10th May 2013, 00:31

Let me add, failed camshaft sensors, leaking valve cover gasket, intake hose split open, Vanos seals, exhaust leak, etc. All this after a mere 71000 miles. I will never buy another one, ever. This one is worth very little.

22nd Jan 2015, 23:14

I bought my 2008 328xi in 2010 with 30,000 miles. It currently has 140,000+ miles on it. I have done all the service/maintenance myself since 50,000 miles. This has consisted of a computer reset at about 45,000 miles (under warranty).

Also, the original spark plugs and coil-packs were replaced at 135,000 miles by me.

Other than those two minor issues, there have literally been no other issues with the vehicle at all. It has been extremely reliable and inexpensive to own, operate and maintain.

20th Sep 2019, 12:50

BMW owners love their cars, but usually will not admit the expenses.

20th Sep 2019, 19:34

True, some won't. But I've owned a few BMW's (3 and 5 series) from the 1990s to today. I can tell you the truth is they no better or worse than any other car. Reliability is average. But they are expensive when they do go wrong. That's all you have to keep in mind. Same goes for other premium brands from Germany, like Audi or Mercedes. Yes they drive nicer than the average run of the mill car, but you cannot keep them for years on the cheap. Find a good independent garage to take care of repairs, but still expect bills to be high.

20th Sep 2019, 19:55

What do you call all of the above?

20th Sep 2019, 19:57

You've never actually owned one, have you?

21st Sep 2019, 22:00

Agreed. Unlike in the 1990s and earlier, aftermarket compatible parts are now easily obtainable and at very normal prices. You don't need to go to the dealer anymore. Most of the technology is similar in modern cars, out of necessity to comply with emissions and safety regulations, they're all pretty similar. And the labour needed to get to those parts is the same, regardless of whether it's a Honda or a BMW. Find a good independent mechanic, indeed.