1st Mar 2005, 13:55

I bought a 2002 Buick Century two years ago and put 55k miles on it since then with no problems other than routine maintenance. This vehicle handles well in Wisconsin winters and other than the frustrating headlight situation it has served us well.

8th Mar 2006, 02:30

My wife decide to go against my will and buy a 02 century, I have always been right, please dear god, make this car worthy of her payment, our marriage depends on it, if the car blows all of hers won't help!

8th Mar 2006, 09:44

Your marriage depends on the quality of an American automobile?

Hope you know a good divorce lawyer.

25th Aug 2006, 19:03

Very old people drive Buick's!

Furthermore, I cannot seem to understand the reasoning since they are so low to the ground.

One has a difficult time trying to determine where an older person obtain's the strength to lower themself in the vehicle, not to mention the work involved in trying to get out...

26th Aug 2006, 07:11

My frist Buick was a 1956 model. A 140000 was a lot of miles at that time. I hated to see that one go. Now I drive a 1988 Buick. I've have taken care of it and it has taken care of me for 200000 miles. I've have driven the other cars in its class and I have done my home work. Today I will trade an old friend for a Buick Century.

5th Sep 2006, 20:05

In May of 2006 I purchased a 2002 Buick Century with 7,800 miles on it (no I did not forget a zero). It had been garaged its entire life and only drive to store/doctor/church.

It has been very good so far, mileage is 27-32, good smooth ride. Even though it looks like a 'Old Person's Car' no one complains when they ride in it.

My only complaint which I will figure out eventually is a weird popping sound just before I stop and then again when I accelerate. Doesn't always do it, but intermittently.

So far I love it.

2nd Oct 2006, 08:09

I have 2002 Century and very happy with this car. It has 66000 miles on it and no problems so far. The only thing is I changed the wheels to 215/70/15 instead of 205/70/15- the difference is there!It handles much better on road.

The only thing I cannot understand is why everybody consider this car as old looking. What exactly describes old looking car? What is the difference between Camry and Century look?

13th Jan 2007, 17:04

I have owned many cars and trucks over the past 34 years, and almost all of them since the mid 90's have been Japanese. I sold Honda and Nissan vehicles for a few years and am a big fan of most of the inventory of both companies.

Recently, I traded my 1996 Nissan Sentra (I shoud have just sold it) in for a 2002 Buick Century.

I won't lie - I did it for price. For the money I spent on the Century, I'd have been lucky to get a 2 year older Accord with 40,000 more miles - very lucky.

That being said - I really like the Century and am fully aware of the "old people" reputation for Buicks. Hell, it's true - older folks do like them.

I like the car too! Gets decent mileage, it's quiet, looks like new, and everything works.

Dislikes? A bit boatlike (soft suspention). Of course, that is also one of my likes. It's smooth.

The car is so quiet compared to my old Nissan - and even my old Honda - that I can hear squeaks inside the car from somewhere in the dash. But they are minor. Low road noise, wind noise, etc. Really, the quietest car I have ever owned. Not an enthusiasts car by any means, but a very nice car for the price and a very good ride.

I'll keep you posted.

20th Apr 2007, 16:54

Regarding those who were unhappy with the automatic headlamps:

A simple pull on the light control knob, releasing it to the 2nd position (2 clicks) turns the headlamps on, while the 1st position (1 click) is the parking lamps only. The headlamps are only automatic if the knob is pushed in all the way. Don't confuse pulling the knob with twisting it, twisting the knob controls the brightness of the dash lights, and a full twist to the right, passed the spot where it clicks, turns on the interior lights (the ceiling flood lamp, reading lamps on the underside of the mirror, and the foot well lamps).

I am 18, and currently own a 2002 Buick Century, with 90,000 miles. It is my second car (after a 1986 Buick Century) and have driven it nearly 30,000 miles in a year. It has proved to be the most reliable vehicle in my friend group, and because it has the most comfortable seats and smooth ride, it is the one chosen for road trips.

Perhaps the best quality of the car to younger people is the awesome stereo and speakers. While the OEM head unit does not have the best clarity, I made an upgrade to a Premier unit. That combined with the excellent Concert Sound II speaker set up has created superb sounding system, and has plenty of bass, eliminating my need for subs.

As for performance, the 3.1 V6 increased in power in 2001, and provides good response, although the transmission gets jerky under a heavy foot. It was fast enough for me to earn a very expensive speeding ticket too... Handling does leave something to be desired, but with a soft suspension it was nothing unexpected. The only downside is the brakes. While effective, they could be stronger, and having rear drum brakes doesn't help.

As an all around good car with great reliability, I highly recommend the Buick Century.

5th Jul 2007, 10:53

My friend owns a 2002 Buick Century and since the day he drove it off the lot he has had problems. I find it hard to believe that the majority of Century owners have little to no problems with this vehicle. The car rides smoothly, when it is working.

26th Jul 2007, 12:09

The Century isn't' just for old folks!! I'm 30 and I LOVE my Buick.. It is so comfortablke, and gets great mileage! I wish they still made it, my next will be a la cross..

27th Jul 2007, 18:01

I am only 22 and I love Buicks too. I currently own a 1999 Park Avenue and hope to trade it soon for one of the last 2005's. My 87 year-old great grandma has a 2003 Century that I would like to buy as a second vehicle when she is unable to drive it any longer. Buicks are some of the best buys for quality, comfort, and good looks. Who cares if they are made for old folks, young people can appreciate them too! I would really rather have a Buick over a Toyota or Honda any day.

21st Nov 2007, 14:19

This was an interesting set of comments to read. So I might add my own.

I buy a car not to support any particular country's economy. I buy it to meet my driving needs, and maybe my driving desires.

Since things are getting more automated people forget, or never learn, the manual operations. Many will not be able to drive a stick shift, even though it will give better gas mileage. Now people are not able to turn the headlights on or off. Why use a switch if you can pluck a fuse? 2+2=? where is my calculator!

There is no better test for a marriage than the choice of a vehicle. "You shall remain together until the Buick does you apart!"

It's for old people. So why is it built this low to the ground? Why, its for small old people, like little ladies with three blue hairs on top of their heads! Oh,I am sorry that's not right, they drive Avalons nowadays.

Thanks guys, it was entertaining and informative.

My friend took over an '03 Century with 60.000 miles and I wanted to see what he might incur. The previous users did nothing nice to the car. They let the steering go dry killing the pump and rack and pinion. The tranny fluid looks brown and dirty. However, I think he will be doing just fine once he has the tranny serviced.

Good luck to everyone!