2002 BMW X5 3.0i turbo diesel from Brunei


Best in the Class, but sell it before it hits 100,000km


Most recent problem with my X5 @ 100,000km:

Transfer Case oil have burn into grease and the whole thing cease to operate. Dealer change whole new unit and only covers 50% on parts under "Good-Will".

Turbo Unit fail 2 days later. Apparently this was a common problem amoung X5 Diesel Turbo and therefore replace under "Good-Will" but have to pay for labour charges.

General Comments:

My 2003 BMW X5 3.0 Turbo Diesel has just been in for major repair after 100,000km been put on it. First it was the drive shaft boot which was normal wear & tear. Then few days later it was the Transfer Case and Turbo which needed replacement. BTW, I've 19" tires on this car and each sets lasted 35-40k miles which tells you that I don't push this car hard.

Lucky for all of you BMW owners in N. America, in Asia we only get 2 years or 60,000km warranty which ever come first (Maybe BMW is not made for hot climate). BMW Germany agrees to cover 50% on parts under "Good-Will warranty" and I'm stuck with labour charges plus lubrication. To most of us driving a "well-built" over priced German car will expect the drive train to last longer than 100,000km. I've asked our regional service manager to look into this generous 50% warranty offer on parts and 0% on labour from BMW AG.

Good luck to BMW AG on coming up with a good excuse for this.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2005

2002 BMW X5 3.0 from North America


Ultimate driving experience, when it's not in the shop


Suspension arms replaced since they were making some dreadful noise.

Battery died, after multiple jumps, this was replaced.

Driver side door interior handle had paint chipping, handle was replaced.

Driver side door had problems locking. This was brought in for a check, but they could not figure out what was wrong.

Driver side door would not close for one day. I had to hold onto the door while driving. It seems as though it wouldn't latch shut. Next morning it was fine.

Driver side door broken, unable to open from the inside. Waiting for a call back from the nearby service department.

General Comments:

Handles much better than the ML320 or Infiniti QX4.

No storage space whatsoever. If you need utility, look elsewhere.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2004

6th Jul 2004, 19:06

BMW is very good!I have one it runs great. No problems.

19th Jul 2004, 09:39

I had a 2001 X5. It was a disaster - CONSTANTLY in the shop, stalling at odd times, paint chips and bubbles on latches. Never had these problems with our BMW sedans. But, then, the sedans are built in Germany, the X5 is built in South Carolina.