23rd Jan 2002, 15:20

Have to agree with the two comments above. It's a 320 bhp RWD car and will get out of shape if provoked. At least the BMW has good balance and a nice progressive power delivery - i.e it helps you as much as possible.

Buy a 318i - you can floor it to your hearts content.

10th May 2002, 07:08

Treat the m coupe with respect and it won't bite back. I drive mine throughout the winter, although in icy conditions, even driven very gently the rear end can get a little twitchy to say the least.

Only problems with my car after 20,000 miles have been a stone hole in the condensor, causing the air con to give up!

A rattle coming from the drivers side windscreen wiper - a loose nut on the underside. And tyres...

1st Feb 2003, 05:33

I have had 3 M Roadsters and several M Coupes, I love them. However, I crashed my last M Roadster with 321bhp and no traction control. It was a cold morning, but the roads looked fine. It skidded on black ice at 60mph and rolled end over end through trees, ending up on its roof.

The car's structural strength saved my life. I also had a hard top fitted which helped me to walk away.

M Roadster's and Coupe's are fabulous to look at, sound great, have the World's best straight six engine and go like nothing else. You do have to watch the rear end though.

10th Feb 2003, 09:15

Bought a M Coupe last summer and driven it through this winter (03). Yes, it's twitchy, it's 321bhp, what do you expect?

Again, treat it with respect and you'll never find a better car to drive ~ enjoy your 318...

26th May 2003, 13:10

I too had a harrowing experience in my BMW. Going about 80mph on a wet freeway, From the far left lane, I hydroplaned and slid backwards for almost a quarter mile before miraculously ending up in the far right lane without a scratch. My tires were in fair condition and I attributed my slide to their less than primo condition and my speed. After reading the other comments on this thread, now I'm not so sure. What I am sure about is that when it rains, I don't go anywhere near as fast as I did before! : /

21st Jun 2003, 01:35

I have had a very similar experience, and the m coupe is one of my slowest, least powerful cars, yet it is one of the hardest to drive at 10/10ths. The rear, in a straight line, in the wet, on a slight side incline, can move out very very quickly. more so that any other car I have ever driven, including cars with a much higher power to weight ration, and still rear drive. My m coupe is a great car, and one to treat with disproportionate respect. Depite 10 + years experience on track (monthly), this car is the ultimate challenge in some marginal conditions when having a real go. It also gives the ultimate rewards!

8th Sep 2007, 15:49

Same thing with the M3, even with the SMG transmission, and with a little layer of dust on the road!