11th Jan 2009, 23:01

Same here - 1993 Porsche 928GTS and '93 V8Q; campaigning both of these for the past 8 years.

Summer I ride the 928GTS. Its torque is amazing, plus it gets better MPG.

Winter and spring the V8Q. It has always leaked a bit of oil, but this year it's getting pretty bad and smoking off the exhaust a lot. So I have it in the shop for them to look at it.

Driving a Lexus GS300/Aristo Twin Turbo now. It's very fast, sic handling (coil-over kit/will out-handle both of the above) so I'm trying hard to like it! This sedan feels more like a 944 Turbo or 968 than the V8Q or 928.

19th Nov 2011, 00:26

All the '92 through '94 series 4.2 V8Q cars have the same oil leak from the front right head gasket low pressure return. Fortunately, as a result it's a manageable amount, but it does tend to make its way to the exhaust pipe. Easiest way to deal with it is just to locate the area below the leak, where there are a couple of "galleys" where it collects and sop up the oil there. Then it won't overflow from there and create the lower end oil mess and the oil burn odor. However, these cars (I've owned 3) do burn some oil as a matter of course, regardless and as a result do seem to foul the plugs to a degree. Fortunately changing the plugs is surprisingly easy, and can be done by the home mechanic in an hour or less. Try that on a transverse mounted GM or Ford V6!

These are remarkable cars when properly maintained; get an identical parts car as I've done, otherwise you will become unhappy.

6th Dec 2014, 04:56

Good to read. Have had several Audi V8s, and currently have a 1993. Dismal fuel economy; I've never gotten above 17 MPG overall with any of them, and they were very kept up. Yes, a parts car is necessary!