7th Apr 2010, 09:29

What is it with people and their cup holders. In Europe it is illegal to drink and drive; yes coffee, as well as eating and driving. It is as bad as talking or texting on the phone. The sooner it becomes illegal here, the better.

1st May 2010, 21:55

I am thinking of buying a 2000 BMW 740i with 49,000 kms, GPS, loaded to the gills, no dings or scratches, seller is asking for 12,000 dollars... plus taxes... is this a good buy?

25th May 2010, 16:44

North Carolina:

I am looking at a high mileage one owner 740i. The price is good and the car is tight, smooth, and the engine and trans are top. Air and all electronics work without a flaw. The only thing wrong that I have found is an easy fix; when one closes the front passenger door, the speaker cover in that door panel falls out of place.

I called the vin into BMW and got a good report. The service book shows regular synthetic oil changes.

Can anyone tell me if there is something else I should look for? This is theSport model.

Thank you.

25th Oct 2010, 15:04

I have had my 2000 740i for about one month now. It has just 77,000 original miles with the Sport package. It doesn't have the road-ride a large luxury car has, but that is not what is was designed for. It is a driver's car, and for that I have never driven anything that rivals it. If you want to enjoy your commute, BMW is the only way to go.

11th Feb 2011, 18:13

I have just purchased a 2000 740il with 69,000 miles on it. It drives like no car I have ever driven.

I love this car, it is in pristine condition inside and out.

21st Feb 2013, 02:44

But the cup holders really stink...

22nd Feb 2013, 05:59

I have a Corvette and despise cupholders. And ashtrays as well.