1986 BMW 5 Series 528e 2.7 liter from North America


BMW makes benchmark cars and this is just one example


Nothing manage, just replacing parts due to age.

General Comments:

I bought a 318i in 1986, didn't want a 4 door at the time. The 528e was different looking in a cool way, and when I found a clean one 6 years ago, I had to have it. Been slowing restoring it for the last couple of years, not going crazy, just trying to make it look fresh.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2014

1986 BMW 5 Series 535i 3.4 gasoline from North America


Comfortable, with looks and performance


Wear items. Brakes, drive shaft, shifter bushings, ball joints, clutch, water pump, distributor cap, clutch fan.

General Comments:

I do all my own maintenance as per the BMW manual, so I save money.

I was going to buy a 2009 Audi A5, but I just couldn't part with the old 535i, so I kept it!

I decided to fix the left rear control arm alignment with eccentric bushings, instead of buying the pricey new control arm, and it worked out beautifully!

I maintain it well, but it is a very old car. I just continue fixing things on the car, because I really enjoy the car.

I have a temperature gauge and tach intermittent problem right now, but I am going to fix that somehow. Bad ground?

A/C inoperable because of a suspected temperature control switch. Still has the original charge!

Can't see spending 20k to 30k on a newer car that I can't do much work on. The engine runs great! It's a great car.

I washed the engine and the car was running poorly. After testing out all the components, it turned out to be a small layer of grease on the crank TDC sensor! Cleaned it and haven't had any problem. It's difficult to diagnose because it's pre-ODB2.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2014

1986 BMW 5 Series 528e 2.8 liter straight-6 from North America


The Ultimate Driving Machine!


More than a few critical sensor failures.

3x engine oil leaks.

Radiator needed replacement.


Interior component issues.

Electrical issues.

Needed a new stereo at 95,000 miles.

General Comments:

This was the very first BMW I bought. It was the best car I have ever owned thus far. The mechanical functions were excellent. It's what a German car should be like. It was solid, and drove like a tank without compromising performance. The suspension was excellent. The engine was spectacular.

I did have several issues with electronic components.

Some of the auto seat adjustment functions failed just after 100,000 miles.

The stereo was useless at 95,000 miles.

I had several issues with mysterious oil leaks.

The radiator needed to be replaced at 99,000 miles.

Many interior components were coming apart.

Then I had a mysterious water build up in my trunk. Neither my dealer, shops or myself could figure out where the water was coming from (not rain water...).

Despite some problems, this BMW performed. It was what a German car should feel like. I regret selling it after 166,000 miles.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2013

5th Sep 2013, 15:02

The mysterious water leak in the trunk was usually the result of worn gaskets/seals around the tail lights. I had the problem with mine, and finally locked myself in the trunk while my wife ran a garden hose over the car. There was the slightest trickle that came from the lower edge of the light. Once the gasket(s) were replaced... NO MORE LEAKS!!!

5th Jun 2014, 15:26

Now that's marriage.

1986 BMW 5 Series 528e straight six from North America


I will never be without one


Heater fan is goofy.

General Comments:

I love my 528e more than life itself - hands down the best all around value in a car. I want 3 more.


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Review Date: 19th November, 2009

23rd Jun 2014, 02:52

Hey, I just got this model and it needs a little TLC. Do you have any tips or ideas for getting serious parts such as... new leather seats, dashboards, etc?

1986 BMW 5 Series 535i 3.4L from North America


The most undervalued European car ever


Well this can count for the two of them I've had. I owned identical 535i 5 speeds, '88 and '86, with about the same mileage to start. I put 25,000 miles on the first car, then 25,000 miles on the second, each within a little over a year.

I'll include prices with labor to the best of my recollection:

'86 Starting mileage: 149,000 Ending mileage: 175,000

Starter went out: $220

Power antenna: never fixed

Power locks went crazy: never fixed

Shift linkage (shifter came off into my hand) : $120 (fixed myself)

Three batteries (alternator was OK, but drains?), batteries were replaced free under warranty: $85

Pedal bracket (requires master cylinder too) : $700

Ignition wires: $100.

'88 Starting mileage: 121,000 Ending mileage: 149,000.

