2006 BMW 3 Series 320D SE 2.0 turbo diesel (163bhp) from UK and Ireland


As good as it gets!!


Nothing, it has been 100% fault free to date after 11 months and 27,000 miles. Had it valeted last week and it could pass off as new.

General Comments:

This is probably the best car I have owned so far. I have had a number of Audi A4s and a BMW 318 (E46) which were all good cars. The new 320d is so refined, quick, economical and comfortable, that I really think it would be hard to better. The handling, body control and stability is a revelation - irrespective of your speed or the type of road the car just seems unflappable. I drive regularly on fairly twisty Co Kildare roads and the more you push the car the better it gets! I did not specify the i-drive because I have read that it's complex and visually it messes up the simplicity of the dashboard. The only aspect of the car that I am not crazy about is the exterior styling, but I opted for 17" alloys and it looks much better. Servicing at BMW is pricey, but the customer service is top notch and apart from fuel and one set of tyres there has been no other expense to date. After 27,000 miles and 11 months, the car looks and feels like new and there isn't a rattle or squeak to be heard. I wish however that BMW would start putting decent sound systems into their cars - the standard system in my A4 was fantastic compared to the one I have now, but it's a minor quibble!

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Review Date: 14th November, 2006

12th Jan 2007, 14:25

I have a 2005 320d and I agree that it's a great car to drive and I agree entirely with you in respect of the styling and the sound system. I had an E46 before and the styling was much better to my eye. In fact I think the only incarnation of this generation of 3 series that actually looks 'nice' is the coupe. I only bought because it was so great to drive. Also the standard sound system in the E46 was perfectly adequate to my ears, but the one in this car is pretty poor and distorts even at quite low volume. I also notice that the tweeters mounted in in the front corner of the front doors on the E46 have been deleted. I know that BMW want you to pay for the sound upgrade options, but the standard fitment should be adequate - this is not a cheap car.

As an aside I'd probably go for a 520d next - better looking, bigger, better equipped and when I last looked only about another 7% extra in cost. They announced it about a week after I'd ordered the 320d and BMW said that it was too late to change my mind. Can't believe that they couldn't have sold it to someone else but there go...

2006 BMW 3 Series 320i Sport 2.2 petrol N/A from Hong Kong


Fantastic Machine


Nothing! Fabulous.

I thought it is a German Product, but it is built in SA and quality in good; better than my Range Rover, I recon slightly better than my E280

General Comments:

Fantastic responsive engine, although only 2200cc it is very quick and quicker than my E280 and Range Rover (probably the weight)

The Gearbox changes is super smooth, on par with the RR and Merc.

The seats are good quality, but the back is squash and the front sitting position is low and is v. hard to get in. Not the car when I take the whole family (though when we are in a rush, we will take it!)

Gearbox changes is rather late often at 3300 rpm which is much higher than my Merc. (2500 rpm) and the RR (2000 rpm). I also have the feeling that the gearbox have a tendency to hold on to the clutch rather too long.

Over talking fantastic, power in all power bands. It has got a boy racing look, totally different from the subtle RR and Merc.

Rather noisy, could be the uprated exhaust, and also rather short travel suspension.

Awful sound system, it is the business unit with figure tip control, but only 6 speakers, non on the rear door card. The sound is no way as good as the Harmon Cardon on the Range Rover or the Merc (which I think is Becker)

As I said, handle very well and very responsive engine and gearbox, good brakes as well. Fantastic driving machine, this one with the Sport pack definitely looks better than the new 3 series, which in my opinion is just as ugly as the other BMW models nowadays.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2006

31st Oct 2006, 18:01

Pardon, but isn't the 320i a 2.0 litre job if it is an '06 model?

14th Nov 2006, 00:08

Yes, 2006 320i is a 2 litre 4 cylinder engine. Previous model was a 2,171cc 6 cylinder.

26th Jul 2007, 23:34

Hi, I am the original author of the article. It is the E46 type - so it is the 2.2 6 cylinder.