2002 BMW X5 4.4i from North America


An SUV with the feel of a sports car


I have owned a BMW X5 4.4i for 5 years and have had minimal problems with it. I have never had a problem starting the car, even in sub zero temperatures in VT. The performance and handling are great, but the gas mileage is poor. While I have owned BMW sedans previously I believe that the X5 definitely stands up to BMW's good name.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2007

13th Jun 2009, 12:29

Very hard to believe on your comment. I went through all kinda trouble from first year, but it was OK, still under warranty and many recalls. To me the Hyundai SANTA-FE is a much better SUV than the X5.

13th Oct 2010, 23:23

I have a X5 with 85000 miles. Never a problem like seen on other comments.

My complaints would be the rear wiper fluid doesn't squirt out in a fan pattern, so it just dribbles down the glass, and I get a lot of brake dust on the front wheels. The cup holders suck, and the tailgate sticks if you use the inside button.

Drives like a dream... I can do most maintenance myself, and for nearly ten years, it has caused me zero problems. Either I got the only good one, or every Tom, Dick and Harry who had problems came here to complain.

2002 BMW X5 3.0 from North America


Never buy a BMW again


Purchased a 2002 BMW X5 3.0, with 49K miles, but since 2005 until now 2007 it has been in the shop 4 or 5 times, all about the warning light (check engine soon).

I recently took it for the 60K mile check, which cost $1200, and now a month later the light came back on. I was told by a friend to disconnect the battery for few minutes to reset the light.

Any ideas on what to do?

General Comments:

This SUV is beautiful inside and out. It handles very nice, but now is making a hole in my pocket.

I may have to sell it, and will never buy a BMW again.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2007

15th Aug 2007, 23:59

I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience, however there are couple matters to remember. First, you should find the code that is causing engine light to come on, a full tune up does not mean it will go away, as you have quickly found. Disconnecting the battery will only work for a short period of time and of course it will be back promptly. Again find what the code is. If I were you I would take it to a reliable BMW shop, to somebody that actually knows this car. Also, check BMW forums on the net, there are some knowledgable people visiting those. All in all, it will take a bit of work from your side. Cars are so complex nowdays, but interestingly sometimes solutions are quite simple. I hope this will be in your case.

2002 BMW X5 3.0i 3.0 from North America


Piece of cr..


Doorhandle broke off inside (had to open the door through the window for a week)

Engine did not run OK.

Rear hatch indicator shows it is open, but it is not. Procedure: start car, drive 10 metres, stop car, get out, open hatch, close hatch, drive to destination.

Steering wheel shakes at times. BMW cannot find it and claims it is a user error. Found now and it is a serious brake problem.

General Comments:

Great driving if it works.

Service organization is not able to handle volume and number of repairs. Nice people, just too busy. Been to the repair shop too often.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2005

11th Dec 2005, 15:15

My ex-business partner bought a 2001 X5 and the truck kept shutting itself off at inopportune moments. He was told by several people to lemon law it.

Never trust any Mercedes or BMW made in America. The quality is horrible, although the new X3 (made in Austria) is supposed to be worse than the X5 as far as reliability. And never buy any new model the first year. Even the BMW Car Club recommends to wait a few years until a model gets "sorted out".

30th May 2007, 09:54

How am I supposed to know or find out where BMW was made. Plese help me to find out.

30th May 2007, 19:56

There made in indiana or something like that... on the east coast.

17th Apr 2008, 13:40

If the VIN # starts with 1,4,5 which means that vehicle is made in USA. 2 means made in Canada. if the # starts with J, it was made in Japan. A lot of German made start with W.

14th Nov 2008, 21:51

I have a 2002 X5. I am the second owner. It has 48,600 miles. It has been serviced by BMW dealers.

Just two days ago it made a loud noise while moving at 30MPH in a turn. It was towed to BMW dealership and it is the transfer case and a link. They tell me it cost about $4,800 to fix. My question is how often does this happen with the X5? Does the repair estimate sound right? This is unusually expensive and unexpected repair since it has rather low miles on it.

Interestingly enough I have a 2005 Range Rover that had exact same problem three months ago. 2005 Range rover was made by BMW, engine, transmission, and drive train...