1985 BMW 5 Series 525e 2.7 gas/petrol from Lithuania


I love it, didn't expect that much from an old BMW


Because of the gas, some rubber pipes went off.

Big silent blocks were damaged, but fixed extremely cheap.

Mostly work out stuff, but nothing serious.

General Comments:

It's a nice, solid and reliable car.

I not only enjoy driving it on daily basis, but I get a lot of attention too.

I've traveled all across Europe with it, and the only problem was that the tire blew on a highway.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2011

1985 BMW 5 Series 535i 3.5L from North America


A classic look sets it apart from a cookie cutter world


Work in 2007.

Clutch (Resurface Flywheel) 495.00

Rear Brakes (Resurface Rotor) 58.00

Front Seal 23.00

Main Seal 36.00

Spark Plugs 32.00

Shift Linkage Bushing 25.00

(3) Drive Belts 54.00

Oil and Filter Change 48.00.

Bushings were replaced last year under body and engine.

General Comments:

I have owned Volvo, M-B, VW... love to park and compare to other cars and prove how solid this car is at 250+K.

Still handles as well as any car on the road today with solid door, boot and hood closes.

Seat are comfortable and offer good support.

The motor is a joy to run out past 4 grand and still goes to red-line with pride and pleasure.

I never push the car in first gear, but rather ride it through 2 to 4 to hear the awesome in-line six sound.

This motor loves to pull, and still makes me smile everyday...

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Review Date: 17th April, 2007

1985 BMW 5 Series 535i 3.5 liter from North America


Excellent Ultimate Driving Machine


11/27/06 - Just had $2200 more in repairs done: A/C compressor repaired under warranty, replaced front rotors for breaks to include pads, front-end bushings left side replaced, front-end alignment, transmission coupling replaced, replaced antenna mast, coolant flush and thermostat replacement, new belts, valve adjustment, exhaust gasket replaced, fuel filter replaced, tires rotated, replaced rear door handle, oil change, repaired transmission leak under warranty, and repaired brake light switch under warranty.

Belts and hoses - 1996.

Battery - 2004.

Air-condition - 2005.

Replaced entire exhaust system from motor back - 1996.

Replaced fog bulbs and casing.

Replaced suspension with performance springs and bilstein shocks good for another 100K miles - 2000.

Replaced fuse box (Fuse clips wear out over time and the whole box will need to be replaced. You will notice fuses burning out due to load bearing. That means time to replace the whole box, about $250) - 2006

Replaced clutch - 2006.

Replaced brakes, roters, and pads - 2003.

Replaced fuel filter - 2005.

Replaced back window - 2006.

Tinted windows - 1999 and 2005 (under lifetime warranty).

Repainted factory color - 2000.

Replaced alternator - 2004.

Replaced clutch - 1997.

Replaced starter - 2003.

Replaced tires and wheels - 2006.

Installed K&N Filter - 2004.

Replaced computer brain - 2001.

Replaced front windshield, cracked from previous owner - 1995.

Replaced sun-roof cable - 2001.

Replaced speakers - 2000.

Replaced "dog bones" at rear of car - suspension - 2001.

Replaced hood and radiator - vehicle backed into vehicle - 1998.

Repaired shifter assembly and bushings - 2005.

Replaced clutch spring (broke and fell to the floor, oddest thing)- 2002

Replaced clutch bracket that is bolted to fire wall. When this bracket breaks, the clutch doesn't push down correctly, kind of wobbles) - 2006

Need to repair odometer and speedometer.

Replaced window wipers - 2006

Need to replace passenger and driver seat at some point.

Antenna needs to be replaced - 2006

Replaced seal at trunk with new gasket - 1997

Replaced hood dampers - 1997

Replaced hood foam - 1998.

Need to replace steering wheel.

Replaced thermostat - 2004

Replaced rear-end gears in differential - 1996

Car has leak in break line, transmission, and leaks oil after I replaced oil pan gasket.

Motor and Transmission work great.

General Comments:

This car has left me stranded more than I care to remember. After all of the repairs and diligent care, the car runs like knew. I like the way it sounds when I turn it on and driving it on the open highway with the windows down and the sun roof back. I want to put another $10K into it to get it where I really want it. That may mean dropping an M5 engine in the hood. The body looks great and when it is clean, it does get the stares. BMW is a precision vehicle, so it does take the care to keep it up. I have spent about $40K keeping it running and looking good. I plan to keep it for life. I have owned it for 12 years now. Looking to get an M3 next (new model).

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Review Date: 30th October, 2006

6th Mar 2007, 08:55

I agree with the 2nd poster... it seems you bought scrap metal and converted it to a very beautiful machine. Well done for the latter, but you could have saved a lot of money from the beginning with your choice of purchase.

6th Mar 2007, 12:03

All my friends, as well as my former boss, have discovered that used (and in many cases NEW) BMW's and Mercedes are little more than money pits due to the horrendous expense involved in repairs and servicing. Even Consumer Reports now rates Mercedes as the LEAST reliable vehicle line (8 of their cars are "worse than average") and several BMW's are also very poorly rated. I'd steer clear of even new ones, let alone used ones.

27th Feb 2008, 13:56

I do not agree with your comments about Mercedes Benz. I own two of them:

A 1985 380 SL and a 1987 420 SEL. I love them both to death!

I get plenty of looks for two cars that are very special!

I have had the top half of both engines replaced / rebuilt!

Der Panzen Wagoon... it runs like a limo and my 107 Roadster is like a ghost from the past... when cars were really built!

Craig, Indianola, Iowa.

14th Dec 2009, 13:28

Is it a straight six? The original 3.5l I mean.