13th Sep 2010, 11:56

Had an 06 320d M Sport manual. Note, had.

This was the most unreliable car I've ever owned. Transmission failure at 21k, two dual mass flywheel failures, ESP module failure, and various rumbles and clonks from underneath which I don't believe were "normal".

Not a patch on my 320d E46, which covered 130,000 miles without a hiccup, and felt as fresh at the end as it did at the start.

24th Nov 2010, 14:53

With all this talk about the plastic breaking, did you folks know that BMW uses recycled plastic? It is a cottage industry and it's on their website. My 1995 Bimmer has tough strong plastic that has stood the test of time. Why cheapen a luxury, sports car? It's like shooting yourself in the foot. BMW has a reputation to uphold, Right??? If it ain't broken, don't fix it!

25th Nov 2010, 17:43

BMW is not the only carmaker to use recycled plastic. Many of their rivals do too, but do not publicise it.

28th Oct 2017, 11:39

Purchased my 05 plate E90 320d SE last year with 140k on the clock...

At time of this posting - done 163k, problems:

MOT certificate stated at the time I bought the car that the shocks were weeping. They had to be replaced during my ownership (£420 genuine M shocks plus £0 labour as I fitted them myself).

Recent 'dirty diesel' inlet manifold issue clogged MAP sensor which resulted in EML light and reduced power. Cleaned MAP out and EGR, reset fault code, problem cured, cost £0.

Rear discs and pads, and other general servicing (oil change).

CCC failed early on in my ownership - £300 fix

I refer to the comment 'Build quality is inferior to the previous E46'...

You obviously don't count rust as a build quality issue then?

I've had numerous BMWs from E30s to 36s, 39s, 46s and more recently E90 and E60. The latter two are over 10 years old and are rust free!

When I was looking to acquire my previous BMWs there was only 1 that was over 10 years old without rust!

'No storage for rear seat passengers' - there had to be more space inside than the predecessor due to increased competition from other brands - after all, cars are getting bigger!

'Radio/CD, poor sound quality.' - not in mine. My car has iDrive but no special amps. My previous E39 M5 had the DSP system and this E90 is a match for that any day. But is no match for the Logic 7 system in my M5 :)

'Poor quality leather seats/trim.' - remember the door cards on the E36 which peeled away from the door at the top anyone?

Sure, I have a few rattles, but at 160k it's allowed a few!

'Silly cheap cover over brake fluid reservoir.' - and how does this differ to the predecessors?

'Cruise control stalk too close to indicator stalk.' - slightly valid point...

But more critically, cruise control too low and can be caught by your leg + indicator stalk more technically complicated and not as easy to cancel if mistakenly operated.

I know that BMW have been doing questionable things for some time, but don't write them off completely. What they cut corners on today they make up for in other areas, namely anti-corrosion measures.