1990 BMW 5 Series 535i from North America


It's a Hoot! Cheap thrills


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

Bought it for $2,000 Canadian. That's $1,620 U.S.

I've driven it 10,000 km and so far it's been a great experience.

I enjoy driving it more than our new 2007 Camry. When I sit at at a light it rumbles. I don't know, it just feels really good, with the leather steering wheel, comfortable seats. It sits low and the dash is low too. I feel cool driving it!

It's the kind of car that is really hard driving slowly. I like the sound of the inline six, except at low speed I hear the cooling fan too much. The transmission is sluggish except when you put it in third, then it shifts quicker. The gas mileage is pretty bad. Try to get the five speed if you can.

The stereo is great, better than most new cars.

The doors feel about twice as heavy as most cars, which means they are strong in case of an accident.

So far a good buy. It was a risk buying one. It could have been a nightmare.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2007

1990 BMW 5 Series 535i 3.4L 6 cylinder from North America


BMW E34- the best car EVER!!


Replaced alternator.

Replaced front and back emblems.

A/C needs recharging.

Driver's seat is worn.

Windshield sprayers need replacing.

Needs new water pump.

Cruise control linkage is broken.

Car vibrates slightly @ around 63MPH, but stops around 70MPH.

General Comments:

I LOVE THIS CAR!! For being 17 years old, it was a steal! Of course it has a few dings and needs a little work, but nothing major. I purchased it last year for $3500 dollars and was lucky enough to get the 5-speed manual transmission. (I found out later that only 5% of E34s are manuals.) When you get it in fifth, it just keeps on accelerating! Great on long trips, you'll hit 85mph and not even know it. The gas mileage is not too bad. (17mpg around town, 24-26mpg freeway) Shifting to first gear is a bit clunky and difficult sometimes, but you get used to it. The suspension is excellent, it's difficult to lose traction. Parts are a bit pricey but not hard to find. It's fairly easy to work on. (Me, my boyfriend and my best friend do everything, no problem.) Mine still has the stock stereo, it's not so good with handling bass though. I LOVE the 10-way adjustable seats, power windows/mirrors/sunroof, among the other controls that tell you how much fuel is available, your average speed, the temperature outside, current mpg, and screw the little check engine light...it has a little strip underneath the gages that tells you exactly what is wrong with the car. The windows are nicely tinted. I think I'll be a fan forever! I can honestly say that I much prefer this older 5-series to the new ones. I'll be a fan forever! (My next car will be a 3-series convertible.)

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2007

1st May 2007, 06:43

The vibrations at 60 to 70 mph can usually be fixed with changing the thrust arm bushings, the best is to buy those for the 750i, they also fit and last longer and also improve handling a little.

Overall, it`s an awesome car. I have 2.5tds version and also love this car, it`s made like a car should be.

1990 BMW 5 Series 525i M20 from North America


Brakes and rotors changed.

Need to recharge A/C.

Timing belt, water pump, and belts are changed.

Oil pan gasket changed.

Some wear on the driver seat.

Front stabilizer rods changed.

Cleaned injectors.

Messed with oxygen sensor, engine light is comes on and off, but no hesitations or start up problems.

Tiny leak on exhaust pipes, barely hear it.

Broke the plastic intake elbow, plastic drys ands cracks.

Not as quick as my '84 533i, but that car had a stopping problem anyway.

General Comments:

Very easy car to work on, did everything myself.

Wish it had more room for rear seats.

Love it on highway, very smooth.

No problems with timing belt, its easy to change and lets you have a closer look to your engine every 40-50K.

Car stops very stable and quick.

I get 23mpg combined.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2007