22nd Dec 2017, 19:15

Seriously. A great collectibility era with very high appreciation on savvy, well versed buyers. Many now far out of reach value wise for fans of that era that grew up then. Enough that my car is now considered to be in the top 6 muscle cars of all time. My newer cars are highly engineered. However they lack the charisma. If you were just getting your license in the 80s or 90s, there weren't many vehicles possessing this. Maybe an air cooled Porsche Carrera then. The point was liking cars from that era. This review model isn’t, but there are other nameplates from this division that are.

22nd Dec 2017, 23:20

The "height" of a modern car being safer, more fuel efficient and innovative with navigation and all that other stuff... Well, yes.

As far as a modern car having more room, better styling, ride and reliability... No.

23rd Dec 2017, 12:57

Styling is absolutely subjective and therefore not a basis for comparison. Room? Yeah, the older cars had slightly more room. They certainly ought to, considering how huge they were overall. They were also heavier, which made for a smoother ride -- and crappier handling than modern cars.

Finally, the whole claim of older cars being more reliable has no factual basis. Your anecdotal evidence is not proof of anything.

23rd Dec 2017, 15:41

He was right with saying the height of “CLASSIC” car engineering was the late 60s. Meaning a earlier “classic”, not today. Did you guys not read that?

Lastly I prefer driving my classic far more than my modern ones. Very high restoration, but mostly it’s a real incredible rush to drive. Far simpler with more driver participation. The cocoon isolated driving experience in my modern ones cannot compare. Mainly being far more swift, insulated road feel, advanced ride control, and more graphics and amenities.

23rd Dec 2017, 19:30

Do older cars have O2 sensors, electronic EGR, TPS, computers, catalytic converters, BCM modules, ABS computers and sensors, direct coils, mass air flow, IAC valves, and so on and so on?

When these thing DO fail at one point, they are very costly and almost impossible for the average do it yourselfer to fix, and the car isn't worth spending money.

Outside of more frequent carburetor adjusting, spark plugs and filter replacements; could you nicely explain why an older car would not be reliable?

23rd Dec 2017, 21:05

You want "driver participation"?

Go buy a Ford Model T!

23rd Dec 2017, 23:07

"Meaning an 'earlier' classic, not today"?

Yet he is comparing these paragons of "classic engineering" to "modern cars" hmm?

24th Dec 2017, 00:39

And do you have "anecdotal" evidence that modern cars are more reliable? Have you experienced both?

24th Dec 2017, 11:40

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s Christmas Eve. I am very thankful my family and a new grandson are all with us. Some flew in, some are driving that are nearby. And our friends. Cars are great but are material. I like my classic the best. And you like yours or have your eyes on a dream car for the future. Be thankful you have what you have. Maybe lighten up on the jabs for a few days.

25th Dec 2017, 02:45

Yeah, I'll go buy a Model T because some guy on carsurvey said it has "driver participation" LoL.

25th Dec 2017, 10:06

2:45. A bit cynical are we not as the first commenter on Christmas Day. Every automobile on this site has driver participation. We all can have fun and share that together with our vehicles today. What Ford accomplished in 1908 for bringing a realistic car to the masses also benefits us all today. My wife gave me a car one Christmas. Always been a nice day to enjoy rather than laugh at someone. Have fun, hopefully you have today off!

26th Dec 2017, 04:17

I didn't post the comment, nor did I realize there were rules on here on which day they can post a comment.

26th Dec 2017, 16:52

It was a very nice happy holiday and that comment was just a jab to start off the nice day. You can of course be that way any and everyday of the year. Why reply if you didn’t make the comment? It was directed to the one that did. Yesterday was great. I got a Hemmings subscription and a new car clock for the garage.

26th Dec 2017, 16:56

I'm still waiting on your response on why you assume that older cars are so unreliable.

26th Dec 2017, 21:42

Mine were great. Majority with the 350 V8. People tend to forget today that we drove them every single day for work, vacations etc. Oil changes, same intervals. In fact they were actually new then, not a 50 year old car now. Maybe a tune up was much more often. But that was cake and I did it at home quickly after work. Very easy to repair and parts were cheap. But balancing things out, I have to buy a complete set of new tires every 15-20k on my new ones. HID headlights are a rip, no room to work on them under the hood. Pesky sensors. Read up on this site to shed light on this; especially look at prices when issues do crop up. Maybe less frequently, but when the newer ones need work, it is often not a painless repair.