23rd Dec 2010, 20:18

I had a 2002 325xi (E46), and I put 199.000km on it. Guess what, in 8 years, all I have to replace are front CV BOOTS. Only one of them had blown up, well the car was on the jack, so did all 4 of them... So my point is BMW built the car well, and I just got my second BMW 2006 530xi. If many things go wrong, then you got the lemon, which is built by a human... enjoy the drive, whatever you got from BMW...

17th Jun 2014, 02:18

2007 BMW 335i Convertible with 38,000 miles. ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE! The car has changed my view of things. I have no idea so many things can go wrong in a car in such short time with such a large price to pay! Plus the loss of my work time. My car was towed 5 times in 2 months. I bought AAA because of this. The BMW dealer rapes you, wouldn't stand behind the repairs. Just finished paying $4000 5 days ago, and just today out of nowhere the DSC light came on and my car suddenly lost power; I was extremely lucky that I was able to steer the car to the service road from the highway. The funny thing was that I even told the dealer after paying so much that I would sell it and never look at BMW again. I am deciding whether to go back to the dealer to see if the problem was due to them, but since I doubt they would admit to it and turn around and charge me "dealership price", I should just tow it to someone my friend told me about.

Never ever buy a BMW.

17th Jun 2014, 02:49

So what if the car is a lemon? It would be a nightmare just trying to prove it is a lemon.

17th Jun 2014, 19:41

Tow it to an independent mechanic. What do you have to lose? I was discussing BMWs with an American friend here in NZ, and how only the top-line, extremely complicated European cars are sold there, while most of the world chugs along on far simpler, smaller and more frugal engines. While still not perfect, they are much easier to work on and diagnose.

I've had my 316ti now for 4 years, done 60K km, only a single coil very early on failed, and the original 2001 battery. Anything else was wear and tear, like bushings. No-one touches those high-spec cars except as leased company cars.