30th Jul 2001, 02:44

Hmmmmm. 455 huh? Well I wouldn't have done it. I would've just beefed up the 307. But to each his own. I have a 85 Buick LeSabre 2 door Coupe also. I just had the 307 rebuilt. I had some custom made headers, Edlebrock manifold, Edlebrock heads, new hoses, and Edlebrock carb. The car packs some nice power, torque monster! And I have 160,000 miles on it.

27th Feb 2002, 02:24

The GM cars of the '77 - '85 era are true classics. Utterly reliable, safe and comfortable. I have driven 3 LeSabres over the past 23 years, one for 250,000 miles, never had any chronic problems. Get em while you still can, they'll soon be gone forever. What a daily driver!

12th Oct 2002, 10:53

Is the "Collectors Edition" worth any money? I have one and I might put in a big block for the power. Sounds like fun. What would I lose by not having an original collectors edition? Collectors Edition being named on the last year a V8 rear wheel LeSabre was ever built.

6th Feb 2004, 09:08

I bought a le Sabre 2 door coupe a few months ago and it is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. for a V-8 engine you can't hear the motor at 55-60.

10th Sep 2004, 11:03

I have an '84 LeSabre and it's a great car. I don't understand the negative comments about this car not being the last RWD car Buick built. It is apparently a really nice car that with a GM engine that makes it fly. Congrats to the owner who was creative enough to do something that I'm sure some GM engineers at least mused about. Or do you guys think your the only ones who ever come up with novel, but doable ideas?

4th Nov 2004, 13:27

Why would replacing the engine with a larger one be such a "novel" idea?

People have been swapping out engines for larger ones for what, the last 50-60 years?

16th Jan 2005, 10:19

Q. About the 455 install?? What was involved as far as fit (steering box, frame front suspention...) I have one of those 85 collectors (well apparently it's just a plain lesabre with a collectors hood ornament) any way, I was contemplating a bolt up Olds. 350. Evidently the 307 can't push much more than it's got stock (open to advice in regards to tricking up the 307 as well) Or.. drop in a set of gears with the existing drive train??

Any valuable advise would be appreciated.

29th Aug 2005, 02:23

I have a 1985 Collectors also... I sadly have the 3.8L.

I was wondering if anybody knows what it would entail to drop in a 307 or 350?

The car sits high in the front, I'm pretty sure they used the same springs...?

Please reply to brandonkrause@gmail.com.

26th Jun 2006, 00:47

I just bought a used 85 Buick LeSabre Collectors Ed. 2 door coupe. So far, I enjoy the car. Very smooth, handles well, and it's quiet though. It's basically in mint condition, got it for $800. I have always enjoyed big full-size cars because if you get into an accident, it will save your life. I refuse to buy a tiny little car (regardless of gas prices), because little cars (especially newer ones) are death traps waiting to happen. I've owned big cars my life. I feel like I'm a cloud floating down the road. Lots of room and hey, older cars have a personality. True american rig. If you have the money to buy a new car, it ain't got no soul. But, buying an older car, well it's got soul and character.

I will never make enough money to buy a new car, but pretty soon, the US is gonna make it to where you can't drive these rigs anymore (which will suck). I figure, I will fix up and keep driving these big rigs until they outlaw them. You only got one life to live, might as well live it to the fullest. Thanks. OREGON 2006.

6th Jul 2006, 22:23

My Grandma has an '85 Collectors Edition with the original 307 V8. I was wondering how much horsepower these engines put out. Also, I was looking at the engine closely today, and noticed a Quadra-jet carburetor, did all of these 307 engines have this carburetor?

7th Jul 2006, 15:29

I agree that dropping a 455 in this particular year model LeSabre isn't such a good idea for reasons mentioned here, but in terms of power I'd understand. I once drove a big old pickup, an '81 GM Sierra or Chevy Silverado, I think. At the time I regularly drove a midsize car that was sometimes underpowered due to its 6-cyl. engine, but when I drove the big beast it really amazed me. I pushed the gas as much as I did in the car, but the pickup just zoomed so fast it left me speechless. It must've had the 454 as my dad explained it's due to the big V8 engine it had. Ahh, no wonder! I loved driving it, but it belonged to my grandfather. I'd love to own a big vehicle with a 454 or 455, but don't know if I'll ever be able to.

Anyway, back to the LeSabre. My first car was an '82 Limited coupe. I had a budget to work with and this car was 4 years old, but I got it somewhat cheap as it had the 4.1L V6 instead of the V8. The 4.1L served me fairly well, but sometimes I wished I had the 307 instead because passing slowpokes on 2-lane roads was a hassle if you ask me. If I'm gonna get me another LeSabre like this one, I'd avoid the 3.8L and 4.1L and make sure it's got a V8.

9th Jul 2006, 13:19

To the person who asked how much hp the 307 V8 had: it's 145-148, probably depending on the make. The 307 is the 5.0L that was available in all RWD full- and mid-size cars from 1977 to 1990, but interestingly the 305 5.0L in the Chevy series had more like 150. You'd think the Chevy, being the bread-and-butter brand, would have less hp, but that didn't seem to be the case. My grandparents owned an '83 Caprice, white over silver with wire wheel covers, dual sport mirrors, etc. Anyway, I drove it a couple times and was very impressed with its awesome power. I also owned for a short time an '83 Olds Delta 88 coupe with the 307 and I liked its power as well. I'd want to have another one like it.

As for the Quadra-jet carburetor, I don't know if the 307's had it. Sorry, but you might wanna google it and find out.

11th Jul 2006, 12:14

The 307 does not have the traditional "Quadrajet" of the 70's, most Buick/Olds V8's had electronic carberators. You had to break the plastic factory caps over the idle screws, and the idle was controlled by computer.

4th Aug 2006, 22:20

So, I guess my Grandma's '85 LeSabre has almost 150 hp... Everyone here says the 307 is fairly quick, I have not driven the car yet, but it doesn't seem like 150hp is very much, not enough to be considered too quick. It must have a lot of torque then. Does anyone know how much torque the 307 puts out? One more thing, obviously I am not very clear on the difference between horsepower, and torque. Forgive me for asking these obvious questions. Thanks.