5th Oct 2008, 05:38

Have been reading through the comments and can relate to many of the same problems.

48,000 miles - replaced front wheel bearing. $500.00

51,1000 miles - replaced front passenger window regulator. $120.00

52,000 miles - replaced rear window regulator. $80.00

55,000 miles - replaced manifold intake gasket. $1200.00

58,000 miles - replaced air conditioning knob.

59,000 miles - gas gauge has stopped working. Have not yet repaired.

I replaced the window regulators myself by purchasing online, which included instructions on how to do it. I'm not quite as hard on GM as some other reviews I have seen. I have a foreign (Japanese) company vehicle which has had a few problems as well but certainly not as many as the Buick. Will continue to buy GM products.

6th Oct 2008, 18:31

Hi, I just wondered how hard it was to repair the rear window regulator. My great grandma has a 2003 with about 36,000 miles and her rear driver side window is no longer operable. I have seen these listed on eBay for about $40-$50 but didn't know if I could do it myself.


14th Oct 2008, 11:16

Wow..took me a while to go through ALL the mishaps fellow Buick owners were experiencing, but in the end, we are all alike

Here's a summary: Driver side window regulator broken; 90 bucks on the part and 30 minutes later, good as new...um..almost, and a big almost, a year later, window stuck with 2 inches to go to be fully up. With that, the other windows don't work unless the driver side puts them down. Might be because the window lock button decided to stay stuck on Lock and then break off with the awesome power of my pointer finger.

Odometer tried and tried but just couldn't stay on. Then the gas gauge started to act funny. going from Full to Empty and back to Full... now it slowly goes to Empty until it hits the 3/8 mark where it starts its "gas empty beeping" w/o the light even going on.

Finally, while trying to move the knob from A/C to DEF, the knob simply came off with ease. Oh yeah, good luck charging anything too, the cigarette lighter is out too.

Now I'm stuck not knowing how much gas I really have, how many miles until my next oil change, if I'm on Overdrive or 3.

If the a/c is on, it's on MAX A/C, with the a/c being let out because of an open driver's window. Passengers can't open their window unless I do it for them, and nobody can hook up their phone or other electronic device to charge.

17th Oct 2008, 09:50

I agree, the 2001 Buick Century I have is junk. With only 48,000 miles, I have replaced the drivers front wheel bearing twice, and now the passenger bearing is going out. I have also had to replace the brakes at about 24,000 miles due to so much noise could not stand it.

Had to replace the radiator at about 46,000 because it could not be repaired. At least I got the advice to change the coolant before it caused damage because GM used defective, junk coolant.

I keep getting offers from GM, but would not buy another GM car for any reason. It might be good for it to go bankrupt, re-organize and maybe get itself better.

6th Nov 2008, 18:41

I have a 2002 Century and have had 4 broken wires on the wiring harness for the tail lights. It broke where it flexes the most when the trunk is opened. Also had 6 of the 8 wires break on the rear drivers side door. Same type of problem as it was in the area that flexes the most.

7th Nov 2008, 15:32

Wow, I wish I had checked this site before taking my 2004 Buick Century to the dealership for my driver side passenger window, May 2008. My husband tried to fix it but found the problem greater than his skill so with the door panel already off, the dealership charged me $555.00 to replace the whole mechanism in the door because they said they couldn't just replace the plastic clips that were broken. Then 6 weeks ago the passenger door regulator broke but this time I was a little smarter and took it to a local repair shop and it "only" cost me $325. A couple of days ago the driver door went out. For crying out loud, I haven't even finished paying for it and I've got close to $1000. in it just because of the cheap plastic parts used in the doors and now number 3 is shot with no. 4 probably getting ready to do the same thing. Now I read somewhere on the web that just the clips can be purchased for around $50. I'm seeing red. We bought what we thought would be a reliable car and it is starting to nickle and dime us already. Does anyone know where I can find these clips and what the part numbers might be for a 2004 BC? The dealership swore the whole mechanism had to be replaced so I'm sure they won't be forthcoming with part numbers for $50 parts.

By the way, our car is well cared for with 1 lady driver and only 40,000 miles.

8th Nov 2008, 19:58

I too have fallen into this GM nightmare. My 2002 Century was purchased 6/07 from an elderly woman with 52,000 miles for $2500. I thought I had a deal. (I offered to replace the headgaskets for her at my cost, but she said "No"). Should have taken that as hint.

I repaired the motor, all the power windows had new regulators, both front wheel bearings this summer, the heater fan, odometer/gear position indicator went blank, and the radio is all but junk right now.

And now another power window regulator spewed its guts in the door.

The windshield has leaked since day one, I can go on, but I'll stop.

This is my first Buick, my prev Chev and Pontiac before this were awesome cars. It's been the worst car ever. I thought my one and only Dodge Spirit was junk from day one. I think this has beat it.

22nd Dec 2008, 18:17

My great grandma has a 2003 which the rear driver side window stopped working in the up position for several months. I drove it to work the other day and tried it, surprisingly it worked. It may be the cold that made it work? She has never had any windows fall into the door.

8th Jan 2009, 10:58

We're all in good company. If anyone has some answers, I'd be grateful. Somehow our 2001 Buick Century has escaped the window problems (I'm knocking wood!), but our problems include: the ac/heat fan only working on high (apparently it's just a quick fix?); the check engine light always on and was told also that it has something to do with the tires? Is that true and is there a reason to fix it? And just now, at about 42k miles, the big money, like all of you above: the intake manifold gasket set with valve. They told us that with parts, labor, tax it should come to just over $1000 to fix the gasket. Looks like that's about right, according to what some of you have said, but can anyone confirm that?

Also, the mechanics here in So.Florida said the climate is very hard on tires; that it rots them quickly. Anyone know if that's true?

Thanks for any help! Good luck all with your cars.