10th May 2010, 14:03

Really? No issues? Well you only have 500 miles, so I'd certainly hope so.

11th May 2010, 10:04

"Really? No issues? Well you only have 500 miles, so I'd certainly hope so."

Do you write this same thing on all the new car reviews? I am sure she'll come back and update us as the miles go up.

12th May 2010, 23:21

This is the best car on the market in the upper $20k or lower 30k segment by a very long shot. The old LaCrosses are garbage, but the new ones are really really nice. Buick finally got a winner.

13th May 2010, 19:44

Personally, I felt the last generation was better looking and more appealing. However, I must admit I am a traditional Buick fan. These new cars will surely appeal to a new market, but they will definitely alienate some of the current clientele myself included. I do think the Enclave is a beautiful vehicle though.

1st Jul 2010, 12:53

Buick has made huge strides in recent years, though they have always been a very good car. I fondly remember my family's bright yellow 1956 Special hardtop. I was also very impressed with the 1977 LaSabre my family sold in 2008, with over a quarter of a million miles on it and zero repairs. Styling is a matter of personal preference, and I like both the first-generation LaCrosse and the newer ones. I've been very happy to see Buick surpass the grossly over-rated Lexus in virtually all recent quality surveys. Good work GM.

16th Jul 2010, 16:23

My dad purchased an '09 and he couldn't be happier. Smooth ride, good looks. The interior is pretty nice too. Hasn't been a moment of trouble (about 50,000km).

20th Jul 2010, 16:30

The 2010 CXS doesn't come in AWD... only the CXL model. The CXS has the bigger V6 engine (3.6L) and should have an AWD out this fall. I just bought the new CXS with almost every option and it's VERY nice. Dollar for dollar, much nicer than my wife's new Cadillac CTS. My only complaint so far is the lack of storage space up front.

2nd Oct 2010, 02:50

Can anyone please explain why General Motors is importing the Buick Regal (a.k.a Opel Insignia)? This car is priced almost the same as the Lacrosse, looks the same, is slightly smaller and has only a four cylinder engine. I compared the two, and it seemed to me that the Lacrosse wins out in every area - am I missing something?

2nd Oct 2010, 13:07

The Regal is in the mid-size class, while the new LaCrosse is considered a large car in today's market. I really hope Buick introduces a more traditional car that is larger than the LaCrosse to replace the Lucerne and the greatly missed Park Avenue and LeSabre models. I think a compact car and a smaller SUV would also be nice, to give Buick a broader line-up of vehicles.

4th Nov 2010, 14:05

I have a 2009 Buick Lacrosse. I have owned Regals, and LeSabres. Yesterday I put my car in reverse and it went forward. I did this 2 more times. Same thing. I then shut off the engine. When I tried reverse again it worked. I took it to the Buick dealer that said he couldn't find any problem. He also reiterated that there is a chip that shows what the problem with the transmission is, if there is one. Nothing showed up. I know what happened and I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

G. Gallagher.

18th Jun 2012, 14:44

The new Buicks are super nice. I got into a new LaCrosse at a car show when they came out, and the interior is certainly of the best in the industry. I was shocked, especially because I really hated the LeSabre and Park Avenue of the 90's and early 00's. Buick has also been near the top in reliability for years, and these new models are sure to surpass that record. They have hit a home run with this one.

20th Jun 2012, 16:50

I feel the opposite. I miss the traditional American Buicks. The modern ones are great for the 30-50 crowd, but those of us that appreciate large traditional cars, Buick has all but forgotten us.

I have a brand new Enclave, which I like a lot, but truth be told, I still miss my Park Avenues. If they still made them, I would have bought another one without hesitation. I have some friends that have an '08 Enclave that they traded a 2000 Park Avenue for in 2010, and they feel the same way I do.

The Enclave is currently the only model that I would consider from Buick. The cars are completely unappealing in my opinion. The Enclave is a very functional vehicle, but the comfort, fuel economy and ease of driving just can't hold a candle to my 2005 Park Avenue.

I am very fond of the Enclave's styling, which I can't say of many modern cars, but I just loved the classic look of the Park Avenue and LeSabre, which had a lot of nods to cars of the 60s and 70s, executed in a modern interpretation. Interestingly, Buick's sales figures are way off from what they were about 10 years ago.

9th Jun 2013, 11:39

I completely agree. Reviews should only be completed after 130k. That shows what cars are truly reliable.