2001 BMW 3 Series 2.0 straigth 6 on gasoline from Belgium


The best thing I ever had!



I want to customize my car and make it look like an m3. my car is a bmw 325ci. and I am wondering if the body-kit of an m3 would fit?

General Comments:

Real pleasure to drive. like going fast on the freeway and on the track. really comfortable.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2006

2001 BMW 3 Series 325xi 6 cylinder from North America


Not just a pretty face, this car will work hard, and then make you smile when it's time to play


Left turn signal socket replaced for intermittent malfunction.

Rear Cup holder cover broke off, then entire cup holder assembly and armrest required replacement due to crack.

Power Steering Line, Pressure hose, rub seal, and seal ring replaced.

Driver side Front Differential Axle seal leaking and replaced.

Noisy MPG gage required replacement of entire instrument cluster.

Key-less entry intermittently did not operate and was replaced.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick, and handles like it reads your mind, no second guessing. Makes you feel proud to be driving a wagon.


When the sunroof is open it causes what feels like unbearable ear thrumming from cabin pressure. The only cure is to crack a rear window or close the sunroof part way. BMW service manager states that other wagon model owners have reported the same problem, and there is no fix.

If you have a color choice, think hard about tan as it is very difficult to keep clean, but worse, BMW decided to make most of the dash black except for a color coordinating stripe of tan, that runs all along the base of the windshield. My eyes suffer the glare from reflection from that stripe on the windshield day and night. The first time I need a new windshield I am having that tan stripe painted black.

There are many ash trays available, but few compartments to place daily stowage such as sunglasses, cell phone and accessories, etc. To the point that I paid $40. for a rectangular receptacle to replace one of the ash trays in the console rear area.

The rear wagon area cover is most useful. It is very easy to get in and out of it's seat, when loads are really huge and it is in the way. And pulling it over purchases, and releasing it to unload is a snap.

The stowage pockets behind each front seat are so tight it is tough to get anything into them.

Driver seat adjusts everything except lumbar, available only for $2,000 more. After 8,000 miles, I am still playing around with the seat's power adjustments to get it 'just right'. Perhaps I just need the additional lumbar ones.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2005

26th Jun 2010, 01:16

Yeah, I had an e36 sedan with the rear windows down. Thought my diff was suffering a serious problem, and turned around, headed for home, only to realize it was the windows!!!

2001 BMW 3 Series 325i 2.5 I6 from North America


I like it very much under warranty


Alternator replaced @ 22,000 miles.

Driver's window motor/switch 21,000 miles.

Front and rear brake rotors and pads 21,000.

General Comments:

Car handles very well and is fun to drive aggressively.

Acceleration is OK, not outstanding.

The brakes are powerful, but the rotors and pads wear very quickly.

Gas mileage is only fair for a small car (23mpg) and remember it runs on premium gas.

The interior is comfortable and well finished. Most controls are convient and easy to use.

I'm glad it's still under warranty as parts and service are expensive. I have not had a car that went through brakes and an alternator in such a short time. I am worried that things will get worse as it ages and is out of warranty.

Right now I'm enjoying it.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2005

12th Sep 2005, 08:35

Sell it and buy a Lexus IS200.

26th Nov 2005, 15:12

Another update: 33,000 second power window motor went bye, bye... 38,000 all 4 sets of brake pads shot, dealer wants over $1000 for the job. I replaced them myself for under $100. Brake pads and rotors are "soft". This gives good pedal and performance and lots of black dust, but does not last long.