1974 Buick LeSabre Luxus 455 from North America


If it were a ship it would be a heavy cruiser.


Before I purchased the car witch had 247000 miles on it; the engine was rebuilt, the car was repainted, the vinyl top was replaced and the seats were recovered. The Transmission went out at about 249000 miles. The CV join at the rear of the drive-shaft was rebuilt at about 251000 miles. I replaced the water pump at 253000 miles.

General Comments:

Tons of bottom-end torque and extremly comfortable to drive.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2003

15th Jan 2004, 09:21

That is actually a U-joint at the rear of the driveshaft, not a cv joint. The only vehicles in the US in 1974 that had cv joints, besides 4WDs, were the Eldorado/Toronado.

And some VWs and Renaults.

20th May 2013, 20:35

You sure? I had a '76 Oldsmobile Delta 88 that had a CV cardan joint, I think they called it on the back of the drive shaft. Also the pinion yoke on the 8 1/2" 10 bolt was/is different. Maybe they started that after '74. I know it's definitely different from my '76 Cutlass Supreme Brougham, because I had it chopped off and a new end welded on it so I could reuse it. Maybe it was only used in Oldsmobiles with those odd ball TH 375's trannys they put in behind the 350 4 BBL motors.

1974 Buick LeSabre Luxus Sedan 7.5 liter (455 CID) from North America


I love my Dinosaur!!


Water pump.


Wiper motor.

General Comments:

When my Toyota Camry was reduced to nearly half its size by a drunkard in a Suburban, I needed a replacement: FAST. This car was parked under an oak tree and hadn't run in 6 years, and there were at least 3 sparrow nests in the hood and grille. When I heard the old 455 fire up on the first try, the word SOLD immediately crossed my lips as I wrote a check out for $800.

It's HUGE, has the turning radius of an ocean liner, and drinks gas at the rate of anywhere from 10 to 18 MPG, But it's turned out to be the most reliable car I've ever owned. It started out with some mechanical problems, but that's to be expected of a 23 year old car that sat for so long. I feel privileged to drive a car from the mid 70's that can ACTUALLY SEAT SIX ADULTS IN COMFORT, isn't rusted to hell yet and has a pretty maroon color, unlike the common puke-booger green and dog-turd brown of the 70's. People stay out of my way on the highway and don't mess with me, because I've got over 2 tons of solid steel surrounding me.

The car rides smoother than anything new on the road, and the monstrous 455 purrs like a kitten during normal driving but roars like a dinosaur when asked to. It buries the speedo needle at 120 MPH while sending the fuel gauge in the opposite direction almost as fast, and it still has a little more umph left to go.

The styling is kind of love it or hate it, and I've grown to love it. With gas at the average of $1.50 per gallon, I usually drive my more sensible 95 Accord, But I still love my beast and would never part with it!!!

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2000

25th May 2002, 09:41

I also owned a '74 Lesabre, and I wanted to comment to others that it was the best car I've ever owned. It ran excellent with a 350.I live in northern NY, so through all the rough winters, the frame got pretty rough and I couldn't afford to do any restoration. If the frame would have never gone bad, I would still be driving it. I loved it very much.