2004 BMW 3 Series 330xi 3.0L I6 from North America


This is the most fun I have ever had driving a car!



General Comments:

Only had the vehicle for 1 month and it is the most enjoyable car I have ever had. Driving is a blast, and this thing flies out of the gate in 'S' mode. Nothing inside this vehicle makes a noise... I have punched the gas and driven over gravel, and I cannot get the interior to squeak or rattle!

I pray it has no mechanical issues down the road as I plan regular maintenance care. If this vehicle provides me the driving enjoyment over the next year as I have recently experienced, I will never buy another make beyond BMW.

We are now planning to trade our second vehicle in for a 2007 330xi next week.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2009

9th Jul 2009, 16:44

Last month one of the car magazines, Automobile or MotorTrend I think, said the 3 series BMW were pretty reliable (I think they said "bulletproof") except for the all wheel drive models. Since you will have two all wheel drive models, I hope you can keep us updated on what your experiences are. My neighbor has had his grey 328xi in the shop 3 times in the last 12 months. We always know because that is when he has the bright red loaner car from the dealership.

Choosing bright red for the loaner car was probably not the best idea the dealership ever had.

2004 BMW 3 Series 330XI GAS from North America


The idler pulley replaced due to squeaking noise.

General Comments:

This is a great car to own.

Granted, repairs are expensive, but my experience is you seldom have to undertake them if you keep up with the scheduled maintenance.

The car is a blast to drive and has tremendous acceleration for a car of 225hp; handling is even better.

On cruise control the car will return 31.6 mpg hwy, and city will range from 19 - 21 mpg.

The AWD - coupled with traction control - will get you through any winter circumstance as long as you have ground clearance (I live in Buffalo, NY.)

Any E46 will not disappoint, but the 330 is truly a great car. Manual highly-highly the transmission of choice.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2009

2004 BMW 3 Series 330i ZHP from North America


Best car on the market


Owned this car for past 3 years, and since I bought it, besides basic service, I never had any problems.

General Comments:

Outstanding performance, great comfort, unbeaten reliability.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2009

2004 BMW 3 Series 1.6 ti petrol from UK and Ireland


Expensive and barely worth it.


Rear spring broke after 14000 miles at cost of £200.

The agent blamed English roads. I told them I handle the car with kid gloves, I am usually the only person in the car and it has never carried any heavy cargo. I said they'd been making cars for English roads long enough to design a decent spring. On a previous BMW compact both of the door locks went at about 30000 miles at a total cost of more than £200 including a bit of BMW "goodwill".

General Comments:

The car is sluggish (I was reluctant to pay another £1500 for the faster version having already paid £20000+)

I was once overtaken by someone on a Vesper scooter who now, I imagine, thinks a lot more of his scooter than I do about my BMW. Although designated a 1.6 the engine is actually a 1.8.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2008

6th Nov 2008, 11:07

When you change it, go back to Volvo and buy the C30. This car is a hundred times a car than the BMW! Looks good, goes well and safe, A great combination - comfortable, too!

9th Jul 2009, 13:46

Yeah I heard those 1.8 engines are sluggish. What kind of gas mileage you get out of that thing.

I think that 2004 is still the e46 and like the e36, as research and many sources say, still have not fixed the premature breaking of the rear spring. That is a pretty penny to fix, but thought it was usually more than that to fix.