1992 Buick LeSabre 3.8 from North America




Goodness. A few smaller things here and there. Replacing brakes used to be almost a twice a year thing. Now, about once per year. I'm not sure if that was normal.

Right now, I have MAF sensor issues. It could be something else, as I have not taken it to my mechanic. Yet...

General Comments:

The car has 360,000 miles and still runs like a champ!

Handles well, smooth ride. I think the engine is going to outlast the rest of the car haha!

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Review Date: 28th April, 2011

30th Apr 2011, 16:24

This car must have the 3.8 engine to have that high mileage. It's a very reliable engine.

Buicks are great, my family has always bought full size GM cars and we have never had any problems other than rust, being in Northern Canada. The engines last forever!

Keep driving it, you just cannot kill these!

1992 Buick LeSabre Limited 3.8L from North America


A great car, from the engine to the leather seats


One or two engine mounts broke, resulting in some knocking when accelerating from a complete stop. Had them replaced recently.

The steering wheel is misaligned.

The anti-lock brakes are totally dead.

Climate control issues: AC doesn't work and the fans sometimes make annoying noises when on low speed. The noises seem to worsen in cold weather, and when braking.

Some mild, but noticeable, shaking / vibrations when driving at freeway speeds.

Some frame components are pretty rusty, probably a result of not being parked in a garage for many years.

Some minor electrical issues: passenger side door lock had an intermittent problem with refusing to lock (always works now, at least after a couple tries) and the headlights sometimes need 'motivation' to be turned off.

General Comments:

Overall I think this is a great vehicle. Sure, it has a reputation as a "grandpa" car (yeah, my grandpa originally owned it), but it's powerful and maybe even mean looking in the right light. It has some nice features that make it unique and enjoyable to own and drive.

The car's appearance is somewhat unique in my opinion, almost having the features of a car 10 years older but smoothed out. It looks especially nice in a darker color and it has a respectable amount of chrome. Definitely has a well designed exterior, one of those with nothing looking awkward or out of place.

The body still being mostly metal, with the exception of the fenders, it's pretty durable compared to cars with more plastic.

The interior is also very nice. The seats are a nice gray leather and are very comfortable, feeling almost like sitting on a couch.

It also is very roomy. In addition to the car being a little on the larger side, everything inside feels out-of-the-way. The dash is very set-back and there is plenty of legroom, even with being 6' 4". You'll never feel crowded in this car, even with a full load. People consistently make comments on the comfort and 'roominess' of the interior upon entering. No kidding!

The trunk is also a good size.

After 18 years, the car still runs like new. I have had a couple repairs done, mostly due to rust which is understandable because the car is always parked outside.

Its 3.8 litre V6 has no problem getting you up to speed when you need it to. It's a heavy car, but you'd never know with the way it accelerates. Never had any problems with the engine.

This car's ride is very smooth. The anti-lock brakes finally died, and the repair would be very expensive so I live without them. The Dynaride suspension is amazing. The car feels like it's floating around an inch above the ground. There is definitely a noticeable difference driving over the same bumpy roads in my LeSabre compared to riding over them in another car.

The car turns surprisingly well in general, not just for its size. I very rarely have to correct while parking anywhere because of its turning radius being sharp.

I have very few complaints for this car. Anything that has broken is expected of any car after so many years of use. Some of the components are degrading over such a long time. Things like door locks, headlight switches, climate control buttons are starting to require a little coaxing to work. The climate control is a little awkward to operate having no knobs, just buttons but everything else is easy to use.

Still, it is very reliable. The way it starts up like a brand new car makes me confident it will last for years to come.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2010

5th May 2010, 22:39

Your LeSabre is still just an infant at 97,000 miles. That 3.8 can and will go over 300,000 without needing a major rebuild, provided you take proper care of it.