6th Oct 2007, 11:53

I have now owned my 2000 740 M sport for 6 months. I bought it when the car had just turned 100k miles. I was looking for a 540 but got such a good price I could not pass it up. I have driven the car a little over 16k miles (yes, I drive a lot) and have had to make some repairs such as brakes, water pump, ignition switch (very annoying to diagnose and fix), tires (ouch!), battery and a major tune up done by the dealer, totaling about $3500. Be prepared to pay for the cost of repairs. This car cannot be fixed by running down to your local auto parts store. Here are the negatives: Costly to operate and maintain, brake dust, climate control is poor, cup holders suck, so so sound system.

Positives: A drivers car, good room, solid, fairly quick for its size, quiet when not under acceleration, melodious when under acceleration, neutral handling, flat cornering, classic styling.

My previous car was a 98 Lexus ES300 that I drove for two years and did not put one dime into other than gas, oil, tires and brakes. A very good car. But, for those of us who enjoy a good drive, it does not even come close to the BMW experience.

16th Oct 2007, 09:24

I just bought a 2000 740i with over 150k milleage. It's a great machine and I just enjoy driving it. So far, I have had to replace one control arm and the front right bearing is noisy. The engine is still in good shape. The only drawback fuel consumption - which I should have expected for a car this size. I came to realize very quickly that it is a long distance cruiser and should be driven as such. I intend to keep the vehicle for a VERY long time -

30th Nov 2007, 09:56

I love my 2000, 740i, but I am having some trouble with the on-board monitor. It has gone wacky. It looks like the screen has lost it connection. It is not totally black, it has static lines running over the screen and nothing is visible. The radio/CD player works for about 2 minutes then shuts off. At night the Screen looks like a TV off channel. I see light behind it, but no signal. Any ideas on what it could be? I am thinking about replacing the On Board Monitor. When my mechanic scanned the radio module it was fine. The ON Board Monitor did show a fault on the K line bus. I am thinking about buying a used part from Bavarian Recycling. Any comments about this company? I need BMW part # 8375943, Hardware number 51 Coding index Bus index 04 Software number 50. Help please. Dianna.

2nd Mar 2008, 10:44

I have a 2000 740il and I am getting ready to trade it in. This is breaking my heart. I love this car and have become totally spoiled driving it. But, I can no longer afford to keep paying costly repair bills. There is a big one coming - approx. $3200, plus 4 tires and the next service. I am wrestling with this issue because although I bought it used 6 years ago, I was hoping to keep it for many more years. It is Sahara tan and I always feel so good driving it. Whenever I have to take it in for service and I drive another car, I am reminded of just how fabulous this car is. What other car has anyone bought recently that comes a little close?

3rd Dec 2008, 21:53

I think everyone completely missed the point on the comparison between the BWM 740iL and the Lexus LS400. The BMW 740iL looks stylish and does not look out of place with much later model luxury cars. Look at the Lexus LS400; it looks like crap. Think of an early 1970's Toyota Crown and you see what I mean with the lack of style in the Lexus (same designer ?). If a car does not look right then it does not matter what is under the bonnet. Nissan proved that with many ugly Maxima models. BMW wins again!

18th Jun 2009, 21:51

OK I need help. I'm looking at two 2000 740I; one has 95000 but the inside needs I lot of care like no CD playe,r new trim and lots more. The other is really nice on the inside white leather, but it has 150000 on it. With the known expenses, which do I go with? Help.

6th Jul 2009, 11:39

Has anyone considered dropping a small block chevy or even a small Ford V8 (like a 289?) into a 740i? It seems the cost of repairs is continuous and with todays car engines and 6 speed automatic transmission that shift like a dream, wouldn't that make a 740 the ultimate keeper? Just wondering as I try to find one that is pristine.


1st Aug 2009, 23:30

I have a '97 740i - I've owned it for 10 years - second owner.

It is truly the most magnificent automobile ever made. I had a some expensive repairs early on, but has been pretty trouble free for the last 5 years. But, alas, she is getting old... 130k miles... so I've been looking for a replacement.

I'm not really one to buy a new car - hate paying the premium - but I drove the Hyundai Genesis for kicks. Not bad, but quirky - maybe in a few years...

Tried a bunch of smaller cars - hard to park the 740i in the city - but everything felt cramped, AND the smaller cars are just not smooth at 80-100 mph.

I drove a '06 Audi A8 today. Not a bad car, but just not the best driving experience - and the radio is terrible. I don't understand the commenters that state the 740's sound is bad, something most be configured wrong. It (with the DSP) is the best available - maybe a tad light in the bass for rap lovers... I've looked for an S8, but rare and expensive.

The Lexus drives too soft.

I hate the looks of the Mercedes S series, and the E feels real cramped.

The BMW 530xi seemed to hold promise, but it is a real dog. The 535xi should correct this, but again, too new.

So it's back to the large BMW - problem is I would really like AWD... I've heard the 7 is getting AWD (xDrive) at the end of 09 - but again... no new cars, so I need something to hold me over for the next 2 years...

I think I may have spotted a 760i - but fearing the RWD in the snow...

Anyway, I may be selling a black on black 740i if you're in the Chicago area. Runs great. Interior pristine (except for broken cup holder...). Probably needs about 1k of body work... Hate to turn it into the dealer and have them mark it up for a deserving owner.

So, if anyone has any ideas, or may be interested in the car, drop me a line at rengels@ix.netcom.com.

14th Sep 2009, 22:29

My name is Joe. I have a 99 740il. Very clean.

I put 18" wheels on it, and it looks and runs like a dream. It has 117000 miles. I only has to change the alternator and the expansion tank. After that no problems at all. Love my BMW.