1986 BMW 6 Series CSi 3.5 litre petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great to look at, but even better to drive


The vehicle was originally auto and made into a manual. Tail-shaft was a Frankenstein made from an auto - replaced with a proper manual shaft.

Driver's side seat has a broken hoop and will require fixing.

General Comments:

The car was bought in November 2012, and driven 9,900km to its new home and didn't miss a beat.

European air-conditioning handled the Australian heat well.

Fuel consumption averaged 9L/100km - ~ 30MPG.

Excellent handling, comfortable ride with some days covering 1,000km plus per day, and at the end of day, I had no back pain.

Unknown what the top speed is, except it's higher than 210kph.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2013

1986 BMW 6 Series 3.5 from North America




I purchased this car from a dealer with extended coverage to 75,000 miles and 4 years.

Oxy sensor replaced @ 30,000 miles. It stopped dead in rain storm.

Connection shorted out. Oxy with long harness connected at firewall, kept connection dry, problem fixed forever.

Trans @ 34,000 miles.

Steering box @ 63,000 miles.

Water pump @ 97,000 miles.

Starter @ 102,000 miles.

I fixed the rust on the corners after 20 and again at 25 years old.

I replaced the drivers seat after 21 years.

I will keep this car for an eternity.

General Comments:

It is the best motor car I ever owned. Fast, great handler, best looking BMW ever made.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2010

1986 BMW 6 Series 635 csi from UK and Ireland


Pure luxury and style. Just make sure you find a good one


The distributor and rotor arm has been replaced.

One of the tires blew out at 70mph.

Both front wings have been repaired/replaced.

General Comments:

The car is very solid feels very well built and is, in my opinion, the last BMW with shape. It's also very fast. I suppose it's relatively expensive to keep and run (especially when comparing to my previous car) but it gives me a lot of pleasure so them's the brakes.

Rust was a big problem, the two front wings are often weak points with these cars. I had them repaired/replaced at a great cost.

It uses metric tires which are insanely expensive.

The car is also deceptively long. It's as long as my friend's 4-door Jaguar. It sometimes feels unwieldy and cumbersome.

Apart from that, it looks gorgeous and it drives and handles beautifully.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2005

4th Sep 2014, 14:31

From the Colonies, a question. What the hell are front wings?

5th Sep 2014, 10:57

Wings in the UK (fenders in the US) are the panels either side of the bonnet (hood) that contain the wheel arches.

6th Sep 2014, 11:02

Wings = fenders. That's why in the old days, say the 1960s, a chrome mirror mounted on either side of the car thereabouts of above the front tyres, were known as "wing mirrors."