12th Jan 2007, 19:18

8:35...guess you will never have a Viper! By far the best car I have ever had an opp'y to drive.

12th Jan 2007, 22:37

Car and Driver described the Sebring as being the car for AARP members and I suggest you drive it before you make the decision to buy one.

13th Jan 2007, 18:25

The second most reliable car we ever owned was a Dodge (240,000 totally trouble-free miles), so I can't imagine why anyone would put down Chrysler. The first was a Ford that made 325,000 virtually trouble-free miles, and our Buick LaSabre had not a single problem in the first 230,000 miles (we still have it). ALL U.S. car makers build EXTREMELY reliable vehicles. NONE of the 3 imports my family has owned made it to 200,000 miles, and had far more problems than any domestic we've ever owned.

14th Jan 2007, 09:01

I've never owned a single import that had any problems. Everyone I know who has owned a domestic has had endless problems, and I can't count the number of people who are fed up with the American crap.

Your situation is clearly unique, as sales records clearly demonstrate.

14th Jan 2007, 21:13

I'd never dream of driving a 4-cylinder Camry or Accord. These cars are so slow that they are dangerous to merge onto a freeway with. We've driven the almost equally underpowered Highlander V-6 and even it was so slow it was scary merging into traffic. The 4-cylinder is simply too small for such a large vehicle. The GM 4-cylinder engines in the compacts are OK, and the V-6's are all amply powerful.

8th Jun 2007, 21:28

I have owned a 1977 Buick Electra Limited for almost 30 years. It has 155,000 miles on it and it runs as good today as it did when it was new. This Big Baby is a sleeper and it surprises many as to how quick it is for such a huge vehicle. Like they say, When Better Cars are Built, Buick will Build Them. Well, its still true,. Just ask a La Crosse owner.

17th Jun 2007, 23:37

I'm the proud owner of two Buick Regals; one has the standard, sturdy V6 3.8L and the other is the supercharged 3.8L. Try to find a sleeper like the Supercharged with 280 torque and 240 HP. The car thrusts. I've replaced only a wheel well after a blizzard and the AC pulley wheel (towing) in 135,000 miles.

Great cars. The 3.8L (non-S) reads - zero hydrocarbon leadkage during emmissions. Just doesn't get any better.

Buicks are quality.

31st Aug 2008, 10:19

I have just purchased a used LaCrosse CXL with 54,000 miles on it. I agree with the driver seat being initially uncomfortable, but am hoping to be able to position it to relieve that.

I absolutely love the car. I'm 26 and have a family, so it was an unexpected buy when my aim was towards something much smaller, or much less of a car.

The only other issue I have is the instant gas mileage gauge skips around. LOL. That is, when I am going down the highway at a steady pace for more than long enough to get an average, it will go from 70 mpg, to 16mpg, to 32, 5, 66.

Other than that I love the car.

6th Nov 2008, 00:27

I am 25 years old, and I'm considering buying a used 2007 model, I love the reliability track record of the Buicks, and I really don't follow the "trends", I don't consider Buicks "old mans/woman’s" car. But if they say "why you driving an old mans car" I will say "well, if the old guy has been around for so many years, he obviously knows a thing or two about buying a quality/reliable car :P (stings them every time)

For all those GM bashers --> DRIVE ONE, OWN ONE, THEN COMMENT! You may be in for a pleasant surprise!

7th Nov 2008, 18:15

I am 23 and currently own my second Buick. Both have been Park Avenues. I considered a new '08 LaCrosse before I purchased my '05 Park Avenue but it just wasn't as nice as my Park Avenue. I do hope to buy one of the current body style LaCrosse's once my Buick is paid off. I for one love Buicks and could care less about the status quo. I'd take a LaCrosse over a Camry or Accord every time.

20th Nov 2008, 17:55

I REALLY like comments 00:27 and 18:15. The Buick is a truly great car. Regardless of your age, the cars are light years ahead of anything from Honda or Toyota in EVERY respect. They are 2nd only to Lexus in J.D. Power's quality surveys, and were AHEAD of Lexus last year. My family just sold a Buick LeSabre with over 270,000 miles. It never had a single problem.

18th Feb 2009, 19:17

I own an '05 Lacrosse. Bought it used with 25,000 miles. I haven't had any major problems, however I had typical little problems that have riddled GM vehicles for as long as I can remember.

For one, the airbag light on the dash comes on for no apparent reason, and it also turns off the passenger airbag when someone is in that seat. I took it to the dealership once, and they couldn't find a problem, however they reset the module and it was good for about 2 months.

Then it came on once again, I went back to the same dealer and they said they remedied the problem and I shouldn't have any problems. Well, last week the light illuminated again, and quite frankly I don't have patience to go back again, I will, perhaps when it needs significant service.

Also, the engine had a miss to it. It would hesitate, and buck slightly. I don't remember what it was but it was supposedly fixed. Once again, it was good for about 2 months, and then it started to sputter again. Now this engine (3.8 liter v-6) is regaled as being the third generation of this motor, and is supposedly rock solid. I'm sure yet, especially because the motor only has 31,000 miles on it. I hate to think how this motor will run at 100,000 miles if I have it that long.

Another disappointment is the sound proofing and silence this auto's interior is supposed to produce. By no means is the engine loud or the interior not insulated, however GM has no right to claim that this motor is the quietest on the road. My brother's 2005 Toyota Avalon is much quieter, perhaps because it has a 6 speed automatic, however it accelerates much quieter as well.

Again, the Lacrosse is not a bad vehicle, it's just definitely not as well made as my 1995 Toyota Camry that I traded in for the Buick, and the Camry had 135,000 miles and I can't recall doing anything but expected maintenance. I never even changed the timing belt, which is advised to be changed at 90,000 miles.

28th Jul 2009, 16:05

I am replying to the original review by the "Dealer".

Sir, it is too blatantly obvious that you are either a die-hard GM/Buick fan or a representative of a dealership. The car does not appeal to the younger crowd (the 2010 version might), there are handling problems, and it is not the best car for the money.

But it is still a fine automobile, and I am proud to drive it.

29th Jul 2009, 17:31

I am 24 and will agree these are not youth oriented cars. The average age buyer is 69. That being said, I like them and would not buy the 2010 model based on what I've seen. It is not traditional American like Buick is supposed to be. I am a big Buick fan, but don't see the point in the brand going on if GM doesn't know what it is going to be and who it should appeal to. Buick sold well through the late 90's because it was a well defined brand which offered quality products to a specific group of people. Now it is a muddled up mess.

9th Jun 2013, 11:35

Our Lacrosse with the 3.6L DOHC engine burns oil at 120k. Other than that, it's a decent vehicle. Engine shouldn't burn oil at 120k. And this is a common problem. That makes a high mileage LaCrosse junk. Don't expect high miles out of the 3.6L.