2006 BMW 3 Series 320d SE Touring 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Overpriced prestige car built on the cheap


Remote locking failed due to faulty seal on receiver letting in water. New clutch and flywheel due to distorted flywheel. (both faults known to BMW and fixed under warranty.)

New driver door latch (rattles) New throttle pedal assembly (rattles)

General Comments:

Build quality is inferior to the previous E46 320d Touring.

No water temperature gauge.

Plastics are hard and feel cheap.

No storage for rear seat passengers (seat nets/door pockets)

Run flat tyres expensive to replace, cannot be repaired and make for a hard ride. No spare or jack supplied.

Radio/CD, poor sound quality.

Poor quality leather seats/trim.

Silly cheap cover over brake fluid reservoir.

Cruise control stalk too close to indicator stalk.

Don, t forget that with metallic paint, panoramic sunroof, xenon lights and leather this car cost over £30,000 new. Not good enough BMW.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2008

21st May 2010, 07:10

Agree with all the comments. Have just changed from 2001 manual 320D - 120k trouble free and quiet miles - to 4 year old 23k miles 2006 auto 320D touring and am shocked at noise level from road and in back seat area (from transmission?). Run flat tyres are not an improvement and fuel consumption rate is terrible. After 6 BMs and 30 years, maybe this is the end of the road for BMW and me. VW is getting the plaudits these days.

13th Sep 2010, 11:56

Had an 06 320d M Sport manual. Note, had.

This was the most unreliable car I've ever owned. Transmission failure at 21k, two dual mass flywheel failures, ESP module failure, and various rumbles and clonks from underneath which I don't believe were "normal".

Not a patch on my 320d E46, which covered 130,000 miles without a hiccup, and felt as fresh at the end as it did at the start.

24th Nov 2010, 14:53

With all this talk about the plastic breaking, did you folks know that BMW uses recycled plastic? It is a cottage industry and it's on their website. My 1995 Bimmer has tough strong plastic that has stood the test of time. Why cheapen a luxury, sports car? It's like shooting yourself in the foot. BMW has a reputation to uphold, Right??? If it ain't broken, don't fix it!

25th Nov 2010, 17:43

BMW is not the only carmaker to use recycled plastic. Many of their rivals do too, but do not publicise it.

2006 BMW 3 Series 330i 3.0 from North America




I had a squeaking noise coming from the passenger side rear wheel. Vehicle is still under bumper-bumper warranty and full maintenance warranty. The dealership was not sure if the rear brake pads were bad or it was the rear brake sensor. The rear pads and sensor were replaced and the cost was ZERO.

General Comments:

Prior to owning the BMW I owned a 2003 Corvette Z06. I needed a backseat, so I began to explore my options. My list dwindled down to the Lexus Is350. I took a test drive in the Lexus and it was a great car. I liked the interior and the power.

After the test drive, I drove a used 2006 BMW 325i, first time ever driving a BMW. As soon as sat in the BMW, I knew I had to have one. Test drove the 325i and what sold me was the way the car drove, the steering and road feel. My gripe with the 325 was I needed more power.

Found my 2006 330i with approx 8000 miles on her. I have had the car for approx 1 year and the only problems were the above listed. Previously owning the Z06, getting into anything and not being impressed with low end torque is a given. After a while I did get used to the 330's power, 255hp.

Where this car feels at home is on the highway. I live in the Las Vegas area and most of the highways are concrete, so you get a lot of tire noise. My (or should I say the Bank's) BMW is very quite on the highway and you definitely don't realize how fast you are going.

I love the interior of this car, it has everything I need. Also has the hands free phone, which links to my blue-tooth phone, and I-pod connect. All seating is very comfortable.

I've been hearing a lot of gripes about the run-flat tires, Ie. harsh ride. The ride is sometimes a bit harsh on my car, but I do have the sports package, so expected?

Lastly, I just wanted to write about the dealership experience which had been good. For the problem the car went in for and routine maintenance, there have been no problems with the BMW dealer. The reason I say it has been "good", is because I used to own an Infinity QX4, and to this date no dealer had been as customer service oriented as they have.

If you are in the market for a vehicle this size, you must drive a BMW. I use this website a lot to do research on cars and appreciate honest reviews. This is one place we as customers can talk about a good or bad experience and can "sway" a purchase. If anyone has any questions feel free to post them, and I will try to answer.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2007

15th Nov 2008, 18:34

Hi, I have a few questions with the 2006 3 series. I'm just wondering if it's any good in snow, the RWD version, not the xi. Also, how much does the car cost to maintain? Like oil changes and stuff, heard it was quite expensive. One more thing, how much do you think I can buy one in January of 2010, or next year?