8th Nov 2011, 14:58

The 1985 LeSabre Collector's Edition is 180 hp; same motor as the 1984 Hurst Olds.

8th Nov 2011, 15:03

You have a 307 Olds motor; the motor is the same as the 1984 Hurst Olds 180 HO 307.

Aluminum intake, roller cam.

Electronic 650 CFM quadrijet.

Look up Northern Auto Parts online. They carry quality engine rebuild kits at reasonable prices. Call a local machine shop, Napa is always at good start, they can help you with machining costs.

15th Nov 2011, 15:02

The 1985 LeSabre engine is not the Hurst-Olds engine. Yes, in 1985 the LeSabre and Delta 88 got roller valve lifters, but they are all VIN Engine code Y. This means they all have model 6A or 7A cylinder heads (instead of 5A on the 1980-1984 Models), and are even worse, slower, more anemic performing than the 1980-1984 stock 307 in full size GM models. The roller lifters on the 1985 307 make the engine very smooth, even by modern standards, if tuned correctly. The cam has an extremely low lift on the valves though, making for an engine that that can't breathe above 3000 RPM, and really can't rev much beyond 4000. The 1980-1984 307 V8. Can easily rev over 5000 RPM. Neither one of these will be speed demons at only 140 HP though.

The only thing collectible about the 1985 LeSabre Collectors Edition is fancy ornamentation, nothing more...

16th Nov 2011, 15:42

I've had three different Olds Delta 88s, one '82 and two '84s, and I have to admit I doubt that I ever revved them over 3,000 rpms in all the years I owned them (I mean how often does anyone rev up those old smoothies?).

17th Nov 2011, 23:16

The whole car is collectable, due to the fact that it was the last year for the rear-drive LeSabre. Compare this style to the 1986 and beyond styles, 1985 and prior LeSabres are becoming more and more collectable everyday, little by little, especially 2 door versions.

20th Nov 2011, 22:18

Even so, people need to get rid of the assumption that it is a high performance hot rod, it DOES NOT have a special edition engine.

21st Nov 2011, 13:09

I never said it had a special engine. I agree with you that comment 15:03 is wrong. A beautiful under-powered reliable luxury liner is what these cars were.

22nd Feb 2012, 21:22

Well I have the same car and motor, and was wondering what kind of Edelbrock carb did you get?

23rd Feb 2012, 18:58

"Nice sized road bully."

- Count on the 455 Olds for that!!!

2nd May 2012, 10:14

I bought a 1985 LeSabre Collectors Edition brand new. It was a great car, very nice ride, plush interior. Other than regular maintenance, never had any trouble with it. I had it for 18 years.

31st Jul 2012, 20:44

KBB only goes back to 1992 when you use the link in your comments. So it won't be very helpful in searching true values for a "1985" Collectors Edition" LeSabre.

I own an absolutely gorgeous '85 Collectors Edition with only 80132 original miles. Blue vinyl top, Creme paint, like new perfect plush blue interior. Love it!

2nd Aug 2012, 16:39

The comment you refer to was posted over five years ago.

In any case, the results of vehicle auctions, such as on eBay, are a more reliable indicator of what a particular vehicle is worth, especially something too old to be commonly found on used-car lots.

Like anything else, it's only worth what someone is actually willing to PAY you for it. Someone walking up to you in a parking lot and offering you a ridiculous amount for your car doesn't count.

3rd Aug 2012, 17:43

These cars are on E-bay and Autotrader all the time, and usually sell for more than what they were when new.

11th Sep 2012, 06:26


I'm the happy new owner of an '85 Buick LeSabre Coupe Collectors Edition. Right now I'm in Europe and bought the car here. It's in mint condition, with around 20.000 miles. I've got a problem; it won't go in Reverse. The mechanic opened the transmission, but found no broken parts. Can anyone tell me if, and where to look for a new transmission?



11th Sep 2012, 15:37

I have seen offers on cars on Saturday evening car cruise nights. Typically large shopping centers. Sure does count. I have turned down offers myself, including partial swaps plus cash.

25th Sep 2012, 13:45

Oh, they "usually sell for more than what they were new", eh?

These cars sold new for $11K-$12K. One with super low mileage (under 20K) would be lucky to bring half that. The ones in just average condition are going for a couple thousand or less. This is referring to actual sales, not ridiculously priced cars that go unsold.

And as far as the "Collector's Edition" goes: Buick made EVERY 1985 LeSabre Limited a Collector's Edition, all 106,643 of them, far outnumbering the 35,247 LeSabre Customs made the same year. Do you really think that it is worth more just because it says Collector's on it? It wasn't even the last RWD Buick, either.

26th Sep 2012, 15:50

You need to browse eBay Motors every so often.

Just the other day I saw a 1985 2 door C.E. with about 16k that was going for 15,000. That doesn't necessarily mean it's worth that much, but for a certain collector it surely is.

And you're right, this was not the last RWD Buick, but it was the last RWD LeSabre.

26th Sep 2012, 16:04

What if the car was Pro Street, with at least 10k in a motor and say 7 to 10 grand in paint etc? Likely would sell for more than the new price.

26th Sep 2012, 22:30

I see GM fullsize cars from this era quite often for sale on the Internet, and yes, low mileage examples do get in the price range of when they were new, which is valuable enough for one who would consider owning one.

I owned a 1977 Olds Regency and a 1985 LeSabre Limited, and they were great cars.

I would love to own a mint low mileage example of these great cars.

1st Nov 2012, 13:22

Oh, I should "browse eBay Motors", eh?

OK, let's see... 1985 LeSabre: one 2-door with 152K miles with 11 bids just barely over $1000 with just three days left. And one with 79K miles (now ended) that attracted just a single bid of $1500 vs. a reserve of $3500; still nowhere near what the car sold for new.

How about a 1984 LeSabre, basically the same car, sans the "collector edition" nameplate? One with just 70K miles recently sold after attracting just one bid of... $929.

Yeah, these cars are bringing in the big bucks, aren't they?

As to the other comment: this is referring to STOCK cars, not modifieds. Just because someone dumps a ton of money into a car for engine/body mods, does not mean that a stock version of the same model is worth anywhere near as much.

2nd Nov 2012, 11:03

Yeah, browse E-bay motors, it doesn't mean every week you will see one going for "big bucks", but in the past it has happened.

Obviously you don't like these cars, so let the subject die already.

2nd Nov 2012, 23:29

Really? Over a month later and you reply with these examples?

What did you do, wait until you saw these starting at a rock bottom price?

Two weeks ago, did you see the low mileage bronze 85 CE coupe stating at $11K, or how about the 77 base custom coupe at $7k?

I always pay attention when I see the 1985 model for sale, because if I do find one that was identical to the one I bought brand new, I may consider it and gladly pay $5-8K for it in great condition. That would be worth every penny to me eh! ;)