1998 BMW 3 Series 318 Ti 1.8 gas from Brazil


If you are single and a player... amazing car


1 - The BMW symbol fell off the wheel. Was replaced free of charge.

2 - I don't like the engine sound... sounds like a motorcycle.

General Comments:

Very reliable.

Everything has the feel that it's 'made to last'. The doors make no noise and are very heavy, which shows my previous statement.

Subzero A/C!

Amazing paint... the black is so shiny, everyone stares at your car when it's parked in the sunny areas.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2011

1998 BMW 3 Series 328i 2.8 straight 6 from North America


One of the best cars I ever had


Front lower control arms with bushings.

Airbag lights.

Power window.

General Comments:

It is a very well built car with outstanding performance and handling. You can find some very nice e36's for relatively low prices if you look around. If you're after an E36, do your research and buy the best one you can afford, as they haven't been made in 12 years. I'd stay away from neglected examples. They can be VERY expensive to fix.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2011

1998 BMW 3 Series 323ic 2.5L inline 6 from North America


Great car for a small amount of money


The biggest issue I have had with the car was with the crank position sensor and the applicable wiring. Cost $370 to fix.

Other than that, I have had to replace the plastic rear window; $142 installed myself (royal pain in the butt).

Replaced O2 sensor last week, $102.

Also had to replace a plastic intake pipe due to it splitting - Cost $65 from a dealer.

Basic maintenance is relatively easy; I bought a Haynes manual as a guide. I have changed the spark plugs, and ignition coils ($200) for all parts. Also did serpentine belt, tensioner, and two pulleys (about $200). The O2 sensor was easy too. I am a novice DIY'er, and I have found that compared to my 2001 Saab 9-3 I owned previously, the BMW is a real breeze. I was afraid to even touch a thing on the SAAB, because it was so expensive to repair.

I have found that this model has a great ownership base full of people willing to offer advice on forums, which has been very helpful diagnosing faults.

Local BMW dealer very helpful and friendly, even though my car is older.

Found a great indy that does great work only for BMW, SAAB, Mercedes etc.

Biggest "routine" maintenance item is an oil change, as the car requires almost 7 quarts of oil. Not a huge issue, but it is a little more $$$ to have the oil changed or to do it yourself. Don't take the long response I have written in the wrong context; most repair work has been routine, or mileage related.

General Comments:

This car, despite the mileage, is a joy to drive and own. Compared to my Saab, which was newer and had 83,000 miles on the clock when I dumped it, the BMW is tighter, feels more planted to the road, and is much better made. The black leather interior is in amazing condition with no rips, tears, wrinkles, or fading.

Performance is not bad with the 2.5L, as long as you are not afraid to rev it up a bit from a stop. Once you are cruising, or on the highway, the engine provides plenty of get up and go, requiring few downshifts to overtake slower traffic.

Recently drove a 6000 mile round trip with the car, and I had no issues. Fuel economy was an alright 30MPG, combined with majority highway @75MPH.

My car has the 5 speed manual, and the manual top, and seat. I would recommend the manual top and transmission, as these seem to be the major trouble spots, costing a lot of money to repair, with a high likelihood of breaking down.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2010

1998 BMW 3 Series 328i M-Tech 2.8 straight 6 from UK and Ireland


The styling, price and engine speak louder than any opinion!


Nothing so far has gone wrong, the car is absolutely mint.

Engine runs sweet, gear box is smooth and basically everything runs as it should be.

Coolants refilled frequently.

Oil changed for the 2nd time since owning.

BMW built an amazing M3 threat!

Hate the fact they all look like 318 Sports!

Yet soon as the lights change, they realize ha ha!

General Comments:

Car was amazing from the day I bought it, 2.8k even though it's a late edition. Bargain!

My model being a 98' 328i M-Tech coupe, Boston green, full black leather, M3 replica. Paint still fresh, only just marking its 10 year birthday.

Very quick considering an M3 has 93BHP more.

I've chased M3s, and believe me this car can hold its own.

I've put on a Hamann cold air induction kit for smoother throttle response etc.

0-60 roughly 6.3, my power being 204BHP... Quick!

Add Eissenman exhaust and ECU remap and you've got a 328i with a very tidy 230BHP, 330ci beater yes ;)

This car is built solid, and although the torque could have been louder, this car is a very quick 200BHP monster, it'll beat 200sx's, Boxter non S's and GTI turbos all day long!

It's my 2nd car; being 18 years old, it's a dream to drive!

Buy one with M3 extras such as aero kit and wheels, as it really looks something beautiful. Also get a sought after colour i.e. Boston Green, Estoril Blue or Avus Blue.

Mileage is quite good, unless you like stretching this straight 6's legs! I get around 22mpg around town.

Cornering is very precise and stable, as you'd expect for a £30,000 car new!

And to sum up, this car is very very good, it's lovely to drive, the leather is very comfortable, and the exterior styling and interior defines BMW luxury.

For 3.5K for a last edition 98 99 reg, this car is still selling quicker than the new shape.

Now I'm going to enjoy my last few months with her before upgrading to that 286BHP M3 monster :D.

Hope you enjoyed the review.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2008

21st Aug 2008, 19:39

That what BIMMER is all about: best performance for your money,enjoy your ride. here in Canada I enjoy my 328i.

30th Sep 2008, 13:30

"torque could have been louder"?

Also the mods you list are weird; the M50 intake manifold modification, more fuel pressure and a map will see 230, but not a filter and a map.

9th Oct 2008, 13:09

These are nice cars, you should look after it. Don't chav it up either.