23rd Sep 2009, 01:32

I recently purchased a 2000 Buick Century with 150,000 miles on it. It ran great for the first couple of days, and now it is having the same "hard-shift" problem and whining that everybody else seems to be having.

Also, I have the same temperature problem. Has anybody tried replacing the thermostat? When my dad was flushing the radiator, he told me that he didn't even think the car had a thermostat in it. A thermostat isn't much, but it's just one more problem to add to the growing list with this car.

I will try the suggestion mentioned a few posts ago about the Trans Tune/disconnecting the battery for a while. The problem does go away after the car is shut off. I think this sounds more like a computer problem than a transmission problem. But, I am not a mechanic. I am taking my car to the shop tomorrow to get the CV shafts replaced. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that GM isn't recalling this, being that this whole entire thread is dedicated to the same problem. I did find a pretty recent recall that I have listed below, so maybe there is hope for us yet. If my mechanic tells me anything that I haven't read on here about the hard shift problem, I'll be sure to pass the information along. This is my first and most definitely my last Buick. I'm sticking to Nissan.


25th Sep 2009, 08:05

No wonder why GM has failed. My dad's Buick does the same thing with shifting.

Oh, and check this out. I bought my 97 BMW in 07, found out that there are pixels missing on the on-board screen (problem with most BMW with those screens) and called BMW NA. They covered the part $700 and I just paid 1 hour of labor at the dealership - $100. Mind you, we're talking a 10 year old car and they covered something that WAS NOT all that important.

Talk about customer service. Karma is a *****. GM found it the hard way.

25th Sep 2009, 23:40

One Buick owner that commented on another forum said that there is some kind of wiring shortage in the door, which runs down the alternator, which causes the transmission to shift hard/whine.

Also, when I took my Buick to the shop a few days ago to get the CV shafts replaced, my mechanic told me that if the battery is bad, then it will cause the computer to have problems. The computer has to keep up with the transmission in order for the transmission to work properly. Perhaps a new battery may fix the problem. Probably not, but just thought I would throw it out there since nobody seems to be able to figure out exactly what is causing the problem. There is no way that I am paying to have any kind of anything replaced in the transmission, when I've read multiple accounts of people paying to have their transmissions rebuilt, just for it just to do the same thing a year later.

GM really needs to do something about this. It's ridiculous.

29th Oct 2009, 11:57


I have two 2000 Buickā€™s. One does the transmission bucking thing (with the check engine lite on) the other didn't. The one that did the bucking thing (which, I decided not to fix) eventually started misfiring in the engine and I thought I had blown the engine. I took it in for a diagnostic and the repair person found codes P0131, P0300, PO730. He said it needed a new Fuel Filter #23311. After putting on the Fuel Filter he said the car was running almost perfect. He said it could use an Oxygen circuit low voltage-sensor 1, #XTP48309. I told him to replace it. I went to pick up the car, No Bucking, No sluggish transmission, check service lit off, Runs as good as when I bought it 6 years ago. Is this a miracle? Thanks, Jim W.

13th Nov 2009, 20:48

2001 Century - same issue with trans whining (kind of a generator sound) / hard shifting. Didn't show up until around 100K when I had trans fluid flushed. Thought it might have been some sediment clogging up sensor or something. Sporadic - some days it does it some days not. Doesn't seem to depend on weather. I drive 45-50 miles to work every day and a few 400-550 mile trips a month so fairly high mileage I guess. Car is creeping on 150K and I've decided to live with it until car dies. If trans hasn't blown in 50K miles of this problem probably ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Cheers!

18th Nov 2009, 01:22

Hi everyone with tranny hard shift problem. It isn't only Buicks with this problem, it's all GM cars with the 4t65e tranny. I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue, and I've got the same problem.

It's amazing to see how many people have this problem, and GM could care less. They knew of this problem when the tranny came out in 97, and didn't address the problem until the 2003 models. They are aware of this, but it would cost them billions to recall this. They did issue a service bulletin, which in my opinion is useless. I am glad GM is sinking fast, and I will never purchase another GM car because of this issue. I believe anyone with this tranny will experience this problem at some point in time. My Uncle has it too; he has an Olds Aurora.

With all the lemon laws, and laws to protect consumers out there, you would think they should be forced into recalling this. Anyway, here is the service bulletin; just look at all the models included. What a joke...


22nd Nov 2009, 03:26

Well after reading everybody's comments, I have a pretty good idea whats wrong with my car. No need to say what kind, I'm sure you can guess what model since my comment is at the moment the last.

I would like to say thanks to everybody who commented and provided useful info for everybody in need, even everybody who insisted on doing nothing but repeat the same problem over and over because it lets us know that we are not alone. We all feel the frustration because it is our own.

This company has provided us with a headache where the only cure is sell the vehicle or to never buy one, but as one of the former commenters mentioned, every car make and model has its problems, I just wish mercy on our grand and great grand children.

24th Nov 2009, 09:04

I have the 2000 Century and have put up with the shifting problem since I bought the car with 36,000 miles, 7 yrs ago. It's been a good running car. I did however change the fluid @ 100,000 miles and did add a thick Slick 50 trans kits to it. It helped a lot, but is still there.

But now I have 165.000 miles, when you accelerate it feels like the brakes are applied, but when you let up on the pedal, it coasts to a stop like nothing is wrong, and all the dash lights are on, and a week later she started to miss. Just replace the fuel filter like I do every year. Anti-lock brake light, service engine, charging.

I know what everybody here would say!! Time to get a new car, but in these times we live in I can't afford 2 or 3 thou down and 450 to 500 a month payment plus full coverage insurance. I'm thinking PCM or ECM, but would like some input.