1996 Audi S6 Plus Avant 4.2 from Estonia


The first N/A super-Audi from Quattro GmbH, and it still outperforms 90 percent of new cars


Nothing really.

Had the timing belt changed, with all that's mandatory.

Xenon on the passenger side failed.

I have had the coolant; brake fluid; oil and rear brake pads changed.

General Comments:

Seriously quick point to point vehicle, day in day out.

Blistering all-weather tool with loading capacity of a regular Avant.

If you start using all the power, be ready to pay at the filling station.

Its best at high speed motorway driving in very bad conditions.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2006

1995 Audi S6 2.2 turbo from UK and Ireland


A big fast comfortable saloon that is practical for everyday use


Brake pad/disk warning light goes on and off.

General Comments:

I bought this car knowing it would need work, including this it cost me about £5500, which included new shocks, new brakes, and a full service. Thanks to Awesome GTI!

A very fast car, with huge grip and great handling, almost no body roll through the corners.

My only criticism of the way it drives is that it cannot hide its size, doesn't feel quite as nimble as my old Ford Focus. Obviously much, much faster though, with more grip.

The seats are extremely supportive, and the cabin is a lesson on how dashboards should look and feel.

Considering this is a top of the range car, it is not exactly loaded with toys. For Example, no electric or heated seats, no cruise control.

Boot is huge, but a little awkward. Quite shallow, although long.

Not the cheapest to run, but considering the performance available, very reasonable. Especially if you are prepared to do some of the simpler maintenance tasks.

This is easily the best car I have owned, I hope it lasts forever!

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

4th Jul 2007, 13:38

I need to revisit this review, as its not the end...

The Big Audi served as my daily driver for over 1 year, during which I covered 35k miles, including a trip to the nurburgring. I spent money on it, giving it whatever it needed, but it never broke down, and took the miles well.

In fact was mechanically excellent, and now has 170k on the clock.

I got a Mondeo in the meantime to take the daily grind, and considered selling the Audi to fund a track day car. It must have known what I was thinking because...

Then, a long term water leak killed things. I am informed that many Audis of this age leak, due to simple design flaws. However with Audis legend build quality, don't rust. This meant, that without knowing, I was carrying around 2-3 inches of water in the footwells.

Now, would anyone like to guess what sensible place Audi mount the ECU?

Yup, under the seat.

Net result, the electrics have gone and probably killed the car.

ECU failed, and when it did, it blew all 5 coil packs. Now neither the ECU or coil packs are cheap, and the result is that if I were getting new parts, the repair would be costing me a total of £2500, when that is probably all the car would be worth running.

Like I said, the car is mechanically sound, engine, clutch, gearbox all great. I had most the suspension replaced so it drove brilliant. But the Electrics failure has possibly killed the car terminally.

Now on the lookout for crashed/S6 for parts, will pop back and tell you what the final damage has been :(

31st Aug 2007, 18:46

Well, ordered the parts, £500.

Hoping the Auto electricians bill isn't too bad, but its still going to total £1500, when the car is probably only worth £3000.

Still its something I will live with to save this beast from the scrap. Its too good to kill.

1995 Audi S6 2.2 5 cylinder turbo from North America


Awesome.Glad I bought one!


Nothing! Replaced timing belt, at 90,000,JUST as a recommendation, from my mechanic. Old belt has small cracks, but I think it had another 10,000 left on it.

General Comments:

Car handles great. Nothing like taking 40mph curves at 85mph with confidence. Going fast in class and comfort.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2004