16th Mar 2007, 08:37

Maybe if you didn't thrash it...

16th Mar 2007, 15:27

Uhhh dude it's a BMW its MEANT to be driven that way!

26th Mar 2007, 22:33

First impression:

Nice fit and finish.

The sunroof squeaks on minor potholes. That left me perplexed.

The engine rumbles the american way with german no speed limit tuning.

But above all, over deteriorated roads like we found in the north east, structural stiffness is an issue.

6th Oct 2008, 19:35

Well it took 47 years but I have reached the top.. this SAV is awesome. I have had vehicles with power, offroad capability, safety and yes economy but this one tops them all or HAS them all. I can toy with sports cars and outbrake them as I enter a corner. This truck rocks, I had 2 5.9 Jeeps before and wanted something safer and faster. SRT8 is nice but BMW does it better

18th Sep 2009, 19:55


I have 2005 4.8is, and yes, it is an excellent SUV/SAV.

By the way, the car has 355 hp, not 425. I like to drive a bit aggressive (it's kind of normal here in the middle east) BUT never intentionally try to race other people on the street - it sucks.

I replaced a fuel pump at 90.000 KM (miles??) - 400 USD.

I am really enjoying my X5 (bought a very clean second hand for a good price).

Regards to all.

30th Dec 2009, 07:56

Hello to all 4.8is owners! I have a 2005 with 60k miles, Yes this BMW X5 4.8is is a king of the road. I've had this X5 for over 3 yrs and never had one little problem.

I've been hearing a little knocking in the engine when accelerating or reving the engine to around 1500-3000 RPM when cold and hot. Not sure if it was always there, or if I never heard it? Nothing loud or anything, just wondering if it's something serious? Did anyone hear anything like this in your 4.8is?

Also this winter noticed when very cold outside the engine has a misfire Po300. Only when it's very cold outside, it will shake for the first 2-3 minutes and the engine light will flash and finally come on. If I rev the engine a little to 1000-1200 RPM, the engine will not shake at all. Looks like it has no high RPM when cold. My 2 other BMW's when I start them in cold temperatures the engine RPM automatically starts around 1500 RPM and drops while it warms up? Anyone had this problem before?

11th Feb 2010, 22:04

1- Knocking sounds

I had the same problem when the car idles 1500 to 3000rpm, and it was a bunch of stones stuck above the skid plates. I drove it like that for about a year, until an oil change, when I asked a tech can you check that sound too, that's what he found. Many stones :)

2- Idle drops

It could be idle control valve ($280 cnd), easy to change, or your fuel pump ($180 cnd OEM) doesn't feed your engine with enough gas, or your spark plugs about to die, or your alternator is not charging the battery because the voltage regulator needs to replaced, or your battery needs to be replaced ($265 cnd OEM).

All the prices I wrote were just the part price... because I did my own repairs. Next project is replacing my VANOS...


5th Aug 2010, 17:02

Dear 4.8is owners,

I bought my second hand X5, and I have had all sort of problems that you can imagine; yet, I still have the car because it is a masterpiece.

For knocking noise, it's definitely the engine mounting rubbers... they also cause the engine to vibrate. If changing these rubbers doesn't kill the vibration, you probably have a problem with the air mass sensor, which causes the engine to shake due to misfiring. Last would be your spark plugs that you've gotta change at around 80k.

Air suspension remains the biggest problem of all for X5s.. then fuel pump and brake discs that get overheated easily after harsh braking. Window lifters are also a problem in all this 2000-2006 series of BMW. However, the car is much better than all its rivals that I have tried, and mainly the Porsche Cayenne that is very classic... the 4.8is remains a unique SAV amongst all...

I am happy to assist anyone of you with any problem that you may have.


4th Oct 2010, 14:44

I am an owner of a 05 X5 3.0d with a vibrating engine, and it vibrates when in neutral, and when driving at low speed..

Could this also be the spark plugs?

Just changed my diesel pump, mass airflow sensor and oil-service.. The car has 80.000km.

Thanks a lot.

25th Aug 2011, 22:05

Ya buddy, happened to me. I changed the coil pack cylinder #4 and also put a new plug in just to see. So far all good.. starting great when cold, and no misfires when driving.. Hope this may help. Good luck.

9th Jun 2013, 09:59

Spark plugs in a diesel?