Engine crank position sensor (commonly mistaken as a dead ECU) : $225

Pedal bracket (yes, on BOTH cars) : $600

Bad heater blower: Never replaced

Blown headgasket: DEATH.

General Comments:

Haha, where do I begin? I enjoyed the first one so much that I found a second one just like it. Granted, I drove the **** out of these cars... so hard that I have been called by friends as "the destroyer of cars".

What I don't understand is besides regular oil changes and the repairs above, these are NOT expensive cars, these are NOT complicated cars, these are NOT unreliable cars... especially for being 20 years old or more now. GREAT examples can be found for less than $3000.

The first one I had got entered directly into BMWCCA events and got awards... I found the thing on a used car lot in amazing condition for $4k. The second car I got for $2000... the poor guy took great care of it and said no one wanted to drive the thing.

Why are these so undervalued? The e30s don't hold a candle to these things motor-wise... the m30 has a s**tload of torque. These things can drift too, let me tell you. And with a few mods, my first one could take e39 drivers on a regular basis... needless to say, they were shocked. With some weight out, they come in just over 3,000 lbs. You get that, leather, power everything, and a moonroof.

One thing I must say you should do immediately is go with some Bilstein heavy dutys... it will transform the mushy suspension into a better handling car than the factory e28 M5.

For fun, I had taken the entire exhaust off (including cat) and run straight pipes for the track (yes, I tracked both of these cars). This is by far one of the best sounding cars at full tilt I've ever heard... there is motorsport hiding in that ordinary sedan.

These cars should not fall into the hands of pussy-footed "car collectors"... drive these things hard and you will be rewarded with the seeing the soul of an otherwise forgotten "old" car.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2009

24th May 2009, 19:11

I bought my for 800 dollars and I've put over 40k miles on it. It's almost at 300k miles :) All I've replaced is the throwout bearing and a water pump.

19th Feb 2010, 13:24

Nice review.

I have a 1986 535i that I bought from ebay. The car is a one owner and is in immaculate condition. Mileage is somewhere in the 300K range; however, the odometer doesn't work.

Since buying it, I have done a complete tune-up, rebuilt the drive shaft (still needs to be replaced at some point), replaced the instrument cluster to remedy a non-functional temperature gauge, put in a new battery and installed a priority start, since the car was draining the battery if not driven for several days.

I also picked up an almost new interior from a parted out e28, and plan on putting that in soon along with a new steering wheel.

Finally, I got rid of the original TRX wheels, and put in some 15" 5-series wheels from the e34, and will be putting in new tires in a few weeks, along with a slight tint.

Overall, this is a great car and in excellent shape for a price of $1800, plus another approximate $1000 to bring the car into top shape.

The AC even blows ice cold, and the car handles like a dream.

These BMWs are highly under rated, and it is quite common to see them on the market at give away prices.

I might have paid a bit more for mine, but in the long term, I am pleased with the car, the condition and color (light blue metallic).

In a city obsessed with new expensive cars, my e28 is a refreshing sight and a testament to classic German craftsmanship and reliability.

I own this BMW along with a 1983 300D and a 1987 300SDL. In all, I am quite pleased with these older German cars - I've owned many newer cars, including a 2004 Audi A4 quattro, and quite frankly, I have been unimpressed with the quality of cars in recent years - all the bells and whistles make the cars so much more susceptible to breaking down - these older cars were simplistic, reliable and got the job done.

14th Oct 2010, 23:42

Excellent reviews by all.

I just purchased an '86 BMW 535i for $1800 at a charity auction. The shift linkage just went out but I can see from the first post that this maybe a common problem. It is an easy fix. I am just waiting for my friend to fix. He is a BMW master tech.

In the short time I drove it, I already have fallen in love with it. There is nothing like it on the road and I can't believe the power it has. I have a 5 speed manual and the power in 1st & 2nd gear is incredible. It is hard to believe from a 25 year old car! One night I dropped the hammer on the Sunset strip a couple times and heard lovely chirps out of it.

8th Aug 2011, 02:28

I have just bought an auto 535i with only 111,000 kms.. It's immaculate... All the electrics work, all of em! Amazing.. love the shark nose shape.