1st Nov 2007, 12:47

When you say to look at other reviews on this site I assume you are referring to the LaCrosse reviews? If so, 5 out of 7 people said they would buy another LaCrosse, and 1 was undecided, that says a lot. The late model Camry obviously has a lot more reviews, but believe me the ratio of people who stated they would purchase another is much lower. By the way, I feel exactly the same way about Consumer Reports as you say you feel about J.D. Powers. Consumer Reports is a small independent organization that has been biased toward Japanese cars over Domestic ones since the early 1970's. Any publication that recommends a car before it has even been on the market long enough to determine it's reliability is obviously biased. J.D. Power & Associates base their findings on thousands of actual owners problems with their cars. Now which one sounds more accurate to you?

23rd Jan 2008, 17:15

I trust that others are also enjoying their Buick Lacrosse cars - my wife and I enjoy ours. We have a 2006, built in March 2006, and it now has about 23000 miles. It works fine, and our CXS model has nice luxury features with satisfying power and fuel economy, plus it is reliable. Our only costs have been consumables (oil+filters) and gasoline. The car really handles nicely, especially for long highway drives at speed.

15th Feb 2008, 23:26

We have a 1977 Buick LaSabre that was purchased used from a rental car company in 1978 by my late brother. In 277,000 miles the car has performed flawlessly and even looks relatively new for a 31 year old car. Buick (and GM) reliability is beyond question.

10th Apr 2009, 13:56

Where in the world are people getting these "reliable" Buicks? Hello people, they're made by GM, one of the most inferior manufacturers around. It must be 1 person writing all these reviews.

11th Apr 2009, 14:37

Yeah, probably the same case for all the positive Toyota and Honda reviews huh? Give me a break.

12th Apr 2009, 17:18

Buick 152,000 miles. Second owner. It has original engine and transmission. Everyone who drives or rides in it comments on how smooth it rides and how nice it is, and it's 13 years old. I guess that's an inferior product for you. Buick is probably the most underrated GM car.

2nd May 2009, 00:12

J.D. Powers currently rates Buick as the MOST reliable car in the world, beating out Lexus and tying with Jaguar (a Ford product) for number one. Last year we sold our 1977 LaSabre with 277,000+ miles. Totally original, never ANY mechanical problems. Our current 9 year old GM and 7 year old GM have never required ANY repairs either. Our last Japanese car didn't even LAST for 9 years!!

7th Aug 2009, 23:47

Most reliable car in the world? Buick?! Somebody got them confused with Toyota.

13th Sep 2009, 14:21

If your "reliable Buick" comments are not based on the Lacrosse, they have no business being here, especially to argue how great Buicks are. Car quality varies from model to model, let alone from generation to generation. So to compare a 20yr old Buick to new ones and say "Buicks are great!" is total hogwash. GM quality in the 70's is totally different to GM quality today, especially in relation to the competition.

18th Sep 2009, 20:37

Buick (and GM) have built extremely reliable cars for many years. The current top rated car in J.D. Powers long-term reliability surveys is Buick (tied for no. 1 with Ford). Our 1977 Buick LeSabre was sold at 277,000 miles last year. It had required ZERO repairs. How do you get better than that?? Toyota ranks way below Buick in reliability. Even Lexus is topped by Buick and Ford. Modern domestics are far more reliable than any Japanese cars. Toyota is currently embroiled in hundreds of roll-over lawsuits and has just recalled 100,000 cars due to bad brakes. Hardly a good sign of quality.

18th Sep 2009, 20:46

"Where in the world are people getting these "reliable" Buicks?"

From GM. See J.D. Powers "best long-term reliability" rankings. Buick and Ford tied for No. 1, Toyota is way down on the list (8th or 9th I believe).

30th Dec 2009, 08:32

Buick reliability: 1994 LeSabre bought at 55K and sold at 155K. 1996 Park Avenue bought @ 77K and sold at 145K. Current 2000 Park Avenue bought at 95K and considering selling @ 144K. Shopping for Nissan, Toyota, and BMW and finding nightmare reviews for any given model year, I am reconsidering. Wondering if I should sink $800 into struts for my PA and just keep the car that got me here. Or maybe buy another Buick and keep with my run of good luck. On the down side, I have a 2002 Rendezvous that was wonderful until 120K miles and we've sunk 6K into it with this and that over the past 13 months. Wiring harnesses that fray and cause traction issues. Terrible car.

31st Dec 2009, 09:10

The Rendezvous is really not a good predictor of Buick reliability. It was manufactured in Mexico and was poorly engineered by GM. It was based on GM's mini-vans, which also have a very poor reliability track record.

I have owned 2 Park Avenues, a '99 which I traded with over 140,000 miles and currently a 2005 with about 32,000. I put close to $1,000 into the '99 in about 3 years, but over 75% of that was unnecessary repairs like replacing a dimming climate control module or fixing a broken electric lock/unlock door button.

The only issue I had with the drivetrain was caused by a mouse chewing a wire in the motor.

The only issues I've had with the '05 in over a year is a fuse block that went bad rendering my sunroof, radio, power seats, etc. inoperable, and I had to replace the twilight sentinel. I bought the car in Aug. of '08 with under 17,000 miles, so those may have been due to the car sitting a lot.

30th Nov 2010, 09:13

ALSO, every car is going to have brakes replaced.

Brakes, oil, flushes (yes you should have your transmission/fluid filter change and cooling system regularly flushed and filled). It's all a part of preventative maintenance.

Go to NAPA for rotors and pads. You get premium parts that last long.

18th Mar 2012, 23:59

I drive a 06 LaCrosse with 72k miles. And my wife has a 07 Camry SE with 82k miles.

We bought both cars new, and the Camry has been a nightmare, between brake shimmy and an oil line failure on the freeway, which Toyota had me wait 2 months for the back ordered part.

If we're going on long trips, we always drive my Buick, because we know we're not gonna have any issues.

My last car was a 98 Camry with 238k miles, before we sold it for a dollar. I'm not saying Toyota is a bad car, but I'd take a Buick over any Japanese car. And I'm not biased; my father sold Toyota for 10 years, and even he has a bad taste in his mouth about them.

19th Mar 2012, 17:10

I have owned 3 Buicks, and they have all been very reliable and comfortable cars. The newest one (a Lucerne) isn't as nice as my Park Avenues, but I still think you get a lot more car and luxury for your buck, as opposed to Toyota. These days the reliability is about the same too.

24th Sep 2012, 11:43

My '06 Allure (Lacrosse) has turned 64,000 miles, and begun to consume about a quart of oil between regular changes.

I thought the 3.8 L engine was bullet-proof, also, and almost had the big-one when 'low oil' prompt was displayed.

Due to a recent shoulder replacement, I've been lax in checking the oil, relying on any driveway droppings to be my guide.

Check the level every 500 miles is my advice.

26th Sep 2012, 18:20

GM did a great job of ruining this engine. The Series II was great, but had plastic intake manifolds that tended to leak before 100,000, causing expensive repairs, and in some rare instances, ruining the engine. The Series III is known for excessive oil consumption. Then GM replaced the engine with the 3.9 that gets poorer fuel economy than the 3.8. Talk about progress.

The Series I 3.8 is probably the best, with slightly poorer fuel economy than the newer versions.