19th Jan 2012, 17:43

No, I don't agree with your comment.

Most newer full size trucks, SUVs and 4x4s get pretty much the same gas mileage as an older V-8 sedan, maybe a little better at best.

Full size trucks are still the top selling vehicle in North America year after year, and I see tons of huge SUVs on the road everyday.

Reality is, not everyone wants to drive a cramped, cheap, small car with no room for cargo, just to save a bit on gas.

It is like saying we should all move into small trailers to save on heating costs, and give up our large homes...

I am a younger guy, and I don't even care how expensive gas gets, I will continue to drive my 80's Chevy Caprice with a V-8.

The car is so low maintenance and parts are cheap, so in the long run, I save a lot more money than if I made expensive monthly payments on a Smart car, Prius, or Volt.

As well, I would hate to have to drive a hideously ugly plastic econobox with rock hard seats and cramped legroom.

I will continue to drive my V-8, rear wheel drive land yacht with plush pillow top power seats until the end of time... no matter the price of gas, and I know a lot of others who will do the same.

20th Jan 2012, 18:51

17:43 I am not sure why you are being so defensive. I share your opinion wholeheartedly. I like many others in this country believe that bigger is always better. Unfortunately we are now in the minority. If you haven't noticed that the sales of full-sized SUVs has fallen off immensely in the last few years, you are in denial. Take a look at the upcoming Cadillac flagship sedan, that coupled with the fact that the new Escalade will be built on the Lambda platform says a lot about the current state of the auto industry. If things don't change quick, big vehicles except for full-sized pick-ups will be just a pleasant memory. If the EPA has their way, the few of us who want to still drive a full-sized vehicle won't even have the option for much longer. I wish I was oblivious enough of other peoples opinions to drive a big sedan from the 70's or 80's, I would probably like it better than my 2011 Buick. They definitely don't make 'em like they used to, and that really is too bad.

21st Jan 2012, 11:19

Excellent comment! If the government can't control it, you can't have it. I am 23, own a Crown Vic and love the "don't make em' like they used to cars", particularly the downsized B-bodies of 1977. America is no longer the land of milk and honey, more like a totalitarian police state. Man, I wish I could have grown up when you could still have a future.

21st Jan 2012, 22:20

"I wish I was oblivious enough of other peoples opinions to drive a big sedan from the 70's or 80's"

Who cares what people think? Drive whatever YOU want to.

22nd Jan 2012, 09:37

Some people just have a very strong instinct to conform. It's an evolutionary throwback to a time when the odds of survival of the species were increased by watching and imitating apparently successful survival strategies (the guy who ate this root survived, but the guy that ate that berry died). Me, I drive what I want, and if somebody doesn't like, that's their own problem to deal with. Of course, some who have drunk the conformity Kool-Aid feel threatened when they see somebody doing something different, when they themselves are trying so hard to fit in.

23rd Jan 2012, 17:54

Well I by no means do exactly what society expects of me. I am 27, and have owned 2 Buick Park Avenues, and purchased a brand new large Buick sedan last year. I certainly don't fit the stereotype of the single 27 year old guy. I have always loved the big GM and Ford sedans from the 70's and 80's, however owning one as a daily driver would be pushing it a little far for me. Hats off to those of you who can though, whether by necessity or choice.

25th Jan 2012, 03:18

I agree there is a lot of pressure in society, advertising, etc to make everyone believe they should own a new car to fit in and be accepted.

A lot of people end up buying a car they can't afford, and are stuck with expensive monthly payments.

I am in my 20's, and I am the only one of my friends who bought my car with cash outright.

Personally, I don't care for new cars much. The design is bland, generic and unremarkable, and interior fit and finish is tacky, mostly plastic and generally uncomfortable and cramped.

I prefer older American cars with classic styling, luxurious interiors, and lots of real chrome finish. Cadillacs, Caprices, and Lincolns.

A lot of my friends will poke fun at me as they all drive newer Civics, Cobalts, or compact SUVs. But when it comes time to carpool, everyone wants to ride in my 80's Town Car, as it's the most comfortable for passengers to ride in for long periods of time.

My car is the least expensive of all my friends rides, but it gets more comments and attention than a plain jane Civic or Focus ever will.

I don't really care about what others think, I love my car and driving it is a pleasure. If you feel you need to shell out $20k to be happy with your car and yourself, go for it, waste of money if you ask me...

Happy motoring :)

25th Jan 2012, 09:00

If my friends made fun of my Town Car, they would get the boot right out the door. Don't worry though, because when their generic, FWD, unibody, waste of space appliances fall to pieces, you will still be driving your classy Town Car. I know I would be embarrassed to go out to dinner in a Civic or Cobalt.

I'm 23, and when it comes to go out on a night on the town, I jump in my detailed black Crown Victoria complete with Frank Sinatra on my iPod with my suit on, and hold my nose high while everybody else wears their ridiculous skinny jeans or whatever, driving around in stubby economy craps. Better yet man, if your friends think their crossovers or Cobalts are so great, then tell them to play a little demo derby with you, and see who wins.

22nd Feb 2012, 13:52

I kid you not, I have made it through blizzards on I-80 across Iowa and Nebraska in my 1989 Chevy Caprice, where there were 4WD pickups in the ditch, and all wheel drive Subarus and Crossovers, either in the ditch as well, or bottomed out on snowdrifts in the middle of the road. I have good snow tires and positraction, but for being outdated, a so-called unsafe unreliable gas hog, my old RWD Chevy sure has paid for itself over the past 20 years I've owned it. It doesn't take technology to make a good car and good driver, it takes brains.

24th Feb 2012, 14:19

It is so encouraging to read comments from a younger generation, who I had thought did not know or understand the value of a Real Car - full sized, full body-on-frame construction, rear-wheel-drive, and a push-rod V8. My dear departed father used to use an archaism that you youngsters may not have heard -

"Riding high, wide, and handsome".

I believe this dates from carriage riding days, but he always used it about his Cadillacs. I think those of you who have ridden in a real American car, know exactly the feeling that phrase captures perfectly.