6th Jan 2009, 23:19

I just purchased a 2001 Lesabre with 155,000 Kms and I know the complete service history. There has never been a problem with the windows and I hope that will stay the same. Also important to note that I live in Canada where winter temperatures can hit -40 F.

8th Feb 2009, 14:38

It's so interesting to read the comments from other Buick owners. I have a 2000 LeSabre Limited that has experienced just about every problem mentioned on this forum. Both rear windows were "fixed" with a $2 C clamp -and won't ever come down again. The driver, s heated seat was great -for 3 years. The cruse control on/off button is glued to "on". The battery failed after a year and the replacement installed is still going after 8 years! The drive train seems to be the strong point for this car. 30 MPG on windy Kansas highways is impressive. I just can't figure out, though, how a plastic CD isn't melted all over the place when it comes out of the CD player. They're too hot to even hold in your hand! Sure hope to get another couple years out of it.

5th Jun 2009, 18:01

I sure have loved my 2000 LeSabre Limited Edition. Best used car buy I ever made. I just 1 hour ago returned from the service center with my new driver side window regulator - ahhh, what a feeling to have a brand new window regulator! (It only cost me $611.90 installed.) Call me an idiot, but it's going to feel good to know that my window will go up and down - if only for a while.

The only thing that will feel better is watching GM go belly up like an overly-fed goldfish.

21st Jul 2009, 06:36

Same issue. My grandfather's Buick LeSabre is parked outside his independent living home so we can take him for an occasional joy ride and a few doctor's appointments. On Sunday, we let the windows down to enjoy the nice weather and guess what - the passenger window won't go back up. He mentioned he's had two others fixed already - his Vero Beach dealership fixed his at no cost, but I doubt an Atlanta one will since we've never been in before. Thanks for all of your comments and help on where to buy a part. (BTW - this 2000 has less than 25,000 miles - wear and tear - doubtful!)

6th Sep 2009, 23:54

Owner of a 2000 LeSabre Limited Edition...93,000 miles.

Bought it when it had around 33,000 miles on it... it was in a great condition, aside mileage you couldn't tell it was not new.

First window (rear right side) went out within a month.

I didn't fix the window because my other car (a very nice clean Honda Civic) was just stolen (without getting anything from insurance), right after I fixed it on my own dime (it was paid in full, no full coverage), after a hit and run accident (the guy hit my friend who was driving the car from her work, and ran away) which severely damaged the front of Honda, so as you can guess there was not much money left to pay to dealers.

The RPM gauge went out within two months of purchase.

The second window went out around 45,000 miles. Passenger side. I haven't fixed that one either.

Left signal and brake light was going out almost every two months once... but it hasn't happened again since 60,000 or so.

Car turns off by itself, for no reason while driving it once in a while (in recent weeks on average 3 times a week)... I have taken it to three different mechanics, at different times... they have charged me for changing the computer, various wires and connections etc. etc... the problem hasn't been resolved... anytime I am driving it, I am just ready to turn the flashers on and be ready to jump out of the car if I don't have enough time/speed to pull over.

When it's hot (90+)... at times, the car doesn't start at times... but it will after sitting and waiting for about 7-8 minutes. Something gets adjusted...perhaps. When it's cool too it has the same problem (around 30 degree)...seems like it likes to live somewhere with perfect weather. Me too. Vegas is too hot.

Once in a while, while driving, the engine light comes up... it scares you for couple of hours or half a day and after a little bit of rest, it goes away.

The fuel gauge acts up as soon as the tank is under half full... it goes from being on E to complete full... within seconds... and continues to move around playfully... it's entertaining while being behind a red light, in 125 degree temperature (inside the car with closed windows as they are broken), while A/C has to be off or it might shut off the whole engine in the middle of traffic, and the red light engine flashing too... I look at it all as good fun.

I don't know... there are so many other things in life which are more important and could go wrong... it has been a good ride for the most part... but if I could afford it, I would've changed the car at least a year ago to a Mazda 3 or a small Mercedes perhaps... right now I am stuck with it... so I deal with it.

British cars used to be famous for their electrical problems... but at least a Jaguar has a great design... Buick while has a decent exterior design, it's the definition of boring... that is the problem with American car industry... if the look is boring, and gas mileage is not good and the cars are not reliable then what is the appeal really?

Let's see what they'll do with all the free money they got from government...

8th Sep 2009, 17:46

Frankly, in my humble opinion most American cars have always been more attractive than their imported competition. I think the LeSabre is a very nice looking car, it has a real classic design that was well executed. Most newer cars however including the LeSabre's replacement are far too bland. As far as fuel economy goes, the LeSabre can get over 30 mpg on the freeway, that is pretty respectable coming from a full-sized American car.

25th Dec 2009, 18:36

Me and my wife have a Buick Lesabre, it's a 2001 and we have had issues with the windows. Also our gas gauge, but that's about it. We get at least 30 mpg on the highway, I think it's a great car for trips; it has such a nice ride.

6th Jan 2010, 08:45

Wow! Was looking how to fix window on 2002 LeSabre. just bought it! Rear left just broke. Was fine the day I bought it. Won't stay up! From all the comments, it's a design mistake, but sounds like I'll be paying for it over and over again.

Buyer beware!!!

9th Jan 2010, 20:08

My story is very similar to many of these. Bought our 2000 LeSabre used with 2,000 miles on it, kept it until a couple of months ago. Loved it except the windows kept breaking. Found a place in Clearwater, FL who sells the regulators for $55, and I changed them myself. Also put 4 alternators on the car. Otherwise, great.

I wrote to GM and explained to them why we did not buy another Buick, but a new Toyota Venza instead (no answer). I feel no sorrow for the demise of GM, I think they deserve obliteration when they knowingly put out an inferior product and choose not to correct it. Neither do I apologize for not buying US products, but Japanese instead. When Detroit chooses to put out a good product, like they used to, I will buy it. Until they do, I won't.

11th Jan 2010, 18:10

You said yourself that you found the regulator for $55. Even if you replaced 10, that is only $550. I don't know what you paid for the alternator, but that is not a major repair. I hope you don't have any major problems with your Toyota like a transmission failure or engine replacement. Cars are machines, and they will fail at one time or another, whether they are from Buick or Toyota.

17th Aug 2010, 11:08

Quit using duct tape. Go to the hardware store and purchase some small plastic shims (wedges). Keep them in your car if you have a Buick! Two of these wedged between the bottom of the window and the door will keep the window from dropping. They make it secure too. And it is less messy than duct tape.

Below is a link for some shims I saw online, but you can get them just about anywhere.