15th Apr 2008, 13:21

Has anyone else noticed how many of these cars were purchased from old, or dead, relatives? What does that say about Buick's demographics? I bought my 2003 Le Sabre from my 91 year old father. It had less than 14,000 miles when I got it in December 2006. The driver's window regulator has failed twice. Fortunately, I can replace them myself, but I am not happy about it.

16th Apr 2008, 17:39

I also have a Buick LeSabre (02). I got an estimate today on a used back window regulator. It was about $200 and the labor about $100. Now I'm wondering if I made a mistake buying a used regulator. It is supposed to be fixed tomorrow so there's still time to back out. Like many others, Duck tape is being used to keep out the rain! Other than that, I have loved my car. I bought it new.

21st Apr 2008, 10:51

2000 Buick Le Sabre Owner. I just joined the 4th Window Regulator broken Club. I like the car overall but this window thing is wrong. First window went out before I bought it. 2nd I paid for. 3rd my dealership out of customer courtesy paid for. This one I will see latter. My dealership is working with me on it but still very expensive. Buick should recall these and reimburse people.

22nd Apr 2008, 11:13

With the cheap regulators available on the internet with lifetime warranties, I can't understand why people are still going back to the dealer after 3 or 4 failures. My guess is that these are probably not that difficult to install on your own with a manual. People that are still paying $500 - $600 time after time only have themselves to blame. Granted, this should have never been an issue, but GM is never going to recall these as it is not a safety issue and it would be very expensive.

30th May 2008, 11:25

My third window went yesterday. Duck taped at the moment, but I am going to attempt repair myself. I am a woman, know nothing, but will learn.

Had my 2001 Le Sabre since it was new. Figured I have over $20,000.00 tied up in repairs, so I am not buying a new Buick any time soon.

I did pray for over a year every time I got in to start it because of an electrical short. Dealership towed it six times, five times at my expense to look for the short. They never found it, but when a engine module was replaced it took care of that problem.

On a trip and the engine fell out going down the road at 37,000 miles. No warning. Thank god for On-Star.

Had spark plug problems three times, and can only replace one at a time.

I think I've replaced everything on the dash including my heater for seats.

All lights have burned out on dash.

I'm a pro at changing headlights and taillights, blinkers.

Now the good news is my Le Sabre before this saved my life. I was hit broadside, went air born, hit a pole and landed upside down. Crawled out a window with just glass in me. Really don't believe another model would have done that.

I've never drove a car so long, but with $52,000.00 invested, it's staying.

25th Jun 2008, 12:01

I own a 2000 Buick LeSabre with 3 windows not working. The only window working is the drivers window.

The car is possessed, as it will say unknown driver, and not let me drive the car. The car would not start, so I had to get towed to the dealer. I had to pay for towing, and a dealer bill of $185.00 est. for the dealer to tell me they could not find any thing wrong. They unhooked the battery and reconnected it, and sent me on my way, everything is OK is what they said.

Then my father passes away, and this car acts up. What a disaster. I did every thing to get it going only to get really frustrated. I had to put my dads belongings in my car. I work on the car myself. Aggravated, I slam the trunk, and guess what... it resets the security system... voila, I just saved $$$$$.

The heater will not work in the winter... only summer!!

The moon roof is broke because of a little plastic piece. I have lights that go out all the time, and I change them myself. Dash lights out... they can stay out for what they want to fix.

You would think GM would be concerned as to all of the problems with this car, even if it was not a safety issue... even though my windows would not go down on the hottest day of the year and the air would not work... was like rolling around in a super hot sauna tin can...

Like I said, my car is possessed... it does what it wants to do and when it wants to do... I have never seen anything like this. I am on disability and can't afford for someone to charge me for something that they say is OK, but will not start. So many problems with this car and so many people and so many dollars out of peoples pockets, and not to mention the STRESS that this car brings myself...

As an AMERICAN auto manufacturer I would be VERY CONCERNED about these issues. Yes, people want safe auto's, but without any customers, you don't even have to worry about safety.

This is a serious quality issue for an expensive ride. I feel my car has safety issues when the electronics do not work right!!

8th Jul 2008, 14:09

I have a 2000 LaSabre, it has less than 60,000 miles on it and I have replaced the front left window 3 times, front right 1 time and today you guessed it the back right went out. I am really tired of having to replace windows all the time, looks like GM could give us the parts at cost since it must be a manufacturing problem. I think I will go with an universal part, I don't think it can work any worse and they are a lot cheaper. I go to church with 4 other people that have this same car and they have all replace 1 or more windows in their cars----most of them have traded and guess what they didn't get another GM.


19th Jul 2008, 01:30

2002 LeSabre owner here with 120K miles- not from a deceased relative though :)

No window issues at all! hope I didn't jinx myself. overall, car has been decent- starting to have some trans slippage though so that's not good.

22nd Aug 2008, 22:27

I just purchased a right rear regulator for my 2002 Lesabre and installed it in 30 minutes for a cost of $45.00. Stealers are ripping you off if charging more than 1 hour. GM will never survive this downturn, so don't look to them for help and from all the comments on this board, they should not look for ours either.

5th Sep 2008, 06:52

I also own a 2000 Buick LeSabre... right front window regulator replaced 6 months ago. $400 The left back won't go up as of his morning. I am going to try to fix it myself.

Anybody know if Buick is doing anything about this?