1985 BMW 5 Series 528i 2.8 from UK and Ireland


A high performance monster of a car


Nothing other than routine servicing.

Fitted new tyres.

Fitted new springs front and rear.

General Comments:

Superbly engineered car.

Fast as heck but heavy on the fuel, 30mpg is the most I have got out of it!

The growl of the engine and 'aircraft take off type acceleration' are too addictive!!

Interior trim is a bit fragile (but then mine is 15 years old!!!)

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Review Date: 24th November, 2001

1985 BMW 5 Series 535i 3.4L L6 PFI SOHC from North America


This car is highly over rated


Electrical problems with rear lighting. Mostly due to corrosion of power/ground planes. Tedious to clean and restore because cleaning the conductors lead to more rapid corrosion. Applied light grease to control the problem. Seems to work, but it's messy.

Ignition switch problem. Put the key in, turn it and nothing. Turn key several times before starter would engage. Very annoying.

Fuel line and fuel injector leaks. Dangerous (I think) to have gas leakage. One leak at the rear, by the fuel pump, another in the engine compartment. Two fuel injector seals leaked, replaced all.

Electric fuel pump is VERY LOUD. It works, just annoying.

Exhaust system is kind of loud, not bad, but prefer quieter. System works very well, no noticeable exhaust fumes. Cat converter always passed smog.

Heater stuck on. Drive around with the heater on in the summer time is somewhat annoying, especially when the AC is locked out. Good reason to drive with windows down.

Rubber air inlet torn at the bellows -- caused a vacuum leak. Difficult to diagnose. Flimsy design (I think).

Drive shaft suspension bearing failed. Fortunately it was easy to replace.

General Comments:

It's main feature is that it looks good. My wife really likes it -- because of the appearance.

It sounds like a hot-rod (kind of), and is very smooth at highway speeds, once you get there.

This car is a 5 speed, which I find very convenient -- especially while driving in the mountains. The clutch is very stiff.

Breaks work good, no problem there. They are easy to service too.

For a car that is touted as the "Ultimate", it is rather dissapointing in both performance and handling. The rated HP is 182. For it's loudness and poor fuel economy, I would expect more 'get-up and go'.

Also the handling -- my 1981 Celica is just as good, and my son's RX-7 stomps all over it in maneuvering AND acceleration!

The frame is very strong. I would feel safe riding in it.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2001

15th Sep 2001, 13:33

This is a 16-year old car, and it will need maintenance. You should fix your exhaust leaks and fuel leaks. Also this is not a street hot rod, but is amazing cruising at high speed on the highway. I have an 1984 533I with 246,000 k and with maintenance and some repairs, this car runs better than cars half its age. I expect to be driving this classy car 10 years from now.

Ed <ed@jardines.ca>

1985 BMW 5 Series Sedan V6 from North America


Great car, but could be a little faster


Catalytic converter needed to be replaced before I bought it (179k miles).

Transmission blew at 180K miles and was replaced.

General Comments:

Very good gas mileage as the "eta" was designed for.

Comfy and classic, with a leather interior and a sleek exterior body.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2001

24th May 2001, 15:38

BMW did not make a V6 in '85, only inline 6 cylinder engines. a 2.0, 2.5, 2.7, 2.8, and 3.5.

9th Nov 2006, 13:01

Correct, BMW NEVER made a V-6.

14th Nov 2006, 10:49

For the US, BMW E28 5-series, `82-`88, BMW only equipped them with in-line 6-cylinder engines. Regarding the gasoline models, they were offered in the following sizes: 2.7L (528e), 3.2L (533i), 3.4L (535i), and 3.5L (M5).