31st May 2003, 10:01

I am acquiring a 74 Lesabre Lexus w/35k orig mis, 1 owner, garage kept- it is my Grandfathers car. How do I decipher the VIN. The first digits are 4p39t4y.


Jim Cook.


27th Nov 2008, 08:15

The sparrows' nests have probably found a home under the hood of the 1995 Honda Accord.

4th Nov 2010, 12:05

I am also a proud owner my 1974 Buick LeSabre convertible. I'm in the process of restoring it, but I'm having a hard time finding tail lights. Can anyone help me please?

My email address is nmcmillan71@yahoo.com


20th May 2013, 20:43

Ummm... 4P39T4Y.

I think 4 means the Buick division of GM, Oldsmobile is 3.

P39 is the model/series of Buick, probably means some kind of LeSabre. An A Bodies lower 20's are four doors and higher 50's are two doors, so I'm guessing it might be a four door, but it's a B Body so I could be wrong on that.

T is the engine code. T's, U's, V's, W's usually indicate a 455, maybe a 4 BBL, possibly dual exhaust.

4 is the model year.

Y is the place where it was built, I'm thinking out West maybe. I thought all the LeSabres were built in Michigan, might be wrong...

Also if it's a 455 car, and I think it is, all the '74 Luxus LeSabres used stage 1 455's, so it's got the "big" valve heads. I think they rated these motors around 270 HP. If it's running good and you mash on the gas, it should get up and roll, and pull hard to 100 mph... easy.

21st May 2013, 16:57

$1.50 per gallon sounds like peanuts now.

21st May 2013, 17:19

Nice car to drive... when gas WAS $1.50 a gallon!

22nd May 2013, 09:10

18 MPG with a 455? Are you driving downhill all the time?

22nd May 2013, 16:51

Great car to drive weekends, nice evenings, cruise nights, taking the family out to dinner, taking a long trip and splitting the fuel 3 or 4 ways, avoiding a trip to a chiropractor vs a tiny car.

My GM gets 8.5 MPG and I could care less as I drive it less than 2500 miles annually. Rides like a dream, and I have quite a few trophies as well.

Not a 4 door full size, but the fuel comment applies.

17th Oct 2014, 23:15

Ten years ago I remember when gas getting close to $1.50/gallon in the U.S.

"I'm walking to work", "I'm gonna buy a moped", "I'm gonna buy a little Toyota or Honda that gets 40 MPG".

Today, October 17, 2014, gas dropped to under $3.00/gallon for the first time in what seemed like ages.

Even when gas was well over $4.00/gallon, Americans were still driving huge SUVs and 4x4 pickup trucks, and taking their classic V8 gas guzzling muscle cars out on the weekends.

If you love or need your car enough, you will fill it up with gas, no matter what the price is.

18th Oct 2014, 22:27

Yes, I pay very little attention to gas prices, although it is nice to see them dropping for a change, even though I suspect they are still very inflated when compared to the cost per barrel.

Anyway, I live 3 miles from work and drive a full-size SUV. I like big cars and will not let the cost of fuel dictate what I drive. I have to fill-up whether it costs $1 per gallon or $5, so I just pay it. Actually the fluctuation in price doesn't really seem to change the actual cost to fill my tank that much. When the day comes that I can no longer afford to buy gas, then I will probably just buy an older large car and eliminate car payments. I HATE small cars and will not drive one!