2001 BMW 3 Series 330Ci 3.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


All in all, I would say this is the ultimate coupe and would definitely buy another


The door seals were not soundproof and caused the doors not to close properly. They have needed to be replaced twice.

The car developed a handling problem when the rear tires were changed, which I lived with for 10000 miles until the front set were also replaced. The tire supplier and the car dealer were unable to determine the cause of the problem.

General Comments:

Apart from the period where my tires were giving me problems the car has been a real dream to drive. It is very fast, but incredibly safe with taught suspension, good steering feedback and superb brakes.

The car is also great around town offering good visibility and light and easy controls.

As if that's not enough, it's also fantastic over distances - for a coupe it takes my family and a lot of luggage easily, and is comfortable to drive all day long. The engine gives so much power, you would hardly notice when the car's loaded up.

I average about 30 miles to the gallon in all kinds of driving, and have no expense in 75,000 apart from routine maintenance. The door seals were replaced under warranty.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2004

14th Dec 2004, 16:35

I too had problems with the door seals on my 2001 330ci which made the doors difficult to close. This happened after about a year of ownership, but unfortunately by this time the car was out of warranty as I had imported it. The dealer quoted me approximately £500 to remedy this which I did not take up as did not stop the doors closing if they were slammed shut. Other than this the car was perfect and is sorely missed.

2001 BMW 3 Series 320d 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


An OK car, but over hyped


Brake problems, mainly overheating, and too much fade.

Security system faults.

Has overheated in the summer.

A few minor electrical and engine management faults (fixed under warranty)

General Comments:

Nice driving position, logically laid out controls and good fuel consumption are a bonus.

Very torquey as you would expect, however its no performance machine.

I am a rep and do a lot of miles, but this car is no quicker than your average Jap 2.0 saloon, it has loads of mid range pull, but runs out of steam through the gears and does not possess the seamless almost relentless urge of other higher revving cars I have driven.

It has been pretty reliable, and of course I'm not paying the bills, but if it was my money I wouldn't buy one. I think this is partly due its image which is increasingly low rent and down market coupled with some of the other manufacturers coming out with great cars.

My company have solely German vehicles, but I believe that is to change due to the advent of more competitively priced and modern stuff on the market.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2003

6th Feb 2005, 10:35

Hi All.

The torque problem at high revs, is due to that fact that it's a diesel engine and not a gasoline. Diesel engines are normally laid out to have a huge low and midway pull, and no real or even worse improvement at high revs.

So don't blame the BMW, blame the diesel engine.

Best Regards


2001 BMW 3 Series 330 ia Inline 6 3.0 from United Arab Emirates


The perfection in refinement and performance


Nothing since I owned it.

But upon purchase, I had to fix the cd changer and cassette eject mechanism at a cost of $200 USD total (Outside dealership)

Soon will need to replace the Michelin pilot sports which are hefty!!

General Comments:

This is a car that satisfies. It pampers you in a comfy cocoon with almost every feature you need, and more... And when you command, it delivers, right then right there, with a purr.

Step on it, and the responsive transmission gears up to your desired state of mind, and it simultaneously bursts into motion, just like your heartbeat.

Warning! It is highly addictive!

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2003

13th Jan 2008, 10:12

There is considerable opinion on-line that Michelin Pilots are noisy and over priced for this car. Continental OEMs are not as pricey, but probably just as noisy.

I've seen several recommendations of Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position as being a quiet and sticky tire and it comes at 2/3 the price or so. Browse the forums at the Tire Rack and you'll see what I mean. One downside is that the Potenza does not seem to come in an all-season version. But if that isn't critical, it seems to be the tire of choice from experience.