8th Mar 2009, 21:55

I need another window regulator (4th one to go) at 56000. When the dealer did warranty service on previous regulator failures they did not replace the regulator... just quick fixes like regulator clips.

They also did not replace the interior trim clips after breaking several and gluing the trim back on with silicone. Trim clips cost me a $1.25 retail, they pay a lot less, cheap b******s. That's one reason why BMW is the most profitable car company, they overcharge for everything. The trim now has either fallen off or sticks out on one side on 2 doors.

Neither did they replace the inner door weather barriers, which were damaged.

The car still runs well, and is fun to drive. I try to keep it away from the dealers because they are thieves.

30th Apr 2011, 20:40

64000 mile update:

- Both rear coil springs have broken (common).

- The front brakes need replacing, again (common).

- Right front strut is leaking.

- The alternator went for the second time. This time I just replaced the voltage regulator (common).

- Another window regulator needs replacing (common).

- The heater valve went bad, despite replacing the coolant.

- The AC not working properly, drivers' side cool, passengers side hot. I been told it needs a charge? Why cool and hot?

All things considered, the car is a piece of s***. Overrated. It is a very expensive maintenance headache. It averages below 20 mpg on premium gas. The fun is not worth the price.

13th Dec 2011, 14:24

66,000 miles update:

- Idler and tensioner pulley bearings are screeching when cold. This is another common problem, the bearings dry out and are prone to failure (plastic pulleys).

- Oil level warning lamp has been on for 25k miles due to a faulty sensor (common). The oil level is fine, and goes out when it is driven.

- Interior plastic is cheap (recycled?). It scratches easily and looks worn.

- Headlight covers are badly clouded over (common), have been for some time.

- Fabric on inside windshield pillars is coming off.

- Windshield rubber gasket is cracked in multiple places, all along the lower part of the windshield.

Far too many problems, I would never buy another. They constantly need repair. These are not very good cars...

7th Jul 2013, 22:39

21000 miles for an aggressive driver is not too shabby. I don't own one, but my son does... It's the only BMW I would own. In years past I watched them fall apart from the dealership. I would drive friends in my old Datsun, to pick up their new car. This model does need more work than the average Lexus, but this model is still well worth the $$$$. If you have mechanical ability, buy one!