1985 BMW 5 Series M535i 3.4 from UK and Ireland




Water pump replaced; faulty.

Thermostat replaced.

Starter motor replaced; faulty.

Head gasket replaced.

Minor electrical faults; indicators, connections dirty L/R, as well as brake light connections L/R.

General Comments:

I bought this M535i from a family friend. He had it parked up for nearly 4 years on his drive, yet every time this car started, it was first time, every time. That's when I knew this car had to be mine.

Although it's on a "C" reg, it stands out from a million miles away. It's an M535i, it's the standard M front and back bumpers, M side skirts, but the previous owner lowered the car on fully adjustable Spax suspension shocks and springs, and then he put it on 18 inch, 3 spoke alloys, and to top it off, he put a straight through exhaust system from a company called Pacific Performance Company; it's unheard of to me, but the car sounds so deep, I have never heard anything that sounds like that, it's amazing.

When I acquired the car, the airbox was standard, so I spent £89 on an HPI cold air induction kit, I had the head rebuilt and the gaskets all replaced.

I'm running it in at the moment. I just had it failed the MoT on 6 things:

1. Rear brake lights faulty.

2. Number plate light faulty.

3. Front indicator faulty.

4. Passenger footwell hole.

5. Driver footwell hole.

6. You won't believe this! The noise emitted from the exhaust system is too loud compared to a standard M535i.

The above things have been sorted now:

1. Replaced.

2. Replaced.

3. Replaced.

4. Welded.

5. Welded.

6. Well I sorted something for that.

But all I have to say is it's surprisingly the car is in very good condition; a few spots of very minor rust, nothing to worry about, but I will be dedicating all my time and money to the metallic Polaris Silver M535i, which I truly believe it deserves. Let's just say, due to this car I have put the women on hold!

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2006

1985 BMW 5 Series from North America


If you like nice cars, and you like to work on them more, this is the car for you


Brake Pads

Front Brake Rotors

Air Flow Meter.

Shift Linkage Bushings 3x

THE WORST DESIGN IN HISTORY! If you stock linkage ever goes out on you, do yourself a favor and get a really nice aftermarket one! Oh, yeah, and don't put a short throw shifter on a stock linkage, that makes matters worse.

Clutch Master Cylinder - Time Consuming

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Brake Master Cylinder

Interior door handles

Power Sun Roof.

Crazy Power Steering System Leaks - Had to get new high pressure hoses, but it was finally fixed.

Bad Paint

Idle Control Valve

Guibo (2x)

Center Support Bearing

Subframe Bushings

Control Arm Bushings

Differential Mount

Motor Mounts

Torn up interior.

General Comments:

All in all it is a great car.

It handles pretty well.

Motor can be pushed to redline constantly, every day!!! Just adjust your valves every 8K (really easy)

Looks great with 16 or 17 inch rims and with the non superbumpers.

American versions come with 8.0:1 CR that makes it a perfect candidate for turbo setups... Not to mention the solid bottom end!

Oh, yeah my car had original motor with heads rebuilt at 150K. All cylinders had between 175-181 on compression test!

Good brakes/clutch/accelerator pedal feel.

Nice cabin design, things are very well placed.

No cup holders. Many ash trays.

I gave up my sweet "Silver Bullet" for a downpayment on a new Honda Civic, biggest mistake ever. Honda drove like crap, and I lost my baby : (

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Review Date: 28th November, 2005

1985 BMW 5 Series 528i 2.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


£20,000 performance and luxury for £500!


Disabled one rear electric window because it wouldn't always wind back up.

Central locking stopped working and driver's door lock doesn't work at all. (In fairness to the car, I attribute all this to the aftermath following some scally punching a huge hole through the driver's lock!!)

Heater thermostat failed - £90.

General Comments:

Fantastic and I'll be sad to see it go, but it hasn't got long left.

I inherited from my father when my 205 packed in and was not keen on the old 'crusty' wagon. But then, it's a driver's car and the power is awesome. It's also the only car I've never need to call the AA for.

Actually really cheap to run because little goes wrong and zero depreciation makes up for the fuel costs.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2004