine. It's a great car, it's fast and it's practical. But it has its bad points like any other car. I think it's a great buy if you are looking for a sports car to get your shopping home in.

2nd Dec 2005, 07:34

I have a 1999 audi coupe with a V6 engine. and it has smoked all over my brothers toyota supra. the poor lad was crying his eyes out. the reason I got a coupe V6 is because my first car was a 1991 audi coupe 2.3 and that made the most attractive roaring sound when you you booted it.

A fantastic car whatever engine you have in it.

27th Nov 2006, 19:30

The 2.3L coupe have been the 5 Cylinder. That will be why it sounded so good.

Personally tho I'd rather the series 2 coupe or Quattro. A much better car than a series 3. The Quattro esp. Really is as good as they say it is. The series 3 however is a bit of a disappointment. But then Audi did set a hard act to follow. The S2 however, that's pretty good. But still not as good as a 20v Turbo series 2 Quattro. Despite its advancing years, One of them can out pace a modern day Skyline on a technical test course in the wet, easy.

30th Jan 2010, 16:34

OK, the official performance figures for the 2.3 10v are 0-60 in 9.7 seconds, top speed 127 mph. Not blisteringly quick, but more than acceptable and capable of giving many modern cars a run for their money. I'm getting one shortly.