31st Aug 2009, 20:49

Update again. I had my first window failure today. I think I can hear the other rear going. The car is holding up fine otherwise, now 10k km & three months into my ownership. 750-850km to a tank is only bad when you have to fill up. The car has now done two worry-free trips to BC from AB, the last trip loaded down with stuff. I nearly ripped the rear mudflaps off on some bumps.

26th Oct 2009, 03:26

Update again, now at 295,000km. Two windows down, I don't know how many to go. I think I have the cheapest window regulator repair costs: $65 per regulator, now done twice. It's really a half-hour repair, depending on how long it takes you to wiggle the assembly out of the door.

Other comments: random check-engine light hasn't affected driveability. This car corners reluctantly, and stops like a badly-braked refrigerator on castors.

I like my mileage. I can see an average of 30 mpg just driving normally.

21st Nov 2009, 02:15

300,000km: Just replaced the driver's front wheel bearing to the tune of $526. Ouch. It's nice to hear the hushed rush of pavement underneath the car again, but getting this car fixed costs. Do it yourself if at all possible.

25th Nov 2009, 14:20

I encourage every car owner (especially import owners who will NEED it) to buy a good repair manual for each car you own. The manual costs between $20 and $40 and will pay for itself in ONE repair. The last wheel bearing replacement I did (on a Honda) cost me a whopping $15.

8th Dec 2009, 01:56

I know that it's very cheap to get a wheel bearing replaced, but it's not legal to do it in a parking lot, which is my only option.

28th Dec 2009, 03:03

As a winter car:

Traction control and ABS work hard but well. Even on all-season tires, I have avoided 4 accidents in the first two months of winter thanks to these systems. Also, the heated seats work nicely and so does the separate passenger temperature control. I use the steering wheel audio controls all of the time.

29th May 2010, 20:24

Probably the final update, but who knows.

311,000km now. Still a great car. I fitted an air compressor in the trunk. Rides like a dream, even 30,000km on. Since replacing the window regulators, this car has been absolutely trouble-free. These are still good cars on average, especially when compared to the smaller Buick Century or the Dodge Intrepid-Chrysler LHS-Chrysler New Yorker trio.