11th Oct 2013, 18:40

Pushrods are the good ones - I would always choose a pushrod engine over the other kind if possible. Of course in a few more years there won't be any left.

12th Oct 2013, 09:26

I get 28-30 MPG interstate in my Corvette, but drop down to 17 MPG with combined. With overdrives, cars barely idle on interstates. Some trans now have 7 gears. It's feasible on interstates, even with full size cars on cruise.

22nd Feb 2014, 20:02

I own the car you commented on, and to clarify, I live in Canada and the mileage figures are for Imperial MPG, not standard MPG. The figures for standard MPG would of course be lower.

25th Jul 2017, 16:53

Original owner of the above review.

The car now has 108000km and has been a mixed bag.

Under warranty the passenger door lock stopped working. My wife had to recline the seat back and exit from a rear door.

The wiper motor was double wiping and then not wiping.

An "unidentified leak" under hood was refused repair under warranty, but after the next service, out of warranty, a power steering hose was replaced and a small rear main seal leak was identified. I say small because the leak was small, but the time and cost to repair is substantial. Apparently the dealer can choose not to do big, ugly jobs when it is under warranty. Brakes and rotors at 80000km, and lower control arms too.

The transmission is starting to act up, which is apparently common with all 5.3L FWD GMs.

The seats have become slightly more comfortable with time, but still not all day road trip comfortable. The upgraded suspension plays into that as well. You feel most of the road transmitted right into the car.

Trying to nurse it along and sell it before a total replacement is needed. Still feels solid and launches like a rocket, but the little repairs are starting to add up.

8th Oct 2017, 03:35

What is the transmission doing that makes you suspect its reliability?