2000 Audi S6 Avant from UK and Ireland


Monster estate car


Crankshaft position sensor failed, resulting in the car not starting when hot. Cured at a dealer for £230.

Slight coolant leak.

General Comments:

After owning a few 'slugger' estate cars (essential with family and a large dog - and I don't live in the country, so why would I want a Chelsea Tractor?) I was getting bored with driving, and my Skyline and Saab turbo owning days seemed like a distant fading memory - my partner and I decided on a compromise. We sadly couldn't afford a general use car and a sports car - so we would combine the two and buy a performance estate car. The Audi S6.

Let me firstly say that the fuel consumption is atrocious. Apart from that it's fantastic. Easy to drive, easy to park, loads of room for everyone including our Newfoundland dog, classy, comfy... what more could you want. Oh, more? How about enough power to leave Imprezas, Evos and Porsches in your rear view mirror!

Permanent Quattro 4wd and traction control mean it just sticks to the road as well.

All in all, a great car, and if things keep on going the way they are with me personally - I'll be trading this one in mid next year for the newer model S6 Avant with the V10 engine out of a Lamborghini Gallardo in it.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2013

1995 Audi S6 2.5 turbo 5 cylinder from North America


Awesome car


Sunroof drain clogged. 70,000 miles.

General Comments:

Very reliable. Especially compared to other Audis, included my previous 1990 200. Just routine maintenance, which is ridiculously expensive at the dealership. $800 per visit was normal, and the employees were indifferent. I think they only hired the angry.

Then I found a local Audi mechanic. He lovingly restored my car to better than new.

Amazing car. Fast and comfortable.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2012

1996 Audi S6 Avant 2.2 turbo from UK and Ireland


Supercar performance for all the family


Nothing.. YET.

General Comments:

Quite simply this is the most amazing car I have ever owned.

It's so well built, and really quick and powerful.

The Quattro ride is wonderful and the colour (Nogaro Blue) stands apart from all the silver, navy and black cars on the road.

I got lucky as this one was owned by two AUDI fanatics before me, who looked after it really well.

I love this car.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2009

2002 Audi S6 Avant 4.2 340HP from North America


Modern equivalent to a Chevy Nomad


Check engine light at 79,800 miles, dealer replaced N80 valve. $330 repair.

Dealer said upper control arms were worn, replaced all 4 upper control arms on same service visit as above. With parts, labor and alignment, $1200 repair.

Replaced serpentine belt at 60K per service recommendation.

Recently transmission intermittently hangs in 2nd, 3rd, 4th too long after a lot of stop and go traffic. Driving a few minutes in manual mode seems to clear it up. (root cause not yet diagnosed)

All other maintenance was routine, (oil changes, tires)

General Comments:

Must be able to drive at higher than US speed limits to really appreciate this car. I've had it to 130mph and it wanted to go more. Very aerodynamic for a wagon.

Seats are a little firm for my 50 year old frame for longer than 2 hour drives.

I get consistent 20 mpg highway.

Heavy front end has under-steer, but it will go where you want it and hugs the road good on curves.

Very little service required, but what has been done is expensive. (no real surprise)

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Review Date: 30th June, 2008

29th Nov 2008, 00:15

Just wanted to post an update:

Car is still running well. This June I bought a 2000 Volvo Cross Country to help take some of the mileage load off if the Audi, and 2 months later it got totaled from someone rear-ending me... so the Audi lives on. Currently at 91,500 miles. Always hand washed, always garaged. The last time I took it in the dealers' technician commented to the Service Manager how it was one clean, 90,000 mile wagon. One thing about high mileage cars-you can really tell if the owner took care of them or not. Thinking of replacing the timing belt before the 105K recommendation, as there seem to be plenty of posts documenting early failures.

31st Oct 2009, 16:54

Annual update:

Around 96K I decided to investigate the trouble with the trans intermittently hanging in lower gears until 3000 RPM after it was hot. Complete fluid change at the Audi dealer fixed this issue.

The car now has 101.5K miles,

I got the timing belt, water pump, and tensioners replaced at 100K miles, 7 years.

The old timing belt still looked in good shape, but may have been stretched because now the engine seems extra tight at higher RPM's.

The mechanic also found a vacuum-modulated venturi adjuster that had a broken link, so that was replaced too.

It runs better than ever now.

30th Dec 2009, 07:15

I have a custom ordered white S6, cream leather, here in Australia. I have had it for two years, and love cars, and as result did go through a period of changing them all the time, with the S6 there is no car in anywhere near the same price range that could get close to it, with the exception of an M5, but in the second hand market here they tend to have been used hard and are looking older.

I strongly recommend the S6, I have had a few small niggles, but nothing scary, parts are certainly not cheap, but for a true luxury ride with every option known to man, who cares.

I have fitted a UK Miltek exhaust, which I strongly recommend, and put on lovely genuine (they are the only ones that fit) Audi RS4 rims which really make the car look very current despite being a 2001 model, and it has done just 40,000 miles or 70,000kms as it is in Australia, I just wish I could test the 4.2l Quattro in Europe on a high speed road.