1998 BMW 3 Series 328is 2.8 I-6 from North America


Luxury on rails


Blown radiator at 155,000.

Problem with Automatic Climate Control Module (may only be a $2 soldering fix).

Squeaky clutch (resolved with a little bit of "WD40")

General Comments:

EXTREMELY exhilarating ride!

Handles better than a go-cart.

Extremely fast when getting on the interstate.

A real head-turner (more than the sedan or compact).

Beautifully crafted body and interior.

VERY durable and well crafted body panels, and interior pieces.

Very solid structure that you will NOT find in American cars.

Doors do not have a frame around the windows, so when you open the doors it is very sleek.

SUNROOF IS A MUST! Very enjoyable.

Sport seats are beautiful and comfortable.

Very good paint job.

A bit costly to fix. BUT WORTH IT!

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Review Date: 24th November, 2007

1998 BMW 3 Series 328i SE 2.8 from Spain


Absolutely brilliant car


Nothing to date.

General Comments:

Very nice looking, first of the E46 series.

Quick, comfortable, smooth, reliable and has great road presence - an absolute gem. The noise from the straight 6 is awesome.

Never owned a BMW before this, always thought that the badge was what you paid for. How wrong I was. These cars are simply in a class of their own.

Would definitely buy another - I love it!

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Review Date: 13th July, 2007

14th Nov 2008, 08:34

I sold this car last month after a year of so of owning it. When I first got it, I moved up from a 2.0 Mondeo, so it felt extremely powerful and very fast. Since then I bought a 740i Sport which is obviously in a different league, and then following this an M5, so in comparison I sort of out grew it. However until the last I could not say I was anything other than impressed with this machine, great driving car, and sold to a good friend of mine, so I still see it from time to time!

Buy one of these, you will love it.

1998 BMW 3 Series 328i Sport Coupe 2.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Supreme reliability and performance in one package



General Comments:

Handling is great, and it still looks good even though it's approaching it's tenth birthday, especially with the factory fitted M-Sport body-kit.

Performance is impressive and it is as happy on the motorway as it is flying down a B-road.

Equipment level is good - leather, climate control, on-board computer etc - with only cruise control missing - but when can you use that on British roads anyway?

All-in-all a top car.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2007

1998 BMW 3 Series 328i 2.8L straight Six from North America


I still like American, but I think I have gone BMW for life!!!


Nothing major has gone wrong, just a lot of little things.

Alarm does not work, panel gaps, fog light switch stuck, random error codes that go away in the check control box, door trim feel off, air con had to be fixed, and some other minor things.

General Comments:

I was born and raised on General Motors and American cars. They never let me down, and I never had considered a German car. But this one came up for sale and I have never looked back.

Even though a bunch of little things have gone wrong, I love this car to death!!!

The handling is great, it under-steers, but you can get the back out and easily correct it, extremely stable and controllable.

Acceleration is great, there are faster cars, but this can hold its own. 2nd gear from 35-65 is great, the power only begins to fade at 110+.

The seats are very supportive and the car is well finished.

The clutch was a pair at first, very light, and I would stall a lot, not my first stick by the way. But over time I am used to it now and no complaints.

The gearbox is a bit balky when it is moist out, but generally is smooth and direct, 1st-2nd gear is a quick change.

The only real complaint, being a car enthusiast, is that it is a little too quiet. I would like to hear the engine more, and the car is quick, but there is not a lot of torque, so I would like to feel it more.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2007

23rd Mar 2007, 15:55

BMW's are nice cars. I owned a 528 and was impressed, but have gone back to buying strictly American, both for patriotic reasons, and the fact that BMW parts are ridiculously expensive. I hope you do not have any problems with yours, but if you do, you might see what I am talking about. Incidentally, I had very little problems with the BMW and all my American cars, but even the maintenance items are a killer on BMW's. It just got to be crazy.

Good luck.